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Mariah And Minoc Daemons

Sipping wine, I thought about the problem of Julia's clock. Both her story and that of Mariah were Parables of Virtues. But what was the...
By Tamais, Feb 22, 2019 | |
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  1. The room had filled by the time Lady Harriet had arrived. "Hello friends, thank you for coming."

    The room echoed with return greetings.

    "I have heard reports that the governors are on strike." Lady Harriet raised her eyebrow.

    "Really?" Vixen Sonoma said staring at me.

    I tried to blend in with the crowd.


    But I failed. "Tamais I am glad to see you. I heard you may not be able to make it."

    I smiled. "Yes, but Rowan sent me a message so was able to come."

    Lady Harriet turned her gaze to the back of the room. "Hello, Kingpin. I am glad to see some gargoyles here tonight."

    Lady Harriet sighed. " Some of you may be acquainted with Mariah?"
    "Aye, " Sphinkter replied.

    I nodded, "Yes, from long ago.
    "She has been working with the gargoyles in Ter Mur learning new spells," Lady Harriet explained. "Fine young lady...she's been somewhat distracted though. Lady Harriet sat down. Grumbling about chairs, she tried to get comfortable.

    "Ah much better." She smiled. "Are any of you familiar with the story of Mariah and the daemon?"


    Lady Harriet nodded. "Not so much a tale as a truth. I want to explain to those who don't know." Lady Harriet explained. " Once many moons ago Mariah ran into a daemon that was ... well, he couldn't ever die at least not permanently.

    "So for all intents or purposes, he was invulnerable and wanted Mariah's life. Mariah struck a deal with the daemon and since daemons cannot turn down a challenge, she ended up winning her life."

    "It is quite a good story should you ever get a desire to read it." she paused. "Well, word from my little birds is the Daemon is stirring again.


    Lady Harriet paused. "I imagine living forever has it's downsides, "Lady Harriet mused. "Well, he has heard that Mariah and Julia were great friends."

    "I have a bad feeling about that, I shivered.


    "Oh my!" Michey exclaimed.

    " When he found out that Julia was already dead it just made him that much angrier." Lady Harriet continued.


    "Family maybe there," Michey suggested.

    Spin Nakor turned to me, "I was just there ... daemons, fire daemons, and arcanes."

    Behind us, Elithil thumbed her ax.

    "I ask you all now head to MInoc. I believe we will find Mariah there. " Lady Harriet stood up. "Go with caution as the daemons are in flocks of 5 or more I have heard. I will gate you right outside."

    "Come quickly." She said stepping through.

    Arriving in Minoc, we were greeted by daemons, Spin Nakor had warned us about. There was no time to look for Mariah.

    8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg


    "Hello citizens," Mariah greeted us striking down a daemon. "I am glad you all could come to my aid."

    "Our please," Elithil bowed.

    "What could these daemons want?" Mariah looked down at them puzzled. "They know sweet Julia is not here so what do they want?"
    As she spoke strange unknown daemons attacked.


    13.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg


    17.jpg 18.jpg 19.jpg

    21.jpg 22.jpg 23.jpg

    25.jpg 26.jpg 27.jpg

    29.jpg 30.jpg 31.jpg

    "Hey Tamais, we have a shadow figure watching us." Vixen Sonoma hollered as she healed me again. "Who is it?"

    "Thank you all for your help!" Mariah shouted trying to catch her breath, " I hope we get a break in the fighting soon!!"

    Spotting a ranked daemon warrior Stilgar laughed, "No breaks!"


    34.jpg 35.jpg 36.jpg 37.jpg

    "I am so glad you all came just in time." Mariah looked over at the bank. "Hmm."

    "Over there," she pointed to the corner. "Do you see her...in the shadows behind the bank."

    Vixen Sonoma nodded. "That is what I was asking before."
    "KInd of shadowy to me. "Michey looked closely.


    "Back up everyone. Let me go talk to her. "Mariah asked us. "Can everyone please step back a little?"

    "Back up, give her room." Vixen Sonoma motion to us to move.

    "Greetings," Mariah said approaching the figure slowly.

    "Hail stranger." the person replied looking around nervously. "Yes well...I risk my life telling you this."
    "Telling me what?" Mariah asked.

    "There was a daemon here, a large one," the figure explained.

    Mariah looked a daemon she had just killed "oh dear, a larger daemon?"

    "Indeed one, unlike the types we have seen before. "the figure nodded. "He sent his underlings."

    "Yes, we have been killing these underlings. " Mariah pointed to the bodies.
    "Indeed th
    ey search for a clock." the figure continued.

    Mariah interrupted her. "A clock?"


    "My Julia?!" Mariah gasped.

    The shadowy figure nodded. "She is a hero and she is sweet and kind, that is why I risk my life to tell you. The figure looked around.

    "WAIT! Immortality? I don't understand." Mariah appealed nervously. "I only know of one daemon who can grant Immortality. Please tell us more." But she was speaking to empty air. Mariah sighed.

    "And she is gone." Vixen Sonoma after searching the area.

    "Poofed," Michey agreed.

    "Please everyone keep your ears open and your eyes wide." Mariah urged. "I will search for this daemon and I will call you for help."

    Michey and Spin Nakor nodded.

    "Please if you come through and check on the welfare of the Minocians I would be grateful." she urged us. "I and Julia both would be thankful,

    "We will keep an eye on the city for you," I assured her.

    "While the clock is hidden well. We cannot chance it being found." Mariah told us. "Please drop by the city often with your blades sharp. You may find a stray daemon here. You have the authority to slay them at will."

    "We shall my lady," Elithil check her ax.

    Michey Re-equipped a demon slayer,

    "I like daemons ... to kill." Spin Nakor grinned. "My brothers not so much.

    I rushed to the W. Britain library to see what I could find out about Julia's Clock. At last, I found the story in a dusty old book named. "Parables of Virtues. I found Mariah's story listed as the parable of Honesty. Julia's was the Parable of Sacrifice.

    Reading Julia and her friend Jervais tale brought me to tears. A parable of Sacrifice was fitting. I sat in thought. Jervais had died before he could finish his masterpiece. Julia had continued to work on the clock but did she finish it? Was the music that people heard coming from Jervais's workshop from the clock. But most importantly why did the daemon want it.

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