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Lake Austin's Meet And Greet

This is a recap of Lake Austin's developer meet and greet 4/4/16
  1. 1.jpg

    Kyronix says: Good Evening Lake Austin!
    Lady Mesanna says: Good evening Lake Austin
    Lady Mesanna says: shall we get started

    Lady Mesanna says: Hi Dol
    Dol: Evening developers!
    Dol: I have two questions tonight.
    Dol: First one is for Kyronix.
    Dol: Kyronix, would you consider adding both Orc masks and helms to the
    Dol: blackthorn turn ins?

    Kyronix : We have a list of items that've been requested for Blackthorn's
    Kyronix: Can certainly add those

    Dol : Fantastic, looking forward to it!

    Dol: Second question.
    Dol : Recently on stratics, there has been requests for global events
    Dol : which run at all times that the majority of the players can participate at all times
    Dol : and earn rewards not based on logging in at certain times

    Lady Mesanna : are you talking about town invasions?

    Dol : What is the future in terms of plans for global events?
    Dol s: No, not invasions. that is only one of many possibilities though =]

    Lady Mesanna : We have been putting in events that you can do over and over at any time

    Dol : But anything from puzzles, or stuff like the old solen events

    Lady Mesanna : That was a request for the 20th year celebration of past events
    Lady Mesanna: is that what your talking about

    Dol s: Oh no, I dont mean a repeat of old events, just new ones along that line hehe
    Dol : I just think the community feels, most major story lore
    Dol : should be done as a global event

    Kyronix : It is....

    Lady Mesanna: always has been
    Lady Mesanna: unless we ask the EM's for assistance with a global arc

    Kyronix : In which case those are one off live elements that fit appropriately within the story
    Kyronix s: But the majority of the global lore is driven by content we create
    Kyronix : I.E....we are in the midst of learning about the Valley of Eodon
    Kyronix : In the wake of the Time of Legends expansion
    Kyronix : We heard from people that they didn't want us to drop the new expansion like a hot potato
    Kyronix s: So we are keeping to that and fleshing out the valley and it's history
    Kyronix : We just finished the interactions with the tribes people
    Kyronix : In the Valley of One quest
    Kyronix : Next we are moving into the Myrmidex Threat
    Kyronix : that Sir Geoffrey eludes too
    Kyronix : So...ya it's global lore driven by us :)

    Dol : Well then looks like big stuff is coming
    Dol : I will be watching =]
    Dol : With that I am done
    Dol : thanks for your time!

    Lady Mesanna : read the news letter coming out
    Lady Mesanna : it should help

    Dol : I will thank you
    Lady Mesanna : welcome have a good evening

    Taodkiller Dog : ev4ening
    Lady Mesanna : HI Taodkiller

    Taodkiller Dog : my question is a confusion on game mechanijncs
    TaodkillerDog : Could you explain how luck is applied to the loot in a party? Does the high dam dealers luck get applied
    Taodkiller Dog : Is it random from all party members? Does the # of party members effect the loot.
    Taodkiller Dog : confused how it works

    Lady Mesanna : Bleak has this one
    Lady Mesanna : so yes you are correct its totally random

    Taodkiller Dog : i understand how luck works just not whose luck it takeS?
    Taodkiller Dog : any damage dealers?
    Taodkiller Dog : or just highest

    Lady Mesanna: it picks a random person in the party each time
    Lady Mesanna: as long as you are in the party
    Lady Mesanna: or do you need to be on the top attacker Bleak

    Taodkiller Dog : oh boy i had that wrong ty

    Lady Mesanna: one sec
    Lady Mesanna : just making sure
    Lady Mesanna: I see your confusion
    Lady Mesanna: ok
    Lady Mesanna: so if you are on the top attacker list ie healer damage dealer
    Lady Mesanna: it picks a random person from there and uses their luck
    Lady Mesanna: BUT
    Lady Mesanna: not just your party

    Taodkiller Dog: how many get top attacker status?
    Taodkiller Dog: 3 4 5 ?

