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Jukas Slaughtering Unicorns

I looked around in disbelief. The forest floor was littered with the bodies of slain unicorns. None of the herd had been spared not even the...
By Tamais, Jul 1, 2017 | |
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  1. I left the King's council with a feeling of dread...trouble with the Juka. Harriet the Hag would fill us in.
    She was waiting for us in the Hall. "Friends, listen to me please. This is urgent.


    The room filled with concerned silence. "I have been told...by certain reliable pixie friends of mine...that they've take to slaughtering unicorns." She paused looking at our shocked faces.

    "Noo!" I cried out. "Why would they do that?"

    "We do not know the reason." Harriet answered. "It is for you to find out please. I will take you where you need to go but heed my words. Do not come in contact with these Juka.


    "Wow," the thought made me shiver.

    Harriet continued. "They have been practicing the incognito spell. I have seen it with my own eyes. The higher skilled of them can change forms."
    Too soon we were to find out how true that was. Friends would soon be hard to tell from the fiends.

    "The life, both flora and fauna has been effected." Harriet frowned. "You have the authority to put down any life form that seem to be effected."

    "This is very dangerous work if indeed what they are doing is casting spells like incognito.
    Keep your eyes open. If you see a creature that is changing form inform us. That is our main target.
    Be prepared for when it turns on us. We will take it down!" Harriet forcefully declared.
    "We seem to have enough people here to do so." She motioned for us to prepare to leave.
    "I hope you are all prepared to fight them. They will not be happy to see us. Go now and meet me at the Ilshenar Gate of Justice."

    I raced to meet her. Upon arriving, I found the plants dying along the road. We followed Harriet to a mountain pass only to find it blocked by corrupted Corpsers and evil oaks.

    "Help kill off these beasts." Harriet called as she attacked.


    Untangling myself from acid drenched roots. I wondered how could they have known. Then I remembered the strange drones that had been spying on us. Could there be someone else involved.

    The battle through the pass was slowed by Enraged Earth Elementals, fire ants, and Jukan experiments. Creatures that use to be spiders and rotworms.



    "MUCH DANGER AHEAD FRIENDS! STAY TOGETHER!" Harriet called as she rejoined us. "Friends I have run ahead..."
    "Move Forward Slowly friends." Harriet lead us into the valley.

    There we found a forest of evil Oaks filled with more Fire ants and Juka experiments.


    Waves after waves they came...joined by Jukan Pets.



    Closer to the hills we finally found the Juka Unicorn Hunters and Juka scouts. But there was no sign of Jukan who had used the incognito spell.​

    Fighting to my side. "Any sight of anything using incognito yet? "
    Skeptamystic asked me.

    I shook my head. "Just Jukas and their pets."



    Noticing the healers had retreated to the safety of the hills, I ran over to see why.
    At last the Jukan under the incognito spell had shown. Bringing with them Juka, madden by battle lust. Unfortunately, they saw me at the same time.
    Unable to reach the healers on the hill. I went in search of others.



    Carefully I sneaked back to my body. Hearing rocks falling, I looked up on the hill... spotted someone in stone form.
    I didn't know how they got up there, but at least now the healers had a protector.
    Imagine my surprise when the stranger summoned mantra effervesnces and fetid essense.
    Before I could shout a warning, it jumped down and began to killing.




    Battered, bloody and weary, I meet Harriet back at the hall.

    "Well done." She looked down at the kryss she was holding and sadly shook her head.

    She held out a weapon for me to see. To my horror it was a kryss made from unicorn horn.

    "Our poor unicorns. " I started crying.

    "So, at least now we know what they are doing." Harriet declared, her voice heavy with anger and sadness.

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