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July 25, 2016 Catskills Developer Meet And Greet - Full Transcript

By Larisa, Jul 25, 2016 | |
  1. devss.jpg

    Mesanna- Evening everyone, making sure we are set up. Bleak will not be with us tonight he is still in the sky and I think Kyronix will be a little late also this evening, RL is going to run a little late

    Hurin - hi

    Mesanna - Greetings Hurin

    Hurin - ty for the newsletter

    Misk - hello!

    Mesanna - most welcome

    Hurin - wanted to ask about leaf armor, will it be enhanced with wood im guessing? when implemented

    Mesanna - let me check on that, we had a discussion the other day. Leaf will be enhanced with leather

    Hurin - :( ok ty

    Mesanna - have a good evening

    Misk - hello!

    Mesanna - hi Hugh

    Hugh the Hand - hi

    Mesanna - nice name

    Hugh the Hand - may i ask 2 questions or only one not sure

    Mesanna - sure

    Hugh the Hand - ok the artifact windsong from mondain legacy is it supposed to be 100 poison damage cause its green?

    Mesanna - umm don't go by the color always one sec

    Misk - it is just a green bow

    Mesanna - just because its green does not mean poison resist, it was just a color the dev at the time picked

    Hugh the Hand - can you give us an update on the older artifact ToT type turn in ? if you made any decisions

    Mesanna - We are doing an update for Halloween TOT version which updates some artifacts by using the old one bringing them into todays standards

    Hugh the Hand - ok sounds interesting and deadly ty

    Mesanna - welcome, its only doom artifacts at this time. you will find the specific on it when we publish

    Misk - just two doom artifacts atm

    Summer Summoner - hi

    Mesanna - hi Summer

    Misk - hello!

    Summer Summoner - i saw that granite commodity deeds now hold there type. Any update on when we can mine granite only

    Mesanna - not sure if its going to make it this publish but it will next if not for sure. give me a sec and I will find out

    Summer Summoner - k ty

    Mesanna - it will be in this publish which is at the end of August

    Summer Summoner - will we still get blackrock and mining gems when going for granite?

    Mesanna - one sec don't want to give bad info

    Misk - you are talking about the special gems, right?

    Summer Summoner - yes the ecru citrine and what not

    Misk - per Kyronix, if you want to get those gems, you will have to mine regularly...

    Summer Summoner - ok ty

    Mesanna - hi Scuzzel

    Scuzzel Butt - hi

    Misk - hello!

    Scuzzel Butt - new back to the game after big break

    Mesanna - welcome back

    Scuzzel Butt - i have question about clean up pts. resources seem to get a lot more value then magic items. is there any magic item that is a good turn in?

    Misk - if i recall correctly, the points for magic items are based off of the item intensity, so, high intensity items

    Scuzzel Butt - like the gp value they get when first on a vendor? before we price them

    Misk - no, each magic property has an intensity value (usually from 1 to 100)

    Scuzzel Butt - oh ok sorry, so better loot = more pts

    Misk - so for instance on a ring, +str has a value of 1 to 8. yes

    Scuzzel Butt - ty i keep at it :)

    Misk - a ring with +1 str will provide less intensity than a ring with +8 str

    Mesanna - it adds up fast

    Misk - hello!

    Hannibal Barca - hi

    Mesanna - hi Hannubal

    Hannibal Barca - my question is about runic hammers. on the uo wiki on uo.com the max min property numbers for runics is that also the number you get reforging with said runic? or reg crafting and reforging different values?

    Misk - not necessarily

    Hannibal Barca - where do i look for the reforge info im google impaired

    Mesanna - lol no worries alot of us are at times

    Misk - well, it varies based off of your reforging settings, the type of runic hammer used and a little luck

    Hannibal Barca - ok and does your imbuing skill level also factor or is it seperate?

    Misk - you can get up to 6 properties i think that was the cap with valorite runics

    Hannibal Barca - wow ok

    Misk - imbuing skill has nothing to do with number of properties, its based on runic tool type, luck and settings of the tool

    Hannibal Barca - ty vm for the info

    Mesanna - have a good evening

    Chuck DeNomolus - hi

    Misk - hello!

