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Lake Austin's White Net Toss Attacked

Our night with EM Topaz began with a couple of announcements. First, she was canceling the governors' meeting as the elections were the same...
By Tamais, Nov 18, 2016 | |
  1. Arriving early, Demoss and I began talking and lost track of time. Before we knew it, Em Topaz stuck her head out the hall door. "hmmm," she said looking around.

    "Hi, there." I greeting her. "We were just hanging outside. Sorry didn't mean to be late."

    "Hi," Demoss added.

    EM Topaz chuckled, "Hello!"

    Quickly we joined her into the hall.

    "I have some announcements." EM Topaz began. "First..."​

    "But I didn't think it prudent to have a meeting when elections happen the next day." she explained.

    "Wow, I had forgotten they were that fast." I said. "I'll send out messages to the other governors."

    EM Topaz nodded. "Second...I have finished the reward hall."

    Clapping and cheers filled the room. I couldn't wait to see it.

    "A few things you should know. There was a bug." EM Topaz frowned. "That made it possible for certain items to be picked up after a publish we had recently."

    "Oh No!" I said in shock.

    EM Topaz nodded. "Because of that Mesanna, had me remove everything and only put stuff up that had been fixed. She put shard bound and glue on everything."

    She paused sighing. "Any thing that was crafted had to be set aside. So I don't have the referee uniform anymore."

    "That's not good." I said. "But I'm sure Thalia can remake it."

    EM Topaz smiled. "Good, I have permission to have it recreated."
    I sighed in relief. "That was an important costume."

    Just then Lady Thalia came in. "Hi, Lady Thaila. Bad news. A bug ate your winning referee Halloween Costume. You'll need to remake it."

    Lady Thalia looked me puzzled. " Sorry what's wrong? What costume?"

    "Your Halloween Bagball UMP one." I replied.

    "Oh, Garion's bagball referee suit?" Lady Thalia asked. " What happened to it?"

    "Mesanna has given strict rules as to what goes in there and it must be submitted to be shard bound." EM Topaz explained. "So if someone like Thalia could remake it and submit it to the mailbox at the reward hall. I can put it in my mailbox and have Mesanna put the right tags on it "

    Lady Thalia nodded. "I will let Garion know."

    EM Topaz smiled excitedly and opened a gate. "Now, shall we go check out the new reward hall before we zoom."

    I rushed through the gate. I couldn't wait to see how the hall looked.


    Before we went in EM Topaz explained "I made two floors of shelves and can add more as we need the space.
    4.png Contest reward floors​


    "This area will be for contest rewards mostly with more shelves upstairs." EM Topaz pointed to several of the contest trophies.

    "Very nice." I said admiring her designs. I loved the shelves and wondered if they would work in the historical library.

    After we had finished exploring, it was decided to head to Buc's Den for a shard white net toss.

    "Lets get this show on the road!" EM Topaz shouted opening a gate.

    However to our dismay, no one had any white nets. "I'm sorry, I looked and looked but couldn't find any."

    EM Topaz winked. "Me either but I have...surprises."

    Just then I heard on of the sailors, Tomas, holler. "Make haste, 'tis a murder!"

    Hurrying to the dock we found several shipwrecked pirates attacking the citizens.

    "Oh, No, Shipwrecked pirates have invaded our Net Toss!!" EM Topaz shouted at us.

    We had fought off pirates before and these would soon learn that they were not welcome.


    As I healed, I saw something coming out of the sea. Strange seedweed creatures had been drawn by the smell of blood dripping in the water. Before I could warn the others, the world went grey.


    These proved to be deadlier than the pirates...bodies began to litter the docks. I decided to stay closer to the healers to aid in their effort.

    As hard as it had been to keep people healed, the job became almost impossible as more creatures arose from the sea...Mutated Sea Snakes...


    Ocean Lichs...​



    And Deep Sea Sirin.
    The battle raged on both the docks and the land. Until at last with the help of the local citizens, we were able to defeat the strange creatures.

    Though there was little thanks. Carrocio, the harbor master, walked away muttering about the cost to repair the docks and to clean up the mess.

    "Whew, "EM Topaz declared, "That was tough!"

    I laughed, "That was fun."

    EM Topaz looked around. "If anyone has white nets maybe we can save them for next time."

    At first No one spoke...to tired from the long fight. "I have two you can have." Lady Thalia offered at last.

    "You all want to do the two nets Thalia has or save them up?" EM Topaz asked.

    "I was just saying you can have them for whenever." Lady Thalia told her.

    Demoss laughed "Two are better than none."

    "Hush," I whispered winking at him.

    "Well I can start a collection and when we have a good bunch like 10 or 12, we can do them." EM Topaz decided. "How does that sound?"

    "Sounds good. " I replied. "I'll get my friends started on getting them.

    "This was fun and there were some creatures we hadn't seen before." EM Topaz paused. "I wonder where they came from?"

    "I don't know" I said, "But I have a feeling it isn't good. Maybe Harriet the Hag will know."

    "From the "Kill the poor red tamer clan?" Lady Thalia said smiling.

    "Poor tamers dressed in red." I laughed. "They did seem to like you."

    EM Topaz joined our laughter. "I know next week Harriet the Hag needs our help. "

    "Is she cooking children again?" Demoss asked grinning.

    "I head her mumbling something about animals stealing her fruit or something weird." She shook her head. "I think she's senile."

    "Or maybe there are animals stealing crops. I'll have to check on my farms in Yew." I wrote myself a note.

    "Maybe, still it is very strange." EM Topaz agreed. "We will find out next week I guess."

    Opening a gate to Luna, she smiled and waved. "Thank you for coming tonight! I have a blast with you all!

    "Good night," I replied thanking her. After she left, I remembered some of the spells casted by those sirins. Yep, she did indeed have a blast with us.​

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