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Meet And Greet March 18th

  1. Meet and Greet March 18th​

    Kimi was checking her vendor at the Luna house, and had also looked to see how Vixen’s vendors were doing, when she saw the flag up on her mailbox at the Luna Vendor house “The Emporium”. Stealthily to the mailbox, she was someone surprised to see only a book. Not sure as to what it was, thinking it was an order for someone she open it to read it.

    Wow she said, I must tell everyone of this. For in the book were words of joy. There was to be a Meet and Greet with Siege’s newest member to the Siege Community.
    Meet and Greet 18th march1.jpg Meet and Greet 18th march2.jpg Meet and Greet 18th march3.jpg Meet and Greet 18th march4.jpg
    Meet & Greet

    EM Kincaid

    Hello, Sir Drakelord. I hope I am not disturbing you.

    All being well, an announcement should soon appear on UO.com regarding the upcoming Meet and Greet.

    However, I am a firm believer in having a Plan B, and if the Announcement does NOT appear for any unforseen reason, I still intend to go ahead with the M&G.

    So, here are the detail:

    It will take place on the 18th March.

    The time will be 5pm EST / 10pm GMT.

    The location is still being finalized, but gates will be provided from several locations.

    Eats and drinks will be provided, in vast quantities, I suspect some people - no names mentioned - will still be hung~over a week from now.

    I trust I can rely on you to get word to the good, bad and ugly people of Siege?

    Thank you very much indeed.

    It was signed:
    EM Kincaid

    Meet and Greet 18th march.jpg
    All Kimi could think was, wow wow wow, a Meet and Greet with the new EM!! And to leave a book in her mailbox!! She quickly locked the book down at the front of her house the security setting for all to be able to read this book.

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