    Mesanna - hi Chuck

    Chuck DeNomolus - my question deals with bods specifically smithing. I know you are looking at changes

    Mesanna - yes we are

    Chuck DeNomolus - i wanted to aks when you make them if ringmail and chain can be flipped flopped in value. it always drove me nuts to turn in a 4pc large and it be worth less that a 3 pc

    Mesanna - we will be looking at the system when we redo the point delivery so yes we can look into that, valid concern

    Chuck DeNomolus - ty vm :) gn

    Mesanna - good night

    Succubus - hi

    Mesanna - hi Succubus

    Misk - hello!

    Succubus - i wanted to ask from previous M&G you had directed us to send suggestions i forgot the best place to send the suggestions

    Mesanna - to me

    Succubus - email?

    Mesanna - [email protected]. I will make sure the team sees all suggestions

    Succubus - one last concern, can you legally block critters now a days

    Mesanna - no you can not

    Alphonso - Hi

    Misk - hello!

    Mesanna - hi Alphonso

    Alphonso - Just one quick question, and apologies if it's been asked before ... Any plans to make it so you can turn in primers for clean up points?

    Mesanna - not at this time, I am sure in the future we will

    Alphonso - Okay, thanks. Those level 1s in particular take up a lot of space!

    Mesanna - its a good idea since you can turn in Power Scrolls

    Alphonso - Yeah, it would be cool if we could. Thanks for your time.

    Mesanna - we will see what we can do about that

    Misk - hello!

    Mesanna - hi Ronald

    Ronald Lee Ermey - hello. I have 1 question regarding the primers. I have heard that their will be an option to bind them

    Mesanna - nope we have not talked about that at all

    Misk - that is not currently planned

    Ronald Lee Ermey - ok sounds good.

    Izznet Hunar - *smiles* good evening Mamma Mesanna

    Mesanna - hi Izznet

    Misk - hello!

    Izznet Hunar - I have two questions, first *braces for a death robe* any plans on a hot air balloon?

    Mesanna - death! ask your second one before I stake you

    Izznet Hunar - seriously... I would like to suggest additions to the evening gown, silk gloves and new shoes.

    Mesanna - explain your idea, or better yet send it to me so I can send it to the artist

    Izznet Hunar - *nods* very good I will do that thank you

    Mesanna - hi Bytor

    Bytor - hello I wanted to Thank you for the 2 historical banners.

    Mesanna - you are most welcome

    Bytor - i also wanted to know if you have tabled the library for the town stone ?

    Mesanna - no we just have not really gotten many additions which is surprising to me

    Bytor - are you still working on it then ?

    Mesanna - when we get them yes, but I have to be honest its slow

    Bytor - then I will have to work on getting you some submissions

    Mesanna - sounds good

    Merek Penrose - Twitches

    Mesanna - hi Merek

    Merek Penrose - Please the question goes to you both... Can you describe any upcoming projects that either of you will be working on in the coming future. any...that you perhaps are most proud of, and are looking forward to

    Mesanna - We as a team will be doing some little something new for Thanksgiving, we are adding to existing quests such as the hunters quest. We are working on Christmas, vet rewards, a new mount this year. Also we are planning out next years items, first being a pet re-vamp. A lot of things will be listed soon when we go to TC1. You guys have a lot of fun things coming your way.

    Merek Penrose - But..nothing prior to Thanksgiving?

    Misk - I am a fan of sweets so I am looking forward to Halloween!

    Kyronix - I like pumpkins

    Mesanna - Yes we are publishing out the end of August. We have some really nice new art for pumpkins this year, plus a lot of other things we will describe in the notes. We have given hints in the newsletter.

    Merek Penrose - One last question?

    Mesanna - Yes?

    Merek Penrose - Will the Developers be looking to involve themselves with the communities more..I know you do events and such but I feel like it has been quite awhile.

    Mesanna - We have EM's for the events, we get involved on TC's but as far as individual events not really.

    Merek Penrose - AH, perhaps I just miss getting slayed by your sweetness? Thank you for your time.

    Mesanna - Hun I will be happy to slay you, you are not missing out.

    Merek Penrose - *Flexes* Ready!

    Mesanna - Feel better? :)

    Merek Penrose - *Twitches* Much

    Mesanna - lol

    Mesanna - Hi Aedon

    Lord Aedon Durreah - Evening Mesanna

    Misk - Hello!

    Lord Aedon Durreah - First off I admire the evening gowns for the ladies. Many in the community hold galas and events and they are a welcome look.

