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*looks Hungrily Over Delicious Crowd*

By Drakelord, Sep 25, 2019 | |
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  1. *looks hungrily over delicious crowd*​

    Magnus Grey: The Leader of the Royal Spies, reports directly to HRM.
    Sarah Paumera: Second in Command
    Great Lakes Mission 9-24-19A.jpg
    Sarah Paumera: Good evening, everyone. *smiles at everyone*
    Magnus Grey: Hello all. Any news to report?

    Damia Terra: I have no news at this time
    Malag aste: Vendui' Magnus
    Kittie: *nods*

    Duncan: No news but a question....Ever get around to testin' whatever that ore was they were pullin' out of the Mount Kendal mines?
    Magnus Grey: Ah yes, I believe so. *pulls out a bunch of notes* James explained it to me.

    Duncan: And?
    Magnus Grey: The ore contained blackrock, Caddellite, and something called Filanium. Filanium is apparently used for binding rituals by necromancers and soul-binders.

    Spoonman: not sure if this has been reported yet, but the fellowship is up to no good in Blackthorns dungeon
    Magnus Grey: Thank you, Spoonman.

    Duncan: Oh my... Thank you. *sighs*
    Magnus Grey: I'm glad you are all keeping up your infiltration of the group.
    Spoonman: I have infiltrated the workers. *points to neck* (Fellowship Medallion)
    Magnus Grey: *nods* Very good.
    Duncan: * smiles*
    Magnus Grey: Tonight, you will be looking into another, possibly related matter. Shamino Sall Dacil visited Britain yesterday.

    Deavous: ethereal sand has filanium? or
    Vixen: what about the *points to the exit* our gargoyle outside??
    Magnus Grey: Deavous, I'm not an alchemist, but possibly? I will have James ask someone. The gargoyle "messenger" I believe that Zhah has her own agents. Good for her.
    Vixen: She could have left it at the Bank
    Magnus Grey: I will perhaps let some information slip later on so he can head home.
    Vixen: not on our door step.

    Magnus Grey: Tonight, you will be working with Shamino to recover a treasure he believes is important to the current crisis. You are to help him in any way you can. He will explain more about the item and history in question. Any questions before I send you to Iver's Rounding? Good hunting.

    *The Well of Souls* (After a very brief encounter with some angry ghosts). You see: Shamino
    Shamino: *steps out of the Well* Hail! It is good to see so many of you. I need your help to find something lost.
    Great Lakes Mission 9-24-19b.jpg
    Kittie: oh?
    Biscuit Kreuger: keys?
    Shamino: The Serpent Amulet of the former King.
    Biscuit Kreuger: ah
    Kittie: Ohhh. Where did you last see it?
    Shamino: It brought my friend Lord British to this world.
    Stewart Little: but he left!

    Shamino: I saw it many years ago, but I know my friend hid the jewel.
    maints magic: he entrusted the amulet to you, said you would need it
    Duncan: This mean someone finally noticed that part of Julia's notes? Or's that just coincidence?
    Shamino: He said we would someday need it. I have spent the last several months looking, Duncan. I visited my former castle. I searched Britain and the likely shrines. I visited the Spiritwood where we met.

    Vixen: ok got to ask but When was the last time you saw it Not where?
    Shamino: My former castle is in the lands of Danger and Despair. Now called Ilshenar. It is possible when the castle fell, the amulet was lost too.

    Vixen: oh god feet do not fail me now
    Kittie: *frowns*
    maints magic: hmm that might be very bad
    Kedias: Hmm
    Shamino: I plan to ask the goblins from the tribe that attacked my home so many centuries ago.
    Duncan: You think they'll be desperate to clear their conscience?
    Shamino: It is a long shot but I had a dream that this was the right path. I am bringing all of you since goblins aren't known for remorse.
    Queen Lara: are they willing to speak with you

    Destinie Moon: well if its that or their life they might be
    Shamino: I hope they will speak with me. Even a story from that time may hold the answers I need.
    Queen Lara: lets go then
    Shamino: I will provide a gate.
    Great Lakes Mission 9-24-19c.jpg
    *lands of Danger and Despair. Now called Ilshenar.* (A trek thru the swamps, almost lost a shoe here, my robe will need to be clean, try to get the dragon to give me a ride but he says “GRRR”) *A note for future “lets go talk to the Goblins”, Goblins do not talk first*
    Great Lakes Mission 9-24-19d.jpg
    Shamino: We must head west...
    (West the word, West it was where we went)
    Shamino: *follows trail* Sorry, I was scouting ahead... There is a camp.
    Duncan: "Further west?"
    Shamino: *looks for trail* *nods* *follows trail west*
    (Once more we faced Despair Goblins, once more there was no talk, instant attack).
    Shamino: *looks around* *recognizes a Salle' Dacil banner* This must be the right place...
    Duncan: Looks like Destinie and some others've found something promising inside the camp.
    Great Lakes Mission 9-24-19d1.jpg
    Mush: *growls at Shamino*
    Shamino: Hail! We wish to speak!
    Mush: *looks hungrily over delicious crowd*
    Shamino: We have questions.
    Mush: You lie! You are here to steal from us.
    Shamino: No...we are looking for something I lost.
    Mush: Voice say to crush you. Big rock. (the Voice!? Not the first time and no doubt not the last we will hear). Voice will give us reward. Many goats.