    Lady Mesanna: so when Bleak said it was random he means random
    Lady Mesanna says: depends on how many are healing or doing damage
    Lady Mesanna: hard question to answer

    Taodkiller Dog says: is there any advantage to being grouped for luck?

    Lady Mesanna: no sir not for luck
    Lady Mesanna: there is not

    Taodkiller Dog: k ty

    Lady Mesanna: Hi Gary
    Gary: hi
    Gary: my question deals with runis
    Gary: runics

    Lady Mesanna: returning player?

    Gary: when you use the sturctural fortified fundemental and integral
    Gary: properties
    Gary: will there be any change to reflect how loot has changed/

    Lady Mesanna: umm
    Lady Mesanna: we have not touched Runics
    Lady Mesanna: so your question has us a tad confused

    Gary says: the runics work off the old shame loot sytems for properties

    Misk says: so reforging...

    Gary: can not be repaired and what not
    Gary: oh damn sorry reforging

    Lady Mesanna: ok runics had us confused
    Lady Mesanna: ok we are with you now

    Gary: my mistake sorry
    Gary: the 4 addition reforge props that seemingly are useless

    Lady Mesanna: are you asking if we are going to change the negatives

    Gary: yes
    Gary: currently all loot
    Gary: that is brittle
    Gary: is 255 durability
    Gary: and no can not be rerpaired anymore

    Lady Mesanna: one sec

    Gary: but runics still work off old system

    Lady Mesanna: We have had several people ask us this question

    Gary: k

    Lady Mesanna: and honestly we can sit down and talk about all the issues brought up
    Lady Mesanna: but I can't tell you we are changing it right now

    Gary: of course wanted to bring it up is all ty

    Lady Mesanna: we would have to do a complete over view of it and reevaluate that systen
    Lady Mesanna: Thats why we do these
    Lady Mesanna: thank you

    Gary: ty
    Lady Mesanna: have a good evening

    Lady Mesanna: Hi Bishop

    Bishop: hi Im asking for updates maybe
    Bishop: anything new on tailisman properties
    Bishop: protection and killer

    Kyronix: We added some for Eodon

    Bishop: did you determine they are working the way you wanred?
    Bishop: wanted
    Bishop: for protection
    Bishop: and killer
    Bishop: what the name applies to

    Kyronix: It's specific to the creature

    Bishop: so there are no super protections
    Bishop: like slayers

    Lady Mesanna: no sir

    Bishop: k ty vm
    Lady Mesanna: welcome
    Bishop: :)

    Fortunata: Good evening. Can the shard bound stealables from Ararat &Eodon please have a turn in value
    Fortunata: other than 0 or less than one

    Lady Mesanna: we can do that

    Fortunata: ty

    Lady Mesanna: welcome

    Fortunata: also why are there times a group does shaowroof and has no drop?

    Kyronix: The specialty drops are given randomly
    Kyronix: Even if you don't get the specialty drops
    Kyronix: The random loot that's generated on the bosses is amongst the best in the game
    Kyronix: So it's a pretty strong consolation prize, even still the odds for getting drops are relatively high
    Kyronix: Comparing to other encounters

    Fortunata: ahh, just a tad disappointed for the effort to get into the encounter
    Fortunata: ty for answering
    Fortunata: goodnight

    Lady Mesanna: Have a good evening

    Charmaiye: evening all
    Lady Mesanna: hi Charmaiye

    Charmaiye: i'm standing in for gov Vyxen,
    Charmaiye: she has brought up suggestions for monglow, and a fix, and was wondering if it's possible. she wrote it in a book.

    Lady Mesanna says: do you have this book?

    Charmaiye: who can i give that too to get answered.

    Lady Mesannas: me

    Charmaiye: that is all i have, thank you for your time.

