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Is There A Conspiracy In The Fellowship?

By Drakelord, Sep 4, 2019 | |
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  1. Is there a conspiracy in the Fellowship?​

    Magnus Grey: The Leader of the Royal Spies, reports directly to HRM.
    Sarah Paumera: Second in Command

    Royal Spies HQ meeting 9-3-19.jpg
    Magnus Grey: Hello all.
    Sarah Paumera: ! Good evening, everyone.

    Magnus Grey: Any news to report?
    Vixen: Only that I am glad to see you are still provide snacks to Meer citizens *points at the Homing Bird

    Magnus Grey: After recent events, such as the murder of Feridwyn and the raid in Minoc. The Fellowship has been struggling to do damage control. They have stepped up their charity work and distribution of their writings.
    Damage control.jpg Conspiracy.jpg
    Duncan: In fairness they're pretty good at controlling damage.
    Vixen: They are a sinking ship not enough corks to plug all the leaks
    Duncan: Their specialty.
    Magnus Grey: I would like you to continue your infiltration of the group.
    Vixen: *nods*

    Magnus Grey: With the losses in Minoc, this may be an opportunity for you to rise higher in the But that means you must impress their leader, Batlin.

    Malag aste: I was hoping without Forskis they would improve.
    Magnus Grey: I ask that you do what he asks and learn more about the group,
    Vixen: oh goodies we get to brown nose with the elite
    maints magic: smiles
    Magnus Grey: But do not break any laws or ethical standards.
    Vixen: never *cross her heart* I promise to be a good spy
    Magnus Grey: We need to know what their next steps are.
    maints magic: big Sigh
    Magnus Grey: If is possible that Forskis and Elynor were outliers.
    Vixen: oh?
    Magnus Grey: But I am not sure I believe this. Part of Justice is Truth, so your job is to figure out the Truth. I will be sending you to the Britain Fellowship house now, unless you have questions?
    Queen Lara had one.
    Magnus Grey: I believe there is a conspiracy in the Fellowship, Queen Lara. And it is our job to learn what it is and who is part of it. The Fellowship has recruited a lot of people, most of whom are likely innocent.
    Vixen: duped
    Magnus Grey: Our job is to figure out the dupes from conspirators.
    Queen Lara: hmm
    Vixen: *nods*
    Magnus Grey: It will take patience. But I believe you are the best people for the job. Any other questions?
    maints magic: "looks around"
    Magnus Grey: I will gate you then.
    Vixen: *nods*
    *A gate was made and we found ourself in the east side of Brit at the very first Fellowship house. Within was the man himself once more, Lord Batlin, greeting us with open arms like long lost sisters and brother he did!*
    Fellowship Batlin.jpg
    Batlin: Brothers and Sisters!
    maints magic: "looks around" again
    Vixen: Greetings Brother Batlin
    Duncan: "Greetings, honored leader."
    Batlin: We face difficult times.
    Vixen: *nods*

    Batlin: There have been those who challenged unity. And those who broke the Trust But I know the Fellowship is worthy!
    Duncan: Trust. Worth Unity.
    Batlin: But we must work for our reward!
    I choose you to be my voice in this difficult time.
    Spoonman: *claps*

    Batlin: We must forge new roads and connections.
    Spoonman: unite the lands!
    Batlin: Will you serve as the Fellowship's emissaries?
    Hope: yes
    maints magic: we will do our best
    Vixen: yes we will *crosses her fingers behind her back*
    Spoonman: yes! I will serve!
    Batlin: I am sending our best out into the world.
    Fellowship Batlin2 Meer.jpg
    Deavous: as long as it follows the virtues
    Batlin: De Snel is speaking with his old allies in the Library of Scars. Brita is on New Magincia, talking to the shepherds who loved her husband to be. My right and left hands, Elizabeth and Abraham, are taking to potential new friends. I need you to speak with four groups.

    *He counts them off one at a time*

    Batlin: The Sultanate of Nujel'm. The Order of the Silver Serpent. A group of Britannian nobles. And the Seers of the Moonstone. I will send gates to transport you to each in turn.
    Duncan: Honored Leader?

