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Jack, The Missing Groom

After giving my Yew guards orders to watch the strange hole that had appeared, I began writing my report for the King. It was one of the...
By Tamais, Feb 22, 2017 | |
  1. Having recieved an ugent message, I joined the others at the Royal Spy Hall. We didn't have wait before a royal guard arrived to request our assistance.
    As usual the hall was filled with greetings.

    "Hail," Lady Thalia, Sphinkter, and Boomerang replied.

    "Hello," said Vixen Sonoma.

    "Hi," added Time-Lapse.

    Helena the Royal Guard continued " We have a missing man."

    A missing man? I frowned in thought. Strange that the royal guard would call on us for a missing man. There had to be more to it.

    "Oh no!" Vixen Sonoma cried.

    "His name is Jack and he is quite a good miner. His father is a blacksmith in Trinsic." Helena explained.

    "We shall find him." Sphinkter assured her.

    Royal Guard nodded. "Please help us find this young man. He is set to married soon. His fiancée and his family are concerned. She sighed.

    "Where was he last seen?" I asked at the same time as Vixen Sonoma asked "Any last sightings?

    Helena shook her head no. "Please head to the blacksmith in Trinsic and interview his father go on any leads from there. I will be here to assist you in any way I can."

    As we quickly left the hall, Helena shouted "Good luck."

    Arriving in Trinsic, we quickly found him at the smith shop.

    "Hello," Lady Thalia said when Jack's Father looked up.

    Jack's father looked at us in surprise. "Why are you here?"

    Fortunata stepped forward. "Jack is missing?"

    Jack's father replied. "He was out doing deliveries for me."

    "Deliveries?" Fortunata questioned.

    Jack's father frowned. "Yew, but I suspect this has something to do with that girlfriend of his."

    "What girlfriend." Fortunata queried.

    "That Anne girl from Vesper." Jack's father spat. "He says he "loves her".

    "So we can find her in Vesper? Where? Fortunata coaxed.

    "Yeah...fancies herself an artist she does." Jack's father shook his head in disgust.

    Familiar with the art studio, in Vesper. We hurried over. "Hum, not in the art shop?" I said after checking the rooms.

    "Talk to Webster the art student." Helena the Royal guard suggested.

    Going back in, I approached Webster. "We are looking for Anne."

    "Sad?" I asked.

    "Oh yes, since her love Jack has disappeared, she is very worried." He explained. "She hasn't been herself. She won't paint and she hasn't eaten. I think you should talk to her mom."

    "Where can we find her mom?" Fortunata spoke up from behind me.
    We quickly found Anne's mother working at the bee hives." I could tell she was worried.

    "We are looking for you daughter, Anne." Matisyahu told her.

    "Are you here to see my daughter? They said you'd come." Anne's mom sighed. "She's beside herself with worry. We were told Jack hasn't been seen in days!"

    "In days?" Spuflasath repeated.​


    "His father did mention deliveries." Spuflasaht agreed. "Do you know where?"

    "I don't know anything more." Anne's mom shrugged. "You should talk to Anne. She's gone for a walk. But she wouldn't go far."

    "Not far? Do you have any idea where we could find her?" Spuflasath frowned. Vesper was not a little city.

    "She likes to walk along the water's edge." Anne's mom explained. "So she wouldn't have left the city limits. She just needed some time alone."

    Leaving Anne's mom, we began searching Vesper. Since Vesper is an island city, walking along the water edge wasn't much to go on.

    Lady Thalia found her first and sent word to the rest of us.

    Joining them, I asked if she was Anne.


    "We came to ask about Jack?" Lady Thalia told her.

    "Oh Jack my beloved!" Anne cried, "Have you heard anything?"

    "Only that he is missing." Thoth-Drakmar told her.


    "I don't know where he is." Anne told I has Candy.'

    Helena the Royal Guard spoke up. "When did you see him last?"

    "I saw him 2 days ago. He came to see me here in Vesper." Anne sobbed again.

    "Did he say where he was going from Vesper?" Cupcake asked.

    Anne nodded. "Yes he was here said he had some deliveries to attend to in Yew that's where he was going."

    "Why Yew?" Helena asked. "Who was he going to see?


    Trinity the Shield maiden wasn't hard to find. She as waiting for Jack outside the small blacksmith shop.

    "Hail, Trinity." I said bowing. "We are looking for Jack."​


    "Hum, Two days ago." mused Fortunata.

    "I haven't seen him, but when I do he's not getting full price. Trinity growled. "He's Late!"

    Turning to leave, Trinity scowled at us. "If you see him, please send him on. I haven't got time for this."

    "Wait," Spuflasath called. "Can you tell us anything more?

    "Maybe someone outside has seen something." Trinity the Shield maiden replied. "If you find out where he is, let me know."

    Going outside, we found Helena the Royal guard waiting for us. "Hmmm, who's this guy under the Yew tree?"

    Following her, we found suspicious looking character. Not liking his looks, I scowled and made a note to have my guards check him out.
    "Did you see Jack come this way?" Mylene asked.

    "Yah I saw him. Rocko smirked. "I will tell you where, if you give me a diamond.

    Oh yes, I thought. My guards are going to make sure this fellow leaves Yew in a hurry.

    Ronan reached into a bag and took out a diamond. Sighing he handed it to Rocko.

    Greedily Rocko grabbed it and held it up to the sun. Chuckling he put it away.
    Uh oh, I frowned. First swindlers hanging around and now daemons. My guards had a lot to answer for. I ran to catch up with the others.

    Arriving at the sheep pen, the first thing I noticed was a Daemon guarding a hole in the ground. Next, the battle taking place in the sheep pen.

    "Don't kill the sheep or my shepards!" I shouted running to the pens.

    The Royal spies beat the Slaves to Queen Sunev and her hired deamons away from the pen.


    The battle ended with the appearance of Queen Sunev the Succubus. "Where is Jack I demanded.

    She looked at us in scorn. "Jack is my love. I do not care to fight you. You are not worthy of my time."

    "Not worthy!" Lady Thalia shouted. "How would we be worthy?"

    Sunev ignored her. "He will never escape." She stopped. "I mean be yours."

    "You evil wench, give Jack back!" i has candy shouted at her.

    "True love will conquer all." Toodles declared.

    "Pfff,your gonna die!" Parts Inspector growled.
    Sunev the Succubus laughed at us. " I'll keep him with me. Perhaps when you are stronger you may be able to make it down into my cave." She laughed again as she walked over to the hole.

    "And how might we do that?" Lady Thalia tried to enter the hole that Sunev had gone down.

    "Where is this cave?" Matisyahu asked looking at the hole. "Down there?"

    I shrugged. "That would be my guess. But it seems to be blocked." I watched a stone I tried to drop into it bounce back.
    "I'll set a guard on it. If there is any change I'll send out my messengers."

    As the gathering left. I went to my office and summoned my guards.

    They had a lot to do. Later Lady Thalia joined me for a drink. "Did you notice that Sunev's name is Venus spelled backwards."

    I shook my head no. "Wonder what that means. Nothing good I'm sure."

    Lady Thalia nodded in agreement.

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