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Lake Austin Developers Meet And Greet Oct. 22, 2018

Here is the transcript of last nights meet and greets. Several interesting questions and suggestion.
By Tamais, Oct 23, 2018 | |
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  1. 1.jpg

    Equinox: Greetings

    Mesanna: Greetings

    Equinox: I hope you all are well tonight and thank you for your time

    Mesanna: we are doing wonderful

    Equinox: I am wondering

    Equinox: if it would be possible for the team to consider
    Equinox: allowing our mannequins to have some Rogaine

    Mesanna: rofl

    Equinox: prettify them a little
    Equinox : =)

    Mesanna: hrm I will talk to the team and see what we can come up with

    Equinox: Ok, I appreciate your time
    Equinox: and consideration

    Mesanna: After all
    Mesanna: it is all about the style

    Equinox: yes yes indeed!
    Equinox: =)
    Equinox: thank you

    Mesanna: your welcome

    Mesanna: Good evening

    Mylene: greetings.
    Mylene: my question is, the guard zone for my city, Britain, extends 20-25 degrees out to the south and west

    Mylene: this means it extends most of the way to the moongate, and into the mountain pass, let alone the farms

    Mylene: this is an inconvenience to the grimm hunters and to those doing the trade orders - and was lethal for the orders in last year's event

    Mylene: is there a chance that the extent of the guard zone could be re-evaluated, and pulled back some?

    Kyronix: We have no plans to change the size of the guard zone
    Kyronix: The ambushers from the trade ambushes though should be ignored by guards

    Mylene: they aren't

    Kyronix: Hrm
    Kyronix: Will have to investigate

    Mylene: they were for last year's event but not the regular ones - and of course the casters can't summon

    Mesanna: its either turned off or on

    Mylene: thank you for your time, I have other questions but currently my mind is fuzzy - if I remember them I'll get back in line

    Mesanna: lol ok

    Mesanna: greetings

    Elessa: evening devs & Mesanna

    Mesanna: Good evening

    Elessa: I run a small newspaper on Lake Austin
    Elessa: I took the liberty of setting out a few to show you
    Elessa: every Sunday
    Elessa: I produce one or two books full of news
    Elessa: my questions center on the age of the text editor in UO
    Elessa: and how much time it requires for me
    Elessa: to put out an accurate and nice looking document
    Elessa: namely
    Elessa: namely 4 hours for a purplebook of about 1400 words
    Elessa: I copy from one note these days
    Elessa: but still the editor tends to delete the previous pages last line if I try to edit
    Elessa: and there are other oddities and being 60

    Kyronix: Are you in the EC or the CC?

    Elessa: frankly I used a better editor in the 80s :)
    Elessa: I was hoping you could update it
    Elessa: and I play classic always :) thank you

    Mesanna: are you using inscribe?
    Elessa: no
    Elessa: I use only the classic client with nothing else

    Mesanna: you are typing that may books

    Elessa: I use inscribe to copy from a master
    Elessa : that is locked with red leaf

    Mesanna: I read them

    Elessa: ;) thank you
    Elessa: I would just like to have an easier edit and quicker
    Elessa: but I also am aware that this is buried deep in the code
    Elessa: I think so I understand if it is not possible
    Elessa: thank you for reading and thank you for listening to my question

    Mesanna: your welcome
    Mesanna: know that we have been talking about how the best to update books
    Mesanna: it is on our lists to update

    Elessa: :)thank you

    Mesanna: your welcome

    Elessa: I think newspapers are very, very helpful to the life of a shard and I'm pleased to be able to do it at all :)

    Mesanna: I am sure its much appreciated

    Elessa: I'm done Topaz :)
    Elessa: thanks

    EM Topaz: Step upon the teleporter El

    Lord Tim: hi there

    Mesanna: Greetings

    Lord Tim: is it just one questions? of can i do a few short ones?