    Biscuit Kreuger: voice?
    Stewart Little: what voice
    Vixen: Fellowship voice?
    Destinie Moon: there now listen
    Mush: Would crush you anyway, but not tell Voice that. *growls*
    Shamino: We can talk!

    *Talk? Mush rather eat us all but decided that digression would be the word for today and open two gates, then vanished, leaving us no choice to pick a gate to follow.*
    Great Lakes Mission 9-24-19e.jpg
    Shamino: In a moment, we will try to get to that box... *looks in the box*
    (A huge blinding flash)
    Vixen: was it in there? * gasp
    Kittie: *blinks*
    Shamino: It is EMPTY! *the look on his face made me sad*
    Vixen: LOOK"
    Shamino: What

    Vixen: Hawkwind
    Kedias: Hawkwind outside
    Jordan: Hawkwind
    Shamino: *looks* *runs down* He isn't responding... Is it a message?

    Hawkwind: I am bound and chained, so I must speak with a whisper. Three stone wolves wait at the door. The bedlam born on the eventide will mark a scar upon the forehead. The ranger king cannot hold the prize he seeks. But it is both the door and the key. Do not listen to strangers, but sing with friends. When your heart breaks, listen to the fallen tinker.
    Great Lakes Mission 9-24-19f drop.jpg
    Shamino: A prophecy? A message?
    maints magic: a riddle?
    Duncan: Don't know. All I know is I could only understand a couple of lines.
    Shamino: Some of it sounded familiar.
    Destinie Moon: He speaks of you King of Rangers
    Shamino: I heard that too, Destinie.
    Hawkwind: And the rose will lose its thorn to madness. (went on to repeat the rest as before)
    Shamino: I think this is an echo of him. A message. He is trapped. *writes down the words*
    Vixen: he is merely an echo now
    Shamino: I don't believe there is anything else for us here. But I believe this message is important. I will look into it.
    maints magic: need to send to code breakers

    Biscuit Kreuger: sounds like we are looking for a portal then
    Shamino: *nods* We should return to Britannia.

    You see: Sarah Paumera
    You see: Magnus Grey Welcome back. How did it go?
    Destinie Moon: Odd *giggles* Nor for better or worse
    Duncan: We didn't find the serpent amulet. But we did receive a prophecy. From Hawkwind.
    I am bound and chained so I must speak with a whisper.
    And the rose will lose its thorn to madness.
    Magnus Grey: *listens and takes notes*
    Duncan: The bedlam born on the eventide will mark a scar upon the forehead. The ranger king cannot hold the prize he seeks. But it is both the door and the key. Do not listen to strangers, but sing with friends. When your heart breaks, listen to the fallen tinker.

    Hailey Jane: if he lets the prize go he can be free to go?
    Magnus Grey: There is a lot there. I don't understand what it all means
    maints magic: nods
    Duncan: Bedlam might literally mean the dungeon like some of us'were sayin'. Could also be chaos though.
    Destinie Moon: I think we all feel that way
    Duncan: Might be.
    Magnus Grey: I will have James take a look and pass it on to the King.

    Magnus Grey: Any other interpretation of any of the lines?
    (Sorry but I was afk)
    Destinie Moon: Well it does mention Shamino, and Julia
    Hailey Jane: if the ranger king lets go of his prize then he will be unburdoned and unchained to it
    Claudia: im just coming back so i am clueless
    Duncan: Julia's notes say the runes of virtue might be made outta the same stuff the serpent amulet is.
    Claudia: lol
    Duncan: *to Claudia* Welcome back to the war.
    Magnus Grey: Shamino and Julia fit that very well. Any information on the treasure that Shamino was looking for?
    Destinie Moon: the amulet of British

    Magnus Grey: It is one of the fabled crown jewels of Lord British. A voice again...a common thread... Trolls can be hard to question, so I understand. *nods* We may need to help him again. But he will likely come to us when he needs help. Good work tonight! I will pass on all of this information to the King. I release you.

    Thus ends this report!

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    Wow so many old friends. Absolutely love the development of the events. Can't wait to see what comes next.