    Batlin: Yes, my brother?
    Duncan: You didn't say, who'r the twins talking to?
    *For one very very quick moment the mask slips*

    Batlin: The list is longer than yours... I cannot remember all the names.
    Duncan: *nods*
    Batlin: For the Sultan himself, I have a package to help with your mission. I need someone to carry this gift for the Sultan.

    maints magic: nominates Kittie
    Vixen: Aye, Kittie *thank you maints magic you are mine meat shield*
    Kittie: I.. I can carry it.

    Batlin: The Meer? Interesting...he does have interests in the rare and exotic. Very good.
    maints magic: "listens for ticking sound"
    Kittie: *blinks*
    Batlin: Impress him with strange stories of distant places!
    Kittie: *nods*
    Batlin: Are you ready to speak the words of Fellowship?
    Vixen: yes sir
    Hope: yes
    Duncan: Trust! Worth! Unity!
    maints magic: *nods head*
    Batlin: Your gate awaits!
    Duncan: *whispering to Kittie* What is it?
    Fellowship Batlin1 gate.jpg
    *Sorry I was clueless as to what was in the chest Kittle carried* It was later I was able to sneak a peek as it sat behind the Sultan of Nujel’m. The book had this;
    My Dear Sultan,

    The Fellowship wishes to bring our good work to your most noble island. We have heard of your great heart and brilliant mind. Our group believes that "Worthiness Precedes Reward." Please accept this first payment of your worthy reward. My associates will also help you with anything
    you desire.

    Your future friend,

    The Sultan of Nujel'm: I am so bored...why do I need to hold court?
    Sultan crate.jpg
    Duncan: Your Honored Eminence!
    maints magic: Greetings Great sultan
    The Sultan of Nujel'm: *nods* *looks bored* What brings you to my court?
    The Sultan of Nujel'm: A bald head freak? In a cage to amuse me?
    Vixen: *glares at the whispers in the back*
    Sultan crate1.jpg
    Kittie: Your honor. I come to bring you something of importance.
    The Sultan of Nujel'm: Important? *holds out hands*
    Kittie: I, dropped it, and I think it may have unlocked.
    The Sultan of Nujel'm: *nods*
    The Sultan of Nujel'm: Locks can be fixed, especially when broken by clumsy servants.
    Kittie: *hands it over*
    maints magic: Sighs
    Kittie: I.. W- *narrows eyes*
    maints magic: "deep breath"
    The Sultan of Nujel'm: Very nice!
    Kittie: *mutters .. "First compared to a pet.. now this?!"*

    The Sultan of Nujel'm: Tell me more of Batlin.
    Duncan: "A land of wonders."
    Kittie: ... he's.. interesting.. but, you want to hear of the "exotic" do you not?
    The Sultan of Nujel'm: He seems to understand the value of Nujel'm.
    You have not yet recovered from casting a spell.
    The Sultan of Nujel'm: Yes, I enjoy stories of strange lands filled with inhuman beings.
    Vixen: Lord Batlin is a just and wise man of great wisdom, a former soldier now turn to helping the citizen of the land

    The Sultan of Nujel'm: Yes, I enjoy stories of strange lands filled with inhuman beings.
    Kittie: If you'll agree to join in the Fellowship, I can regale tails of the Meer. And of their lands and offerings.
    The Sultan of Nujel'm: A Sultan always needs friends, but so many take rather than give. Duncan: A great man. Though not like you, your exalted eminence.
    The Sultan of Nujel'm: I like this Batlin.
    Kittie: Perhaps even organize a tour of sorts to the Meer lands.
    The Sultan of Nujel'm: I like you too, amusing servant folk.

