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Mail From Siege 2-27-16

  1. Image2.jpg
    A helping hand to Zento

    It was to be a mission of aid and mercy to Zento. Some sort of sleeping sickness had wrap the lands there. King Blackthorn had ask for a meeting at Castle Blackthorn. Arriving early the King made small talk about a fishing contest for the month of March. More would be spoke of it at the Council’s Meeting tomorrow.

    HRM: We have gotten a call for help from the town called Zento. Their own warriors and guards haven’t been getting any sleep it seems. Unable to think straight due to the storms. I have been told that there is one in Zento, that understands what is going on. Travel to Zento and seek out the Wiseman.
    “Farewell and Good Luck”, were the last words Kimi heard as she open a gate to the City Zento, in mere seconds they were all standing at the Zento Bank.

    All about her others were seeking this Wiseman, standing on her toes to look over the much taller men around her she finally see someone that is not sleepy. Maybe its the Wiseman, and rushes to speak with him, others also see this person and converge on his location.

    ShinTen: Have you all traveled from Britannia to help us? Many “Ayes” answered that man as he looked over us.

    ShinTen: I fear that creature has escaped. The questionable looks on the faces around him as we all wanted to ask “What creature”? ShinTen: I have heard stories from 200 years ago about a creature that was a storm god. It is called a Raijin. A very very powerful creature. It did so much damage in the past, it was imprisoned. I wish to check on the prison, to see if it isn’t true, that it escape. Follow me please.
    Soon we were at another Tokuno Island, I’m not sure of the location as I was a little busy with local harassment squad of monsters in the area. It seem this ‘storm god’ had been released from a tree? I assume its a Tokuno thing to lock up demigod in trees.

    ShinTen: This area was hit with damage, even with the creature trapped. I see there is a hole within the tree as well. So it must be released.

    Image14.jpg Image16.jpg
    You could see the gears turning in this Wiseman head as to our next steps.
    ShinTen: We can’t defeat this beast. But maybe we can weaken it to maybe retrap it. I can feel three points of the storm. Maybe there it is gaining its powers from the years of entrapment. Lets journey to a point to see what we can see.
    Garth Grey: The Bermuda Triangle?
    ShinTen: *Nods* They are sort of in a triangle.

    Another gate is open and we all step through, before us we see an imprisoned spirit, guarded by a Air Elemental. Quickly all sought attacks on this guardian. Victory was quick with this group.

    ShinTen: Two down, one more to to go.
    With those words another gate another imprisoned spirit, another short battle, far to quick Kimi was thinking.

    She was right, this battle was with a Rai-ju. ShinTen: That was a Rai-Ju, it is a companion of Raijin. But I don’t think that was the main one that helped it escape. Let us return to the tree to see if it is imprisoned. Once a gate is opened, all enter to be back at the so called ‘Prison’. Monks are all around it. ShinTen: The gap is sealed, and the monks are doing the final process of imprisonment. Now to deal with what released it. Are you ready?

    Ready? Of course we were all ready!

    ShinTen: It should be around here somewhere. Famous last words I ever heard, ‘it should be around here somewhere’. Soon we were in a battle with another Rai-ju, as we fought with it. ShinTen: It is him, go at it with all your might. And we did, hitting it with everything we had.

    In the end it fell at our feet, defended by mere mortals in this land of oriental mystery, The Tokuno Islands.

    Special thanks to our EM Hawker and guest EM Takako for an outstanding event! It was FUN!!!!!


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