    Lady Mesanna: hi Bree
    Bree Bloodbane: Greetings all and thank you for taking the timeto come here this evening
    Lady Mesanna: our pleasure

    Bree Bloodbane: I am a returning player and have a question about housing

    Lady Mesanna: welcome back

    Bree Bloodbane: Thank you *smiles*
    Bree Bloodbane: in regards to co-owners specifically
    Bree Bloodbane: used to be my co-owners could freely unlock and lock things down without problems
    Bree Bloodbane: but now I have trouble
    Bree Bloodbane: I can see where this could help with security

    Lady Mesanna: they can lock and unlock most things other than the items you placed as owner

    Bree Bloodbane: but between multiple accounts it can cause issue
    Bree Bloodbane: well I am experiencing
    Bree Bloodbane: as the non home owner
    Bree Bloodbane: if i place an item
    Bree Bloodbane: another non home owner on same account
    Bree Bloodbane: cannot unlock the item
    Bree Bloodbane: is this a bug possibly?
    Bree Bloodbane: sometimes I can unlock it, other times I cannot
    Bree Bloodbane: mostly i cannot

    Lady Mesanna :we will have to look into this if you are seeing two different issues
    Lady Mesanna: random results
    Lady Mesanna: send me account and house info
    Lady Mesanna: and I will look into it

    Bree Bloodbane: Ok, thank you
    Lady Mesanna: welcome
    Bree Bloodbane: and have a great night *smiles*
    Lady Mesanna: you also

    Lady Mesanna: Hello Ozog
    OZOG: complaint

    Lady Mesanna: on Lake Austin?

    OZOG: why dos udder shards semms to get ans from PEC
    OZOG: neber gets an email back

    Lady Mesanna: Are you saying Wraith is not answering you?

    OZOG: yerg
    OZOG: or others

    Lady Mesanna: then I will discuss it with her tomorrow

    OZOG: girkle
    OZOG: *hands ice creeems cone*
    OZOG: wabes

    Lady Mesanna: hi Basara
    Basara: hi
    Basara: don't get much chance to wear this robe
    Basara: two questions.

    Lady Mesanna: you there?

    Basara: first, my alliance is a pale shade of its former self. The leader hasn't played in 5 years, my guild
    Basara: master lest 4 years ago under the shadow of stage 4 melanoma, fate unknown

    Lady Mesanna: ok I can fix the guild but not the alliance
    Lady Mesanna: by appointing a new GL
    Lady Mesanna: but you can quit the alliance
    Lady Mesanna: I can fix the guild though
    Lady Mesanna: and appoint a new guild master
    Lady Mesanna: but you guys can vote him out

    Basara: that would be ok, but of course one of the difficulties will be eventually if we do another alliance

    Lady Mesanna: like I said you can always quit the alliance
    Lady Mesanna: once you get an active guild leader

    Basara: some of the other guilds would eventually have to be fixed. And one guild is a legacy that has
    Basara: only dead in RL members from where the player passed

    Lady Mesanna: I can only do it one at a time when its brought to my attention
    Lady Mesanna: email me the info and we will fix the guild

    Basara: I'll see what I can dig up on the others. The second question is
    Lady Mesanna: what is your next question?

    Basara: Is it safe to put the combination access chest I got in Fairfax the same time as this robe
    Basara: out in public yet?

    Lady Mesanna: yes

    Basara: IIRC there was a bug with it back then'

    Lady Mesanna: people can guess the combo if you have it out

    Basara: That reminds me - I still need to get that print framed. forgot about it in my move.
    Basara: TY

    Lady Mesanna: have a good evening
    Lady Mesanna: hi Lake

    Lake: hello everyone!

    Lake: I was wondering if the removal of pet spiritual cohesion will be in publish 93 and if swamp dragons are apart of it

    Lady Mesanna: no

    Lake: to the publish 93 or both? :eek:

    Lady Mesanna: sorry no its not going to be in 93

    Lake: aw =(

    Lady Mesanna: but we are doing a pet revamp in the near future
    Lady Mesanna: that will be addressed there

    Lake: what about the swamp dragon part? :eek:

    Lady Mesanna: we will do it all at the same time
    Lady Mesanna: with the pet revamping

    Lake: sounds great
    Lake: Have a wonderful evening all

    Lady Mesanna: we still have not agreed on a final decision yet though
    Lady Mesanna: you also

    Lake: I hope you guys will soon :D

    Lady Mesanna: hi Jahajx
    Jahajx Jov: Good evening and thank you all for gracing our corner of the Multiverse.