    The Sultan of Nujel'm: Batlin mentioned you would sing or dance for my amusement.
    maints magic: "sighs"
    Kittie: W-What?!
    Vixen: ??????!
    Kris: start dancing Kittie
    Martyna Z'muir: No. No he did not.
    Kittie: *blinks*

    Queen Lara: LOL thats what he meant by you like exotic things lol
    Malag aste: I only know one song .. Pretty sure it's inappropriate for this land.
    Duncan: * begins singing*
    Duncan: High in the halls of the kings who are gone
    The Sultan of Nujel'm: He said "My associates will also help you with anything you desire"
    Kittie: I.. How about.. *points to Duncan!*
    Duncan: Jenny would dance with her ghosts

    Duncan: "The ones she had lost and the ones she had found"
    maints magic: what do you desire then?
    Martyna Z'muir: *sighs and face palms*
    Spoonman: worthiness precedes reward
    Duncan: And the ones who had loved her the most
    Duncan: It is an ancient song, your exalted eminence.
    The Sultan of Nujel'm: Very good.
    Spoonman: *dances*
    The Sultan of Nujel'm: *claps*

    Kittie: *wipes brow*
    The Sultan of Nujel'm: I understand. Your lord has made you fearful, so most of you won't sing.
    Kittie: Your eminence, have you ever heard a meer sing? Terrible at it we are..
    Duncan: We also bear the scars of many battles with exotic creatures, your exalted eminence. It is hard to decide which stories to tell and which are too....private,
    The Sultan of Nujel'm: An air of mystery! I like it! You are amusing servants. I look forward to seeing you again.

    Kittie: *tail frazzles at "servants"*
    Malice: servants?
    The Sultan of Nujel'm: Tell your lord that I invite him to my palace for more worthy times!
    Duncan: * smiles to Malice* Aye....
    The Sultan of Nujel'm: *claps*
    maints magic: Thank you your grace
    The Sultan of Nujel'm: But now, I must feast alone. The burdens of wealth and power. You are excused.
    Kittie: *ears go back* ..
    maints magic: Thank you your grace

    Duncan: *whispers to everyone* Someone else gets to sing next time!" *chuckles*
    The Sultan of Nujel'm: *waves*
    Malag aste: *mutters something in drow to the effect of I hope you choke on it*
    Duncan: "I only know about four songs!"
    Kris: I'd like to unburden him of his wealth
    Duncan: "And the other three can't be sung aloud here!" *chuckles*
    Serpent Hold.jpg
    *Another gate, another location, this time Serpents Hold, where we are to meet Sir Simon the leader of the Order of the Silver Serpent. We arrived at a good time to assist them with an Pirate raid. Its here I receive the grey robe award. I also learned of another book found here, Zora: the book said "focus attacks on serpents hold their lack of naval support means your ships can move in for raiding actions" *
    Serpent Hold death and thanks for the heals.jpg
    Sir Simon: Who goes there? I saw you fighting the pirates, but identify yourselves! The Britain Irregulars?
    Zeke Terra: we're the pirate fighters
    Sir Simon: What my folk call you spies...
    maints magic: "sighs"
    Zeke Terra: spys? nay
    Vixen: Spies we?? surely you jest??
    Sir Simon: What brings you to Serpent's Hold? One of your number said he was an irregular

    maints magic: we are friends of the fellowship
    Vixen: and we bring word from the leader of the Fellowship
    maints magic: come to help you
    Sir Simon: But maybe I am mistaken... The Fellowship? *frowns* What word?
    Spoonman: three words
    Sir Simon: I am a knight. I have my own code.
    Vixen: and I am sure it is a good code of honor Sir Knight
    maints magic: `we all do Good Knight but we can work together
    Sir Simon: "By my oath, I will be a shield for the weak and a sword for Virtue."
    Spoonman: the code of the fellowship is much like the code of the knights
    Vixen: Lord Batlin was a former Soldier and now tries to bring help to all citizens of the land

    Sir Simon: Yes, the story Batlin spins is a marvel of fiction.
    Vixen: indeed it is
    Spoonman: but his current deeds are fact helping the poor and needy
    Sir Simon: Such acclaim that no other speaks of?
    Queen Lara: why do you say that?
    Spoonman: there are many who speak of his deeds
    Sir Simon: There have been knights of mystery, but they are humble warriors who wish to fight masked.
    Queen Lara: and?
    Sir Simon: Batlin's stories tell of a brash braggart. If he is the Fellowship, then we want no part of its folly. I also find it strange. We had no attacks for months.