    Mesanna: ask your questions =)

    Lord Tim: I became a Governor this year at the last time we voted
    Lord Tim: and I was told of how the structure was in the past

    Lord Tim: We had many people step up not just myself and we had most cities hold a Gov
    Lord Tim: which was groundbreaking so I was told

    Lord Tim: But then the structure that had previously been was abolished
    Lord Tim: and it was thrown back into the Governors to host our own event
    Lord Tim: and do the job ourselves
    Mesanna: hold on

    Lord Tim: MANY Governors have disappeared since that date

    Mesanna: you are losing me here

    Lord Tim: ok

    Mesanna: are you talking about EM's not doing events
    Mesanna: for the governors

    Lord Tim: Governor meetings and events coordinated with EM

    Mesanna: I am confused actually

    Lord Tim: all communication is gone
    Lord Tim: and it was just left to the governors

    EM Topaz: I have yet to hear from anyone regarding Governor events

    Mesanna: Do you not see Topaz right there
    Mesanna: you should talk to her =)

    Lord Tim: because the governors have no meetings held
    Lord Tim: I would like to ask that the govenror meetings be made again

    EM Topaz: I held meetings and the most number of people to show up was 2

    Lord Tim: with a present EM

    Mesanna: I will say this with only one or 2 people showing up

    Lord Tim: i am asking for structure
    Lord Tim: we filled the spots this very last time we voted

    Mesanna: Then I highly suggest you get the governors together and speak to your EM

    Lord Tim: we tried that at the first meeting

    Mesanna: Inform her of what you would like to do

    Lord Tim: which was our last meeting

    Mesanna: I am sure Topaz would be more than happy to work with you guys

    Lord Tim: are you?

    EM Topaz: Tim what have you done so far for your city?

    Lord Tim says: second question
    Lord Tim says: can any of the city treasury form my city be spread out to other cities?
    Lord Tim: there's 800 mil plus in New Mag and other cities are lacking the funds
    Lord Tim: can we pass that out one time?

    Mesanna: Sorry each city is an island as far as money goes

    Lord Tim: kk
    Lord Tim: The relics in Khaldun, is Luck or Stealth have any impact on them? to get them?

    Mesanna: no sir
    Mesanna: totally random

    Lord Tim: oh last question
    Lord Tim: i cant change the font of other ppl voices
    Lord Tim: and i cant read them in my journal on classic client
    Lord Tim: hurts my eyes

    Mesanna: I know right!!

    Lord Tim: can i increase the journal font

    Mesanna: Bleak can answer that
    Mesanna: you can ignore hues
    Mesanna: but there is an option
    Mesanna: Bleak will research it
    Mesanna: I will add it to Novembers Newsletter also

    Lord Tim: ill try to look into ignore hues, but will i miss pplz texts?

    Mesanna: it weill default it to one color according to Bleak

    Lord Tim: thanks
    Mesanna: so no you should not miss any texts

    Lord Tim: that is all

    Mesanna: have a good evening
    Lord Tim: sry for hoging the mike

    Mesanna: lol its ok

    Lord Tim: bye nice to meet u all

    Mesanna: bye

    Mesanna: Evening Oz

    Oz: greetings hail all
    Oz: i just have a few suggestions or questions
    Oz: first

    Mesanna: can I ask you to change your text before you begin
    Mesanna: I can not read that in my journal
    Mesanna: I am sorry

    Oz: r u guys looking into a vioce chat room at all? in game
    Oz: i hate typeing

    Mesanna: you mean for meet and greets?
    Mesanna: or general game play

    Oz: no, in game use general chat

    Mesanna: no we have not
    Mesanna: not with all the ones that are offered outside of this game

    Oz: ya, i know. But would be nice for it to b in game
    Oz: second, is that i have an idea for next yr halloween

    Mesanna: ok

    Oz: how about a town invasion?
    Oz: with a headless horseman boss or something like that

    Mesanna: interesting idea

    Oz: crafters could get bods in the town invaded

    Mesanna: always interested in player suggestions

    Oz: and get rune kits that can do legendary armor

    Mesanna: ok now your pushing it =P

    Oz: n maybe rewards of bloody armor

    Mesanna: halloween themed

    Oz: ya bloody spellbooks or something
    Oz: and third was an observation from listen to other toons
    Oz: no disrepect to anyone, but no one that i've talked to really likes the new castles
    Oz: any chance of a new contest?

