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Lake Austin 5 - Scalis 0

Thank you to Mylene the governor of Britain. Through her efforts, the white net toss on March 18th was a blast. She managed to pull up 5 Scalis...
By Tamais, Mar 28, 2017 | |
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  1. Lake Austin 5 - Scalis 0
    On March 18th, Britain's Governor Mylene hosted a white net toss.


    When I arrived a few nets had already been tossed.
    I waved to the brave souls who had arrived: Lady Thaila, Destiny of Myst, and Sphinkter, and of course our host.
    While waiting for the bodies to disappear, the banter was of cooking bods, eating and of course drinking. I had provided a special St. Patrick's brew as did Destiny of Myst.
    Soon Governor Mylene was tossing more nets. At first we had the normal spawn of Sea Serpents, Kracken, Leviathans and a few Water elementals.
    Easy battles not preparing us for what was to come.

    However the easy battle quickly turned into a long deadly battle, the first of 5 Osiredon (Scalis) had arrived.

    The battle on the dock was going well, only a few deaths, when Scalis decided to move inland.
    Just as Lady Val arrived and was hit. "OUCHY, that thing packs a serious punch."
    Boy was she right. The healers were very busy as the death robes began to fill there hall.


    Governor Mylene sent out a call for help, "SCALIS AT BUC'S DEN DOCKS!"
    Lady Rowan arrived as we discussed what to do.

    "Think we need a new tactic?" Lady Val asked

    "Put it on my ignore list" Destiny of Myst winked.

    "or we could just lure it away and move on. "Lady Thalia suggested.

    Lady Rowan noticed a large ship with cannons sitting at the docks. "Whose ship?"
    "Mine," Governor Mylene answered.

    Lady Rowan smiled, "There is the answer...cannons."

    Governor Mylene nodded. "Come aboard ship and man the cannons."

    Lady Rowan couldn't be held back. There is nothing she likes more that firing cannons.

    However, Scalais had other ideas and refuse to get in front of the cannons. So the land battle continued.

    Once again we sent out a call for aid. Rumple, Havoc, Garion, and Lady Bree Bloodbane rushed to join us.

    "We came, we saw, we OOOooooOOOO." Govenor Mylene shouted in greeting.

    After we had fought for an hour, Governor Mylene announced. "He's at about half now."



    Once again Governor Mylene invited people to join the fun. " Buc's den white net toss event in full swing - we need help killing Scalis - join the death robes."

    As Osiredon's life dropped, he spawned more and more parasitic eels. Soon they littered the road to the healers.

    Finally after a two hour battle and many deaths. We won!

    "I died about 40 times," sighed Lady Val. Then looking in her pack she found a gift from Scalias. "I got a drop..Leviathan Hide bracers!"


    "No complaining about deaths then, "Lady Thalia smiled at her.

    Rowan nodded and laughed. "See it pays to die a lot."

    Relieve the battle was won. The victors lined up for a picture.


    After the long battle, we broke out the ale, wiskey and foods. Mylene went to get more cannon supplies.
    As we drank and talked. Lady Val suggested "we should show this monster to em Topaz."

    Mylene rejoining us laughed, "Wouldn't it be a surprise to all those sampires.

    Rowan and Bree Bloodbane joined the laughter.

    After the break, Sphinkter and Bree Bloodband left.

    The next couple of net tosses, were a welcome relief. Until once again Scalias popped up his head.
    This time we were able to trap him between the ships. But poor Nikka died before firing a shot.


    "Remember the cannons do 1700 points a pop to him." Governor Mylene reminded us.
    Nikka fired from her ship as Governor Mylene used his cannons. The battle was going much faster.

    About this time we were joined by Old Man Lenshire, who fought from the deck I joined Lady Thalia on Mylene's ship to keep him healed.



    This battle was over fast. This time Scalis has given me a gift.



    Battle three went fast. Armada and Nikka joined Lady Thalia in the stern to heal Mylene. Thodian placed a ship next to Governor Mylene's to keep the healers healed.
    After this battle another break was needed to repair the ships. Nikka almost cried when she saw how badly damaged hers was.
    I asked Thodian how he had managed to stay alive.

    He grinned," I hid behind the mast."

    Before the 4th battle Ronan was able to join us. Again it went smooth with few deaths.
    Finally we were getting good at this, though after fighting for so long we were beginning to tire.

    We all laughed when Ronan pointed to the Harbor master as he sat down in on of the chairs I had bought to the shore and dock. "Boy, he was tired."

    "How many nets?" Lady Thalia asked.

    "17" governor Mylene replied and she got more nets to throw.

    Thalia nodded, "With 4 scalias. Thalia smiled. "Well stop pulling them up. I'm tired."

    "We got to keep our eyes on Mylene. There she goes again." I sighed. "She is going net crazy."

    Governor Mylene laughed. "If we get Scalis, its last net of night."

    Luck was with us and we went without Scalis for a couple more nets.
    Then once more he rose from the sea. Nikka's ship wasn't in the right postion, so he ran for it.
    Around and around the docks he went until at last we trapped him. Joining us, Melodie helped keep him in front of the cannons.

    Tired out, Scalis didn't last long. True to her word, that was the last net tossed for the night.
    We all agreed it had been a blast. So be sure to join us for the next white net toss.
    Thank you to Governor Mylene for the fun and all the people who tried to keep me healed.

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