    Spoonman: OK, I must be truthful, since i belive in your word we are not his true followers
    we are trying to infiltrate his ranks but we need your help
    Sir Simon: And now, we face four in the last week.
    Vixen: no we are not we are trying our best to get in good with them by running these foolish missions trying to recruit members
    Sir Simon: *listens to Spoonman's whispers*
    maints magic: Surely our deeds are just, our means a bit sketchy maybe "winks" Did we not help you with these nasty pirates good Knight?
    Duncan: *lights a pipe*
    Kittie: Indeed Sir Simon, Spoonman speaks the truth.

    Kittie: We are only here to infiltrate ..
    Sir Simon: You want the Fellowship to be allowed on the Isle of Deeds?
    Spoonman: In order to gain favor with Batlin we are trying to curry favor or interest in the fellowship
    Vixen: not really
    Kittie: We want to know what they're truly after. And stop them.
    Sir Simon: *nods*
    Malag aste: I serve Virtue first.
    Sir Simon: My knights serve the Virtues. I forget you fight with words and shadow rather than iron.
    Malag aste: Any help in the matter would be appreciated.
    Kittie: *nods*
    Spoonman: we have iron when needed...
    Vixen: trust us when it is time for swords they will be out

    Sir Simon: I am glad that sanity still has a place in Britain.
    Spoonman: will you help us?
    Sir Simon: What do you need me to do?
    Kittie: Play along.. For now.
    Vixen: Play along
    Spoonman: seek a meeting with Batlin
    maints magic: play the Patsy
    Spoonman: feint interest in the fellowship
    maints magic: as do we
    Vixen: We seek favor with him to make our trip here a gleam in his eyes
    Kittie: You need not believe in them.. just humor them.
    Queen Lara: Join Us!
    Malag aste: We must learn the truth of this Fellowship

    Malag aste: I suspect it is not as "noble" as they would let on.
    Sir Simon: I'll work with the Fellowship fleet against the pirates.
    Kittie: *nods* Thank you.
    Malag aste: *nods*
    maints magic: Thank You
    Sir Simon: I'll have my knights be ready.

    Kittie: As I said, you need not believe in them.. just humor them.. for now.
    Malag aste: Please report anything you find about them to us.
    Sir Simon: I will keep my opinions to myself.
    Kittie: When the time is right, we will let you know.
    Serpent Hold1.jpg
    Malag aste: Your help would be most appreciated...
    Vixen: *nods*
    Sir Simon: Very well.
    Spoonman: we thank you
    Malag aste: And worthy of Valor.
    Sir Simon: I think we have an agreement.
    Kittie: *nods*
    Vixen: thank you

    Sir Simon: I will let you continue on your mission.
    Kittie: Thank you.
    Malag aste: *nods with a bow*
    Queen Lara: Met And Farewell
    maints magic: Until we meet again
    Sir Simon: Good luck!
    Vixen: well met

    *Our next stop was the City of Vesper, where we were to meet an old (not a friend, watch your purse and never turn your back towards her) of ours from the days when we fought Hook*

    Duncan: "ah, hmm."
    You see: Lady Sally Sweet
    Lady Sally Sweet: Come inside, friends.
    maints magic: Hello Sweet Sally
    Lady Sally Sweet: *winks at everyone* I am a noble lady of ancient title. I have a very fancy piece of paper that says that.
    Malag aste: You are a pirate but whatever... Still a wench.

    Lady Sally Sweet: And a coat of arms!
    maints magic: You seem to be an important Lady
    Malag aste: Call yourself whatever we know what you are. She was pirate.
    Lady Sally.jpg
    Queen Lara: OK Sally do you speak?
    Kittie: Let's just make this short and sweet..
    Lady Sally Sweet: I see you are moving into new positions as well.