    Mesanna: Oz those were picked and voted on by the players
    Mesanna: that's why we let you guys pick them

    Oz: i looked at the votes
    Oz: like 16 pep voted for the winner
    Oz: that i seen

    Mesanna: you are incorrect
    Mesanna: but thats ok

    Oz: i'm just sayin
    Oz: like i said i'm not trying to be rude

    Mesanna: well we changed the way voting goes
    Mesanna: but you are blaming the wrong people
    Mesanna: also
    Mesanna: the voting is in two stages
    Mesanna: first round is 2 weeks to build and vote

    Oz: i didn't vote last time, i will this time

    Mesanna: then after a period the top 20 only
    Mesanna: will be voted on again
    Mesanna: good if you want a different outcome you have to vote
    Mesanna: on what you like best

    Oz: oh, that brings up another thing. With a halloween event goin on. It's hard to do other events too.
    Oz: just as a side note

    Mesanna: thank you

    Oz: maybe schedual other things after ?
    Oz: thanks for listen

    Mesanna: of course

    Oz: at least u did kick me out this time lol

    Mesanna: lol
    Mesanna: have a good evening

    Oz: have a good nite

    Mesanna: you also

    Orion Bloodbane: Greetings, oh Dark & Devious One, as well as distinquised Devs!

    Mesanna: Good evening

    Orion Bloodbane: I hope you all are well

    Mesanna: I love that title

    Kyronix: Greetings!

    Orion Bloodbane: my question will likely not gain me any happiness here but I have to ask anyway
    Orion Bloodbane: is it possible to make event rewards shard bound?

    Mesanna: no

    Orion Bloodbane: well thank you for listening all the same =)

    Mesanna: thank you

    Orion Bloodbane: and have a good night

    Mesanna: you also Orion

    Mesanna: Good evening

    Fiddle Farder: Good evening 2 quick questions

    Mesanna: you there?

    Fiddle Farder: would it be possible to change ethereal pets so the won't use a pet slot, so we have same advantage as gargs?

    Mesanna: no sir

    Fiddle Farder: ok 2nd Q
    Fiddle Farder: can they fix the issue with monsters following a stealther
    Fiddle Farder: and coming after us when we return real fast at us

    Mesanna: hrm

    Fiddle Farder: it happens across shards

    Mesanna: good question that I do not have an answer for right now

    Fiddle Farder: they auto follow us even when in stealth

    Mesanna: I know
    Mesanna: I just don't have a solution to tell you

    Fiddle Farder: ok why would we not make a change on the 1st question?
    Fiddle Farder: does it give an advantage somewhere?

    Mesanna: no
    Mesanna: It is a benefit of being a gargoyle
    Mesanna: they can not ride
    Mesanna: each race has a benefit

    Fiddle Farder: right, I was just talking about ethereal rides only, so no benifit in fighting

    Mesanna: we are not making that change
    Mesanna: if you have a good arguement
    Mesanna: email us

    Fiddle Farder: ok

    Mesanna: I will make sure the team reads it

    Fiddle Farder: have a wonderful evening

    Mesanna: and we can give an answer in the newsletter
    Mesanna: you also

    Goblin Rep: Good Eveinng Glorious Ones! Apologies for my tardiness (please don't tell Governor Sweetpeez!!)

    Mesanna: Greetings

    Goblin Rep: 2 quick questions apologies if they have been asked before
    Goblin Rep: Will cypress trees that make wood bark ever get to make seeds too?

    Mesanna: hrm we can talk about it
    Mesanna: no promises

    Goblin Rep: thank you :)

    Mesanna: most welcome

    Goblin Rep: Second, Jhelom has no stables and (I lost my list ) missing a bod giver or two
    Goblin Rep: is there any way we can get those in town so those loyal to Jhelom can stay in Jhelom

    Mesanna: I will look into it

    Goblin Rep: thank you :D

    Mesanna: welcome

    Goblin Rep: you all have a good night :)

    Mesanna: you also

    Purrmutation: good evening, team. Have a thief with GM detect hidden that can find very few hidden chests in Khaldun

    Mesanna: Good evening
    Mesanna: They are all over the place

    Purrmutation: she believes there is a buggy area in the lever room where she can read the keen sense message X3
    Purrmutation: on Napa trammel at .34 N x W

    Mesanna: We are aware of a bug in the level room

    Purrmutation: she can never detect the chests
    Purrmutation: and she is betting that is where the relics she has never seen are

    Kyronix: The relics can be in any of the containers
    Kyronix: They are only created after the chest has been picked
    Kyronix: and detected and such

    Purrmutation: ahh but those blacked areas are hiding 3 chests we can never find
    Purrmutation: and decreasing our chances
    Purrmutation: sorry the coords are 17.34N x 69.7W
    Purrmutation: can they be deleted so they respawn elsewhere?

