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Mail From Siege, A Walk About With The King.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Hail Father, Uncle and Aunt send their love, we are all doing very well here.

    Luna's Crier had been announcing this meeting for a week. "Some of the lastest News! Oct 25th, 3:30 Eastern. King's Meeting at Serpents Hold Chambers".

    Now, the last time I been to Serpents Hold the meeting room was a large area with benches, yet today I found its a private, (more or less) little fortress set in the Bay. Its called Governor's Meeting Chamber. Today meeting was with the town Governors and the King.

    Now I will say that the audiences far out numbered the Governors presented. But that did not stop his Highness from conducting this meeting. The two Governors that were presented were asked to submit their reports, once completed his Royal Majesty then asked if anyone in the audience had anything to add. One did, and was asked to take the floor, a good joke on all of us when he asked "All of it?".


    Next was discussed the up and coming elections in December, His Highness stated "I have met most Governor's but Yew I think". A question, "Who won Yew this term?". HRM, "I have no clue to be honest." I can hear the gears turning in your head from here Father, if I have time I will scout those locations and report them to the White Council.

    Next HRM said, "I do want to say back at the Britain castle, Shamino helped two injured dolphins. They will be staying near the waters at the castle till they are healed".
    Questions, "Whats the penalty for harming them?"
    HRM, "My Wraft. They are under my personal protection."

    Needless to say I am sure that if those two dolphins were to come to harm the party that did it would be under the castle that very day.

    HRM then asked if we like to see them. A gate was provided and we found our self looking at one just off the bridge leading to the castle.


    While there, he asked about the haunted house in Trinsic swamps. Of course who is going to tell HRM that no you cannot go, he is the King and goes where he wishes to go. A gate was open and we found our self at this haunted house. For security reason I did not take any pictures of the route or the book at the end, it is a very clever maze and took me some time. I hope all get a chance to visit it sometime before the month ends.


    That is all for now Father, give my love to mother.
    Thus ends this report.

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