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Know Thy Enemy!

  1. Know Thy Enemy!
    As written by the GM of NOOB the Lady Tanager.

    This is my take on the event:
    In retrospect, it wasn't terribly complicated. We were told that the source of the attack at the Council Meeting was tracked to an island, where unspeakable things were being done to the wildlife. So we went to investigate. Fire Island was infested with relatively strong soulless beings and animals. We were meant to start killing these beings, and when enough had been slain several bosses would spawn (champion spawn style event).
    Image9.jpg Image4.jpg
    However, there was immediate fighting out of the gate as players on the Vice side of Siege turned on their countrymen. Anyone with stealth promptly vanished into the shadows and everyone else scattered or quickly died either at the hands of the raiders or the spawn. We all knew this was likely to happen, and most brought only basic gear with them. The spawn proved very challenging with this in mind.
    EM Kincaid summoned noble paladins to aid us, because otherwise it would have taken a very long time for us to take down enough spawn to advance to the champs. I hadn't complained or asked for help but, personally, I am grateful for this. I do not want people to avoid coming to events because they don't want to risk losing their good gear, and I don't want Siege to 'fail' an event because we couldn't bring down the monsters. Maybe that's trammy of me, but it was the bosses that most people want, not so much the 'trash' spawn that leads up to it. Just my opinion, though, as I run essentially naked.
    As for the bosses themselves, having them scattered is best in my opinion. Players on the side of Vice tend to run in packs, and thus only attack one boss at a time. Even so, I think Vice forces did come away with the vast majority of drops. I do not go to events for the drops, but I can see why this might be frustrating to Virtue players. Still... the raiders were relatively polite about it. Didn't loot players much or even trash talk all THAT much. For Vice, that was fairly Virtuous ;)

    I got distracted IRL at the end, where there was a small regrouping at the EM House. I missed what we learned from the encounter (RP wise) and what the next step is in the story.

    Overall tho, I had fun. I wish there had been a bit more direction. There was a massive wall of text in my journal from spawns tho so perhaps I missed some things being said. I think I need to start finding a party to join before these events!

    (Edited to reword the Vice vs Virtue aspect of this tale. I was trying to not name any parties involved.)

    Well spoken Milady, well spoken!

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