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Laura Spills The Beans & The Void Dragon Speaks!

By Drakelord, Dec 14, 2016 | |
  1. Laura Spills the Beans & The Void Dragon Speaks!

    Poor Laura, she must have been at her wits ends, tongue-tied she was, a gag order she had no one could get a single word from her, not a peep, nothing, nada, zip. Yet a single “Hello” will do so much in our world. Laura spoke today. After just a single “hello” a flood of words sprang forth, and great details were given oh how to communicate with the Void Dragon, trapped in that mining cave. All one had to do is feed it a single Blood Moss and it would speak to you, answering all our concerning questions.
    Blackstone: Hello
    Laura: Well met. How may I assist you, today?
    Blackstone: Dragon
    Laura: The dragon made of antimatter? You need to awaken him?
    Blackstone: Awaken
    Laura: I suspect Blood Moss should do the trick... Feed it to the dragon...
    Blackstone: Blood Moss
    Laura: Yes... a simple reagent. Gylda may have some for sale...

    Blackstone would be of no use here so a quick change and Drakelord sallied forth to speak to the Void Dragon.
    Drakelord: I fed him
    Void Dragon: Greetings friend. Thank you for awakening me. I see the Antimatter has already spread...
    Drakelord: antimatter
    .Void Dragon: It is the residue created when a Rift between two worlds has been opened...
    Drakelord: Rift
    Void Dragon: The rift is impossible to close from your realm... You must travel to Void.
    Drakelord: void
    Void Dragon: To get to the void, you must first create an all powerful Stone...
    Drakelord: Stone
    Void Dragon: Yes, the philosopher's stone... the same used by the Alchemist's to create the rift...
    Drakelord: alchemist
    Void Dragon: You will need four key Ingredients to create the stone...
    Drakelord: ingredients
    Void Dragon: radiation created from the rift, antimatter - itself, solid gold, and souls of the dead...
    Drakelord: antimatter
    Void Dragon: It is the residue created when a Rift between two worlds has been opened...

    More or less repeats itself after this; However, I have a reliable source that we've created one of the four ingredients, the radiation in the form of vials antimatter will be next.

    Thus end of report

    P.S. Couple snaps of a little fun in Luna tonight.
    Image6.jpg Image8.jpg

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