    Mesanna - Yes we needed some ladies clothing :)

    Lord Aedon Durreah - I wonder though if it might be possible to make more festive attire for the gents?

    Mesanna - Like a tux?

    Lord Aedon Durreah - Something to compliment the ladies at a special affair.

    Mesanna - Long tails maybe on a coat.

    Lord Aedon Durreah - Aye

    Mesanna - I will talk to the artist, no promises.

    Lord Aedon Durreah - Thank you, oh...and hot air balloons, lots of them.

    Mesanna - Go away

    Lord Aedon Durreah - *laughs* good eve.

    Tharkun - Hello

    Mesanna - Hi Tharkun

    Tharkun - Lord Bytor asked about the town additions, and you said you had not gotten many submissions.

    Mesanna - That is correct

    Tharkun - I think people don't know how or what to do to make a submission

    Mesanna - work with the EM

    Tharkun - What do you recommend to build a town addition?

    Mesanna - Keep in mind none of these are meant to be permanent. Talk to your EM or E-mail me if you can't get in touch with him. If you want to build something for an event.

    Tharkun - So work with the EM to build a temporary addition, which then may be added to a pool?

    Mesanna - Or even get with Wraith...a pool? To swim in?

    Tharkun - ...no

    Mesanna - What kind of pool?

    Tharkun - A pool of additions that we can choose from, that was what I understood was discussed some time back.

    Mesanna - Yes and I explained earlier we have not had many turned in. If you have any suggestions we are here for support.

    Odd - Greetings Lady Mesanna and Misk

    Misk - Hello!

    Mesanna - Hi Odd

    Odd - My question 1st, then my comment. Have the drops for Lady Mel and Navery been lowered? The drop rate?

    Misk - They have not been altered.

    Mesanna - Ni we have not altered the drop at all.

    Odd - Seems so, but thank you.

    Mesanna - Welcome

    Misk - Nothing has changed, sorry

    Odd - My comment, I have been playing on this shard for 15 or 16 years. I still love this game and thank you all for keeping it real and fresh, that is all.

    Mesanna - We love this game also, I have worked and played UO since 97, worked since 99, it's a great game!

    Odd - We who play are fiercely loyal to UO, thank you both.

    Mesanna - The whole team plays except for the artist, most welcome, have a great evening.

    Sergio Jarrett - I'll keep it quick. People are talking about clothing but I know more then a few people would like cloaks with hoods or at least robes with hoods, preferably both.

    Mesanna - That's an engineering task that we have talked about several times. I will talk with Bleak and see if we can't get that on our to-do list.

    Dysock - Hail. Wanted to thank you for the new stone stuff for castles etc. Are their any bugs or changes with the stone stuff, worried stuff may disappear.

    Mesanna - You mean like stone disappearing? We have seen a few reports about that. We have not been able to confirm it. If we can't confirm it, we can't fix it so if you get any steps please please send them to us.

    Dysock - Well that is all, thank you

    Mesanna - Thank you

    Al - Hi! For real question this time!

    Misk - Hello! Again...

    Al - Any word on UO Forums?

    Mesanna - Yes, we are working on our own forums but you will not be able to post unless you have an account.

    Al - GOOD!

    Mesanna - Hopefully we get good feedback and people feel safer to post
    Al - Thank is all, good night.

    Mesanna - Good night

    Mesanna - Hi Dupre

    Dupre - Good evening folks, this may not be the right forum for this but...as a returning player, after many years I notice that citizenship on Catskills is down. Are there any plans to push for a membership drive?

    Mesanna - Yes we have plans that I cannot discuss at this time, but know we are working on a few things for the future.

    Dupre - That's good to hear, the game is just as fun as it always was, but sometimes it's hard to find the kind of interaction that makes it great. Thanks for your time.

    Mesanna - Most welcome.

    Adrian Monk - Good evening

    Mesanna - Hi Adrian

    Adrian Monk - One question, will it be possible in the future to unstack fish bait? I have all these mugs of bait that I share with guildies for contests. It would be nice to be able to unstack them and lower my house count and to share with guildies still.

    Mesanna - I am not sure about this, we will talk about it.

    Adrian Monk - That is all I ask, thank you.

    Mesanna - No problem. Keep an eye on the newsletter for updates.

    (Thank you to @Dramora for giving me the rest of the Transcript!)

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