    Jahajx Jov: My question is in regards to the new skill primers.
    Jahajx Jov: I have them stacking up and I'm not sure what to do with them.
    Jahajx Jov: Are you planning on including a combine feature similar to scroll binders?

    Lady Mesanna: no we have not made any plans for books

    Jahajx Jov: or perhaps a book shelf storage system similar to the Trancendence, Power and Alacrity books?
    Jahajx Jov: at very least can they be worth something when thrown away for turn in points?

    Lady Mesanna: we can add them to the turn ins
    Lady Mesanna: yep
    Lady Mesanna: we can do that

    Jahajx Jov: thank you for that

    Lady Mesanna: welcome

    Jahajx Jov: on the subject of turn ins
    Jahajx Jov: is there any chance that the hay and broken chair daily rares can have a turn in value?

    Lady Mesanna: those are just the rares not a stealable right?

    Jahajx Jov: correct

    Lady Mesanna: we can add them

    Jahajx Jov: again thank you
    Lady Mesanna: welcome
    Jahajx Jov: until next we meet fairwell and safe travels
    Lady Mesanna: Good evening

    Lady Mesanna: hi Sulla
    Sulla: Good Evening

    Sulla: forgive me if this has been asked already
    Sulla: i was wondering if you would reconsider the runebook colors
    Sulla: they are very dark and hard to tell apart
    Sulla: Plant stains are over ridden by the new colors

    Lady Mesanna: we will talk about reverting it

    Sulla: its not so bad in your backpack
    Sulla: but in rune libraries its terrible
    Sullas: thank you Milady
    Sulla: i pray for your favorable answer
    Sulla: *bows*

    Lady Mesanna: welcome
    Lady Mesanna: Have a good evening

    Sulla: you too

    Lady Mesanna : Ozog we are going to have a 20th year celebration you can get out of line

    Sulla: im done thank you
    Lady Mesanna: anything else Sulla?
    Sulla: i'll be back in a month
    Lady Mesanna: thank you
    Lady Mesanna: ok

    Sulla: if you dont revert *winks*
    Lady Mesanna: shoo
    Sulla: *waves*
    Lady Mesanna: =P

    Mesanna: HI Tamais
    Tamais : greeting My Lady and Sirs

    Tamais :I run the player center and have a hard time providing full spell weaving books

    Kyronix: What a fantastic choice in headware

    Tamais : will it ever be possible for a scribe to make the spells?
    Tamais : thank you
    Tamais : excluding the two that require the quest

    Mesanna: we can do one of two things
    Mesanna: add them to mibs and more mobs
    Mesanna: or
    Mesanna: talk about scribes
    Mesanna: but we will do something to make it easier to get the scrolls

    Tamais : thank you so much
    Mesanna: have a good evening
    Tamais : be safe and sleep well
    Lady Mesanna: you also

    Lady Mesanna: hi Orion

    Orion Bloodbane: Greeting, Oh Dark Lady
    Orion Bloodbane: I come on behalf of my Dark Mistress and beg
    Orion Bloodbane: might we all die a harsh fiery death tonight at your hands
    Orion Bloodbane: oh powerful one?

    Lady Mesanna: how about just you =)

    Orion Bloodbane: I would be honored!
    Orion Bloodbane: Thank you!

    Lady Mesanna: Did you have a question?

    Orion Bloodbane: I will forever remember tonight, My Queen
    Orion Bloodbane: Nay
    Orion Bloodbane: Thank you for your time

    Lady Mesanna: or just wanted to take the twang of blood in your mouth?
    Mesanna: Next newsletter will be out this week
    Mesanna: make sure everyone is signed up to get it please
    Mesanna: Thanks for having us everyone
    Mesanna: Sweet dreams!

    Kyronix: Thanks Lake Austin! Have a wonderful evening!

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