    Kittie: The Fellowship is looking for you to join them. Do you accept?
    maints magic: Smiles
    Malag aste: Putting a fancy paint on an old ship doesn't make it new.
    Lady Sally Sweet: Royal nuisance to Batlin's beggars?
    Vixen: question for you M’lady, what is your opinion of the Fellowship, be truthful please?
    Lady Sally Sweet: Batlin has my respect.
    Vixen: I see good
    Malag aste: Oh does he now?
    Malag aste: And why would that be?
    Lady Sally Sweet: A good story is worth its weight in borrowed gold.
    Vixen: we are he on his behalf

    Lady Sally Sweet: I speak tonight not as Lady Sweet, but for a quorum of noble houses.
    Kittie: So, will you join the Fellowship then?
    Martyna Z'muir: The ones you've gifted?
    Lady Sally Sweet: We might. We might not.
    Kittie: *sighs* ..
    Lady Sally Sweet: What can Lord Batlin do for Britain's nobility?

    Kittie: I'm not quite sure to be honest.. but perhaps, he can offer support? Or more riches?
    Lady Sally Sweet: Hmm, tell me more of this "more riches".
    Vixen: how does one explain them, they only seek to help all citizens
    Malag aste: He certainly gave the Sultan of Nujel'm a hefty sum
    Queen Lara: render aide and trade fellowship?
    Kittie: Well, I know the box he gave the sultan was large.. And heavy. Filled with riches I'm certain. Perhaps he can offer the same?
    Lady Sally Sweet: Oh, so he has "gifted" foreign nobility already...
    Lady Sally Sweet: I am so very fond of gifts.
    Where will you search?
    Vixen: aye a huge heavy box
    Kittie: *nods*
    Queen Lara: So Lady Sweet Sally Your in it for the riches
    Lady Sally Sweet: They do say that charity begins at home. I'd like to own many homes...
    Queen Lara: why not join the fellowship we scratch your back you scratch ours
    Duncan: *lights a pipe*

    Kittie: And I'm sure he can offer a good sum. But only if you'll join. Of course.
    Lady Sally Sweet: This is very intriguing.
    Queen Lara: mmm gold digger much?

    Lady Sally Sweet: I shall speak to the nobles I represent. I am sure they will agree with me that this is the best course of action...
    Lady Sally Sweet: For Britannia
    Kittie: *smiles and nods* Very well.
    maints magic: of course
    Kittie: Thank you Lady Sally.
    Lady Sally Sweet: I'm glad you are more reasonable in this role.
    Kittie: I'm sure Batlin will share the wealth most eagerly.

    Vixen: *nods*
    Lady Sally Sweet: Well some of you...
    <45740537>Lady Sally Sweet: Well some of you...
    Kittie: *nods..*
    Lady Sally Sweet: Alas a few of you haven't learned any manners...

    Vixen: *smiles* mine dragon still thinks he is a indoor pet
    Duncan: Batlin's impressive. We've learned.
    Spoonman: *wipes face clean*
    Lady Sally Sweet: Yes, I'm sure the Fellowship will bring rewards for now.
    Duncan: Strikes me as the kind of man who's got a good eye for many things.
    Martyna Z'muir: Manner are for those who deserve them, wench.
    Kittie: *nods*

    Lady Sally Sweet: Is there anything else you wish to speak with me about?
    Queen Lara: why not just be honest and helpful for free lol
    Vixen: Not at this time M’lady
    Kittie: No, thank you for your time, lovely lady Sally.
    Martyna Z'muir: A long walk off a short pier?
    Lady Sally Sweet: I am a busy lady. Good day! *waves you off*

