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Mariah The Mage Seeks Our Aid

  1. Mariah The Mage Seeks our Aid

    Kimi Mori

    You see: Mariah The Mage: Greetings everyone!
    Delores Duende: *Waves*
    Kimi Mori: Hail
    Igg A Pie: hail
    [Victim]: hello
    Freja: hail
    Mariah The Mage: I hope everyone is good, havn't seen you since we opened Eodon together. For those who do not know me, my name Mariah. I live and work in Moonglow
    Kimi Mori: and you lost an arty that was on loan from the King so you are in trouble and need our help :)
    Mariah The Mage: The mages of Moonglow has a vault where we safe guard or study artifacts.
    Who Dat: *starts slow clap*
    Mariah The Mage: Oh, I did not lose it.
    Kimi Mori: ahh
    Mariah The Mage: It was another that did.
    Victim: I bet Delores stole it
    Delores Duende: did not
    Mariah The Mage: I do not know the power of this item, but I was asked to seek help incase it is dangerous
    Kimi Mori: Victim maybe took it?
    Mariah The Mage: If your willing to help me, lets travel together to learn more.
    Victim: if I had, the world woulda blown up by now
    Mariah then cast a gate, all entered with no fear as to what might be on the other side. We came out on the Isle of Moonglow.
    You see: Jethro
    Mariah The Mage: What was stolen from you?
    Jethro: It was a horn that is imbued with some strange magic. I have not researched it fully.
    Mariah The Mage: A horn you say?
    Jethro: Yes, I had it in the building behind you. Left to get some food and came back it was stolen.
    Calavera: Seems careless
    Mariah The Mage: How much danger can this horn do?
    Poor Jethro seem to be in a state of shock as he kept repeating all that he did was leave for food.
    Mariah The Mage: Do you know who the thief is?
    Jethro: One of the mages saw him leave. Luckly we can track the item due to it's magic.
    Mariah The Mage: Where is the location of this horn now?
    Jethro: Yes, I had it in the building behind you. Left to get some food and came back it was stolen.
    Delores Duende: yep
    Delores Duende: told ya
    Mariah The Mage: Where is the location?
    Jethro: Here is a rune to the general area where the crystal ball shows it to be. Be careful.
    Mariah The Mage: This is unknown magic, we need to be careful.
    Again another gate, this time we were far from the area, deep in the woods. Some sort of spell had happen, the horn was on the ground, the thief’s bones were near it. A poor Rogue that had no clue to what he had taken from the Mages. The evil release was all over the place and the guard was hard pressed to stop it.
    Mariah The Mage: The forest it seems is on fire from something.
    Mariah The Mage: They are linked to the daemons somehow.
    Mariah The Mage: I think that was the last of the flames
    Mariah The Mage: bends down to take the horn
    Mariah was tossed a good 20 feet from the horn, lucky for her she hit the side of a dragon and not a tree. At the same time a HUGE flaming daemon arose from the area around the horn and we were again once more in a battle for our lives.
    Mariah The Mage: The horn destroyed itself. It is lost.
    In the end we were able to stop the evil, but at a cost of a live, the poor soul that had taken the horn was gone forever.
    Mariah The Mage: I wish to thank you all for your help.
    Sarah: your welcome
    Victim: our pleasure
    Kimi Mori: tell him next time no lunch breaks and double the guards

    Thus ends this report

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