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Invasion Of The Ooze

Running past me, Mylene shouted that a swarm of ooze was coming out of the sewer. Curious, I wandered over to find strange glowing pink ooze....
By Tamais, Mar 2, 2016 | |
  1. I was on my way to work on my latest ballad, when Mylene ran by me shouting something about strange ooze coming from the sewers. Well that's what happens when you don't clean them out. I thought as I followed her. Arriving at the hall I found Dahlia had already arrived.


    She was as puzzled as we were. After a brief discussion, it was decided that we needed to clean up the streets of Britain. There was no telling what damage this ooze could do.


    Streaming out of the sewer, the oozes weren't hard to find. At first they sat there quivering as is frightened. Then seeing that they had been boxed in, they attacked.






    Dahlia looked at the mess left by the oozes, "I'll send someone to clean up this mess."

    I nodded relieved it wasn't going to be me. "I wonder why they were fleeing the sewer?"

    "I don't know,"replied Dahlia. "We need to find out. " She walked towards the entrance, carefully avoiding stepping on the dead oozed, "Eww, I really should send that message." She called a messenger over before entering the sewers.

    Going in I found a lone ooze by the stairs. It was quickly taken care of.


    We followed the maze only stopping to deal with the odd ooze that was here or there and to allow Tamers to help their dragons negotiate the narrow passages.





    After wandering the sewer in what seemed forever, we came at last to the entrance of a cave.


    We went through the cave without difficultly. I stepped out of the cave in to mucky slime filled swamp water. Drat, wouldn't you know it and I had just bought these boots. Heading towards the shore I found myself next to a creature happily eating the oozes.


    "They are NOT for eating!" declared Pufdamag Ikdragn stepping in front of a quivering ooze. Several of us followed suit.

    Ooze they might be, but they didn't deserve to be eaten. I was getting
    kind of attached to the little ones.

    "What? But my pot is empty and so is my belly." The Ooze Eater studied the dragons, "No, dragons too muscly...bones crunchy."


    "Move ugly huumans" the Ooze eater poked Lord Leif to move him."Oooze is mine. Rabbit said I could eat them."

    Seeing we didn't plan to move out of the way, he tried coaxing the ooze.. "Here little ooze...crawl in my pot...your new home." Blocked again, the Ooze monster pulled out a whistle.


    I watched a hoard of black shambling Rotting Corpses roase out of the swamp.




    Curious why the ooze eater mentioned a rabbit. I went over to talk to him. "A rabbit said you could eat the ooze? What rabbit?"


    "Little rabbit lie...bad dinner...food run away...much trouble." the Ooze Eater grumbled. "Rabbit convince me I smart... eat ooze." he studied me, "You know little rabbit?"

    Having a feeling it was the Traversis Rabbit, I nodded, "You can't trust that one."

    "How I trust you, ugly huuman." the Ooze Eater looked at me, his belly rumbling. "Maybe you and rabbit try a big trick on me."


    Ugh..taking to long, I hungry." he tried to grab Pugdamag." Bones go crunch...but I hungry."

    Pugdamag easily moved out of the way. "Missed me," he laughed.

    "Crunch crunch bones...come back here huuman." the Ooze Eater chasing him...biting Skadi as he did.

    "U Got me!" Attacking, Skadi yelled in pain.





    Watching and healing from a small hill. "I heard a voice beside me. "This wasn't the Plan. He was suppose to send ooze into the city. "

    Looking down I saw the Traversis Rabbit beside me. "And why was that?"

    He looked up. "So, I could steal the swords of course."

    I tried not to grin. "The swords aren't in the city. We returned them to the Elder Ones."

    "What!" the Rabbit stamped his foot. "You gave them to those ugly...dragons?"

    Pufdamag and the others joined us. "I'm having bunny dinner." Pufdamag pulled out a fork and knife.


    "What I'm not food." The Traversis Rabbit moved behind me. "We can be friends can't we?"

    I shook my head, "Nope, you just can't be trusted."


    Looking around in a panic...Traversis Rabbit remembered he was in a swamp. "Umm...can I show you something?" He held out his paw. "I think you will like this."




    Dahlia joined us as the Bog Things were quickly dispatched. "I'm seriously questioning if that rabbit is a threat."

    I couldn't help but laugh. "His plans don't seem to work...more a bother."

    "Well personally, I think we should just skin him and have rabbit stew." Wraith added.


    Dahlia shook her head. "Oh, well, there are more important matters to attend to. An artifact along with some treasure has been stolen."

    "Stolen, but I thought they were all safe in the vaults." I said surprised. "Who took it?"

    "Not all of the artifacts are in the vault, this one was on its way to Britain. " Dahlia frowned. "We have a lead and it looks dangerous. "

    Though the news about the theft was bad, I could't help but laugh at Dahlia's wink. It was so not like her. She has come along way dealing with her grief. " We are ready to help follow the lead to recovery the artifact."

    Dahlia nodded, "My spies are still gathering more information. I'll meet with you next week with a plan to regain it...for now rest up and prepare."

    "For now, feel free to finish cleaning the last ooze out of the sewer. Dahlia suggested as she walked into a gate.

    Some of the group left to rid the sewers of the last ooze. Looking at my soggy stained boots, I left to find a cobbler. Checking my gold, I sighed, new boots would take the last of it. I'd have to go to the inns and entertain tonight...if I wanted a glass of ale.

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