    Mesanna: we can remove the walls easier than recreating the dungeon
    Mesanna: lol
    Mesanna: the chests
    Mesanna: ?

    Purrmutation: yes

    Mesanna: no but we can make the area available

    Purrmutation: or black them from spawning there?

    Mesanna: some are in areas that are not high spawns
    Mesanna: so we can open the area

    Purrmutation: ty

    Mesanna: so you do not need the levels since they are broken
    Mesanna: or can get broken easy
    Mesanna: simple solution is to remove the door
    Mesanna: Thank you

    Purrmutation: also my pets would love to have training luck on them
    Purrmutation: whether it starts with luck as an attribute or we can put armor on them with it
    Purrmutation: would that ever be considered?

    Kyronix: We have no plans to do that right now
    Kyronix: And luck rolls are always based off your player character

    Purrmutation: okay have a good evening

    Mesanna: you also

    Mesanna: Good evening

    Jahajx Jov: Good Evening Everyone
    Jahajx Jov: with the inbound customs castles

    Mesanna: and keeps

    Jahajx Jov: has there been an provision made for those of us with trees etc in our courtyards?
    Jahajx Jov: that question was so offensive that the Dark Lady has taken her leave? :)

    Kyronix: She just had a minor connection issue
    Kyronix: *grins*

    Jahajx Jov says: ..
    Jahajx Jov: i have that effect :)

    Mesanna: have a good evening
    Mesanna: lol

    Jahajx Jov: thank you everyone for your time

    Mesanna: night

    Jahajx Jov: poof

    EM Topaz says: Step upon the teleporter Jov

    Mesanna: good evening

    Mylene says: In response to El's question, I reported details of the bug with books in the CC on Sept 19 in the uo.com Bugs forum as Basara

    Mesanna: ok
    Mesanna: do you have a question

    Mylene: first question - my cu discorded itself again after I accidentally targeted it with "all kill" trying to target a mob
    Mylene: intentional"?

    Mesanna: when did this happen

    Mylene: about 5-6 hours ago in tram khaldun
    Mylene: during wave 2 spawn

    Mesanna: we made a change to try to fix it
    Mesanna: we will look into it again

    Mylene: skeles and viscera

    Mesanna: thank you for telling us

    Mylene: second, my constituents were bugging me for not mentioning it before - our brit bank design was one of the earliest though took
    Mylene: long to implement. Other shards got moongates we didn't realize were an option. can we get one, even if behind the
    Mylene: guard shack nearby

    Mesanna: ok stop
    Mesanna: if you want to complain then find Draconi he is the one started that contest
    Mesanna: just because he dropped the ball and I had to pick it up
    Mesanna: if the design did not include a moongate it did not get one
    Mesanna: we got to the designs as fast as possible
    Mesanna: so basically you want a moongate
    Mesanna: ?
    Mesanna: right?

    Mylene: Yes. my fellow players want one, and even if I don't really care one way or the other. But they ask me as britain governor.
    Mylene: even somewhere like behind the guard building away from bank would be okay

    Mesanna: when I have time I will place one

    Mylene: thank you. it will make them happy and hopefully increase traffic there

    Mesanna: have a good evening

    Lord Tim: hi again

    Mesanna: good evening

    Lord Tim: I am new returned as of Feb this year
    Mesanna: welcome back

    Lord Tim: sorry if any questions are old
    Lord Tim: I enjoy pets in the game
    Lord Tim: im a tamer at heart
    Lord Tim: I notice the detect hidden skill
    Lord Tim: and was wondering if there is any current way
    Lord Tim: to train it?
    Lord Tim: will pets use detect hiddden in any fashion?

    Mesanna: no sir I am sorry not for a pet

    Lord Tim: so they use it ever? or is it a dead skill
    Lord Tim: completely irrelevant?