    *with those words still echoing we hurried to leave her Ladyship. Our next arrival at the Ethereal Lycaeum was met with more unruly beasts of the what I would have called the void that surrounds the Ethereal Lycaeum. It is here we meet an old Friend of Kittie's*
    Lost place.jpg
    You see: Gilforn
    Vixen: Gilforn are you there ? What is this place and what are they??
    Gilforn: Huh? I'm sorry...I am trying to figure out this calculation...
    Vixen: Calculation??
    Gilforn: I'm helping the Seers of the Moonstone.
    Vixen: what were they? *points to dead monsters*
    Gilforn: This is their Ethereal Lycaeum.
    Vixen: I see
    Malag aste: Thank you
    Kittie: Ah..
    Gilforn: Um...the monsters?
    Vixen: *nods*
    Lost place1.jpg
    Gilforn: Detritus? We are between things. Sometimes things get out of one thing and into another. Those were like that.
    Lost place1 gilforn.jpg
    maints magic: we see
    Kittie: *nods* we've come to speak with you.. About the Fellowship. \
    Gilforn: I'm helping the Seers build an ethereal orrery. Gilforn: The Fellowship? Is that a song?
    Martyna Z'muir: A bad one.
    Kittie: Erm.. no. A group, I guess you could say.
    Ronan: hehe
    Gilforn: A group! My next guess!
    maints magic: smiles
    Kittie: *smiles*
    Kittie: Gilforn, they want you to join them..

    Kittie: But you are my good friend..
    Gilforn: Well...Dr. Owl is sort of in charge.
    Kittie: And I would not be a good friend, without warning you..
    Gilforn: But I can put in a good word!
    Martyna Z'muir: Don't.
    Gilforn: If the Fellowship wants to help on this project, that would be great!
    Kittie: Gilforn, my friend.
    Kittie: They're not those kind of people.
    Gilforn: They aren't mages?
    Malag aste: Though I would um... keep them at arms length...
    Kittie: No..
    Gilforn: Then why did they want to work with us?
    Kittie: We know they don't mean to do good things..
    Kittie: But we need you all to play along.
    Martyna Z'muir: The Fellowship is like the FoA, though slightly less obvious about their obvious evil intent.
    Malice: beware
    Malag aste: Not really..... they are more of a "cult" would be the closest human term I can think of.
    Gilforn: Play along? Is that a song?
    Kittie: Gilforn, please.. focus here.

    Gilforn: Is this about the ethereal currents?
    Kittie: These people likely mean to do harm all over Britannia.
    Vixen: you need to pretend that you will allow them access to your work, but only let them see the surface
    Kittie: We need to find out what they're planning. So we need you to play nice with them. Just until we do.
    Gilforn: I think I understand.
    Martyna Z'muir: Where is Dr. Owl? It may be easier to explain to him.
    Kittie: Good.
    Ronan: show them magic tricks
    Malag aste: Yes we would like you to assist us in finding out their true intentions.

    Kittie: Be nice, play along..
    Gilforn: When I give tours of this place, don't explain how to do it! Something like that, yes.
    Vixen: yes
    Kittie: But don't tell them everything. Don't SHOW them everything.

    Martyna Z'muir: Wait.. DO NOT BRING THE FELLOWSHIP HERE!
    Kittie: We don't want them to find out about here. At all.
    Malag aste: Yes don't let them in here.
    Gilforn: Don't bring the Fellowship here or explain do them about this place?
    Kittie: Don’t bring and don't explain
    Malag aste: Right

    Kittie: Gilforn, maybe find out where it's pooling..
    Martyna Z'muir: Where?
    Gilforn: It is hard to explain and I'm not supposed to.
    Kittie: But don't say anything.
    Gilforn: Where is it pooling? That's what I'd like to know!
    Kittie: Okay.. don't tell them about that.

    Kittie: Keep it our secret.
    Gilforn: It is upsetting my math!
    Gilforn: My "secret" math.
    Kittie: Yes!
    Gilforn: That I can't tell you about.
    Kittie: secret!
    Martyna Z'muir: In fact, just don't tell them anything about anything.

    Kittie: Gilforn.. just remember..
    maints magic: "tick tock"
    Kittie: play nice with them, but don't tell them anything.