    Mesanna: its not a dead skill
    Mesanna: but we can talk about adding it later down the road

    Lord Tim: awesome
    Lord Tim: i'd love to hear more about it
    Lord Tim: as i read the forums

    Mesanna: not totally out of the question

    Lord Tim: and didnt find anything

    Mesanna: make sure you sign up for the newsletter also
    Mesanna: *whispers*

    Lord Tim: on UO.com?

    Mesanna: honestly we had not thought of it before now

    Lord Tim: please direct me

    Mesanna: yes sir

    Lord Tim: ok, was wondering if "clean" jewlery
    Lord Tim: is ever going to be powderable

    Mesanna: no sir we have no plans to do that

    Lord Tim: kk lastly
    Lord Tim: I have some drops form the roof
    Lord Tim: and i purchase other artifacts on occasion
    Lord Tim: and I never know
    Lord Tim: which ones will wear out (cant powder)
    Lord Tim: and which ones last like jumu's hide
    Lord Tim: i think I can't powder it but other artis i can
    Lord Tim: is there a way I am able to tell before purchasing
    Lord Tim: before testing each piece

    Mesanna: have you tried?

    Lord Tim: is a scholor halo powderable?

    Kyronix: You can also head to TC1 and get the artifacts

    Lord Tim: sry possibly noob questions

    Kyronix: Using the "give arties"
    Kyronix: speech command

    Lord Tim: ohhh

    Kyronix: And you can see what will and won't

    Lord Tim: wow, i had no idea thanks!

    Kyronix: We can also make sure the wiki page on those arties is up to date

    Lord Tim: thats a awesome setup THANK you

    Mesanna: we have made alot of changes

    Lord Tim: perfect!

    Kyronix: Make sure you check it out

    Lord Tim: I shall, And just so you know
    Lord Tim: this shard is dedicated to helping new returning players
    Lord Tim: and we intend for this game to thrive

    Mesanna: that is always good to hear

    Lord Tim: thanks for doing the dunk tank

    Mesanna: lol welcome

    Lord Tim: and we sure do enjoy seeing u here
    Lord Tim: on LA this evening

    Lord Tim: as we try not to be another "dead" shard"

    Mesanna: thank you

    Kyronix: Thank you for having us!

    Lord Tim: looking forward to a long game ahead
    Lord Tim: bye for now

    Mesanna: good evening

    Oz: Hail again

    Mesanna: hi

    Oz: i forgot something just as a thought
    Oz: how about putting a date stamp on a pet when tamed or transfered?
    Oz: when u lore it

    Mesanna: for what purpose?

    Oz: it shows u when it was tamed
    Oz: i've been playin for 17 yrs

    Mesanna: we can do that but

    Oz: i tamed my first drg b4 aos

    Mesanna: we could not go back

    Oz: rite

    Mesanna: it would be the pets tamed after the change was published

    Oz: but pep like to remember when they tamed thier fav pet
    Oz: just an idea
    Oz: put more meaning into a pet

    Mesanna: *nods*
    Mesanna: like how long you can keep a plant alive

    Oz: kinda ya

    Mesanna: *nods*

    EM Topaz: ooh yeah "last pet death 2/4/1999"

    Oz: well, idk about pet death but just when tamed or transfered
    Oz: not to mention when u get a tamed pet

    EM Topaz: aww

    Oz: u know when it can bond

    EM Topaz: but...

    Mesanna: psst I said its something we can do but we can only show the ones tamed
    Mesanna: after put make the change
    Mesanna: its impossible to go back and find when a current pet was tamed

    Oz: fare enough rite

    Mesanna: sweet

    EM Topaz: Thanks Oz

    Mesanna: thank you for the suggestion

    Oz: second is that when u tame a pet or in the wild
    Oz: n u lore it. it tells u the barding difficulty
    Oz : n not the taming difficulty y?
    Oz: can u change that?
    Oz: hmm, did i say something wrong?