    Gilforn: So not secret magic for the Fellowship group.
    Gilforn: I understand!
    Kittie: Right. Good!
    Kittie: Excellent!
    Kittie: *smiles*
    Malice: whew finally
    Gilforn: But tell Dr. Owl they want to talk?
    Kittie: Yes, but warn him too!
    Martyna Z'muir: Er...
    Martyna Z'muir: He should talk to us first
    Kittie: Tell Dr. Owl WE need to talk with him
    Malag aste: Aye let Dr Owl know.. not to trust them...
    Kittie: As soon as possible.
    Gilforn: How about you send him a letter since I might forget?
    Kittie: *nods* Good idea.
    Gilforn: *smiles*
    Kittie: *jots everything she said down and hands it to Gilforn*
    Gilforn: *takes the book*
    Kittie: *nods* Good.
    Gilforn: It will get it to Dr. Owl.
    Vixen: good

    Kittie: Okay. Thank you Gilforn!
    Gilforn: So a nice visit!
    Kittie: Indeed! *smiles* Good to see you again my friend!
    Gilforn: If you figure out where the mana is pooling, let me know.
    maints magic: yes
    Kittie: Of course.
    Vixen: *waves bye*
    Gilforn: *waves*
    Kittie: *waves* Take care my friend!
    Gilforn: *puts the letter under his hat*

    * we did not return to the Fellowship house but instead sought the wisdom of our true leader deep inside HQ*

    Magnus Grey: How was your infiltration?
    Vixen: over all very well except for Serpent Hold
    Kittie: Well, I do NOT appreciate being referred to as a pet .. nor being called a servant!
    Magnus Grey: That sounds odd...
    maints magic: smiles
    Vixen: Kittie was called a pet
    Magnus Grey: What did Batlin have you doing?
    Spoonman: I did a dance for the sultan, I think he liked it *(I would be worry there)*
    Lady Kittie in Hiding.jpg
    Malag aste: Well..... I certainly hope that Gilforn and the Knights in Serpent's Hold are in line with us.
    Vixen: we had to sing and dance
    maints magic: the Sultan is a bit aloof
    Aridas: he had us speak with 4 different groups
    Vixen: bit !!! He is NUTS
    Magnus Grey: The Fellowship is building alliances?
    Kittie: I did sneak a peek at what was given to the Sultan.
    Malag aste: As for the Sultan... I'm guessing his brain is addled from the dry desert air....
    Kittie: Lots of gold and riches..
    Kittie: And a book.
    Magnus Grey: The Sultan does enjoy the finer things.
    maints magic: nods
    Vixen: Sally is also leading the charge with the Brit royals and wants a piece of the pie that the dear Sultan got

    Kittie: Yea.. well, I'm not someone’s pet or servant.. or personal jester!
    Martyna Z'muir: We shouldn't be helping them, this will come back to bite us.
    Magnus Grey: I guess Batlin went with a direct bribe.
    Kittie: Indeed.
    maints magic: Kittie was very taken by the Sultan *(I would be worry here also)*
    Kittie: WHAT?! *blinks*
    Malag aste: I don't sing or dance for anyone... but perhaps my wife.
    Magnus Grey: We do know which groups they are talking with now.
    Magnus Grey: The Order of the Silver Serpents tend to be a bit traditional.
    Kittie: And Gilforn..
    Vixen: they also seek information from Gilforn

    Magnus Grey: I'm glad they are still in our court.
    Kittie: Gilforn I believe understands now... buuuuuuttt..

    Queen Lara:I'm not fond of sweet little sally
    Kittie: I gave him a letter about the Fellowship.
    Magnus Grey: I will have someone watch after Gilforn.
    Kittie: Yea.. it's under his hat.
    Magnus Grey: Very very clever, but a bit...scattered...
    Kittie: If they get a hold of that.. I'm in deep trouble.
    Vixen: put the watch dogs on Sally as well
    Magnus Grey: Sally?
    maints magic: Kittie works for the "patience is a virtue" cause
    Magnus Grey: Her ladyship?
    Malice: Sally is not sweet
    Aridas: errr...Sally Sweet
    Magnus Grey: *frowns*
    Kittie: *giggle*