    Mesanna: nope
    Mesanna: we will look at it

    Oz: ok ty

    Mesanna: wanted to check something that is why I stepped away

    Oz: ahh, have a good night again

    Mesanna: you also

    Lord Tim: hi

    Mesanna: hi

    Lord Tim: was curious, I enjoy the status button
    Lord Tim: it shows my armor resists and so on
    Lord Tim: could there be a way
    Lord Tim: to show the eaters. and how much they are out of like 15/30
    Lord Tim: or whatever the cap is and the mana regen so on

    Mesanna: the status window is pretty large as it is

    Lord Tim: right doesn't have to be there

    Mesanna: were were talking about making a manaquin say the resist
    Mesanna: of suits

    Lord Tim: no i own no manis

    Mesanna: umm we have not made that change

    Lord Tim: but i would love to be able to tell how much regens
    Lord Tim: and eaters are on my suit without taking it off and counting manually

    Mesanna: you use classic?

    Lord Tim: (doesnt need to be in that status menu)
    Lord Tim: aye is enhanced set up for that?

    Mesanna: yes

    Lord Tim: ohh

    Mesanna: check it out

    Lord Tim: i wish i could use that

    EM Topaz: test shard

    Lord Tim: headaches

    EM Topaz: shows that info under your name highlight

    Lord Tim: oh nice

    EM Topaz: so you can always xfer a character copy to test

    Lord Tim: Test is the answer
    Lord Tim: thanks
    Lord Tim: kool appreciated

    Bretwalda: Good evening milady of death!

    Mesanna: Greetings

    Bretwalda: Is there any truth to the rumors about an expensive mount coming to the UO Store?

    Mesanna: expensive
    Mesanna: who said that?

    Bretwalda: I heard something about a glacial mount, I didn't believe, so I am here asking.

    Mesanna: ROFL
    Mesanna: they lied to you
    Mesanna: and you know it

    Bretwalda: Okay Another rumor
    Bretwalda: I have pets that are currently spawning as 3 control slots
    Bretwalda: but the ones I own are prepatched as 4 control slots
    Bretwalda: Any chance there will be a pet reset or a way to get them to 3 like the new ones?
    Bretwalda: they were never trained

    Mesanna: animal training and when yo
    u first train the pet
    Mesanna: tame not train
    Mesanna: sorry

    Bretwalda: These are untrained cus stuck at 4 control slots

    EM Topaz says: psst ask her if we are gonna get a decent hot air balloon (at which point death was granted)
    EM Topaz says: darn

    Mesanna: go ahead​

    Bretwalda: I saw that coming

    Mesanna: ask me again =P

    Bretwalda: So should I just get rid of these Cus?
    Bretwalda: They will never be as good as the ones that start off as 3 control slots

    Mesanna: before we could answer we would need to see the pet

    Bretwalda: Its all prepatched cus that I know of, there maybe other pets with these issues
    Bretwalda: I could show you many on Atlantic

    Mesanna: are you around during the day tomorrow?

    Bretwalda: I could be

    Mesanna: email me when you are on then

    Bretwalda: okay
    Bretwalda: Also just need an update on 2 old suggestions
    Bretwalda: Are you working on a tool that can engrave clothing the way we have tools that engrave armor, weapons, and everything else?

    Mesanna: yes

    Bretwalda: awesome Lastly this is oldie, but a goodie
    Bretwalda: imo Are you still working on instruments we can equip?

    Mesanna: not at this time

    Bretwalda: okay thank you very much!

    Mesanna: but it would be pretty kewl right

    Bretwalda: Yes totally awesome
    Bretwalda: oh here is one
    Bretwalda: how about a deed you can buy in the UO store
    Bretwalda: that can make lanterns spell channeling?
    Bretwalda: figure you couldn't do it for weapons or shields

    Mesanna: hrm interesting

    Bretwalda: we have all these nice event lanterns
    Mesanna: always looking for good ideas for the store
    Bretwalda: but most do not have it
    Bretwalda: I appreciate all the your thoughtful consideration

    Mesanna: most welcome
    Mesanna: have a good evening

    Bretwalda: I wish you all a lovely evening and a wonderful week

    Mesanna: thanks

    Mesanna: Thank you Lake Austin for having us

    Mesanna: This round is keep designs only

    : so make sure you jump on tc1 and build or vote

    EM Topaz: Thanks for coming everyone!!!

    Kyronix: Good night!
    Kyronix: *waves*

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