    Queen Lara: she's in for the riches for sure
    Kittie: Yea.. after this evening.. I'm going to need a bleach bath and gargle.. *shivers about the Sultan and Sally*
    maints magic: nods
    Malice: hehee

    Martyna Z'muir: Her wenchiness would be more accurate.
    Vixen: those two should be lock up in one room
    Martyna Z'muir: She is no lady.
    maints magic: smiles
    Kittie: Agreed Vixen.
    Malag aste: I was rather hoping out discussion with Sally would send her raiding ports in NuJelm...
    Malag aste: but.... we'll see.
    Magnus Grey: Sally can be watched.
    Kittie: Well, at least we cost the Fellowship more.
    Kittie: Sally won't come cheap.
    Malag aste: Hearing what a nice fat payout the Sultan received.

    Magnus Grey: The Sultan is a difficult target because he is lord of a sovereign nation.
    Aridas: Also Sir Simon mentioned the pirate raids are starting again
    Spoonman: the navy around serps hold needs fortifying
    Magnus Grey: More raids?
    Malag aste: aye
    Spoonman: we found orders dropped by one of the raiders

    Spoonman: attack orders on serps hold
    Vixen: there was a book found believe off a dead pirate
    Magnus Grey: They seemed to slow down, but I have noticed that the pattern doesn't make sense.

    Aridas: I think he mentioned four attacks?
    Vixen: I have not seen it myself
    Magnus Grey: On the Hold? That's very strange. Most pirates avoid fortified islands.
    Malag aste: Aye

    Malag aste: Silly place to try to attack...
    Magnus Grey: Yes...
    Malag aste: Didn't make much sense to me..
    Magnus Grey: Unless the goal isn't a raid for profit, but to send a message.
    Kittie: And until that letter is in good hands, I'm planning on hiding out in Lakeshire.. best to stay away just in case.. All I need is Batlin knocking at my door with swords in hand.
    Magnus Grey: The Crown will keep you safe.
    Kittie: Okay.
    Magnus Grey: But it doesn't hurt to speak with you kin there and keep them safe from the Fellowship.
    Vixen: as well the citizens of Moonglow M’lady Kittie

    Spoonman: Batlin has stated that is 2 right hand persons are trying to gain other alliances as well
    Spoonman: would not say who, or where
    Kittie: *nods* Indeed Vixen. And of course, I will let them know as well Magnus.
    Magnus Grey: Batlin's people?
    Vixen: yes the twins
    Spoonman: the twins

    Magnus Grey: I believe you met one of them, Elizabeth.
    Aridas: Abraham?
    Magnus Grey: The other is named Abraham? That's good to know.
    Kittie: Thankfully Malik is still in Moonglow Vixen. *smiles*
    Magnus Grey: They might be worth investigating.
    Malag aste: Anyway we hopefully have gained some allies in the field...

    Kittie: I believe we did.
    Aridas: Har!
    Malag aste: And made things a tad more costly for the Fellowship.
    Magnus Grey: I believe you managed to protect the Order and the Seers from the Fellowship.
    Vixen: *nods*
    Kittie: *nods*
    Magnus Grey: The other two groups will require some observation. Good work!
    maints magic: aye
    Kittie: Just.. be careful around that sultan.. He's creepy.. *shudders*
    *(I am sure if Kittie had been alone this evening she would not have returned, makes you wonder what others are in gilded cages of gold)*

    Magnus Grey: *nods* If there is nothing else. I release you. (And we will go OOC)
    Aridas: For the Virtues!
    Vixen: next time we go see him I will be prepared

    ♫♥ I've lived a long life and now I'm looking back. It's the end of the road, the last stop on the track. And I smile as I think of my true love once more. The light of my life, the one I adore. She, she was the prize. She, she was the prize♥♫

    Malag aste: I do have one question
    Hope: thank you , night :)
    Magnus Grey: (Any questions or comments about tonight or events?) (Malag, your question?)
    Queen Lara: =o)
    Malice: Had fun as always..Thank you and good night
    Kittie: *claps to Vixen’s song*

    *the question concerns next promotions, more will posted at a later date*

    Thus ends this report!

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