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Meet And Greet Sonoma Style

By Drakelord, Oct 2, 2018 | |
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  1. Meet and Greet Sonoma Style​

    Step one: Take a EM gate to the Castle
    Step two: Warn the EM you throwing him under the Bus.

    10-2-18 M&G.jpg

    EM Xanthus: Gate travel available at Luna for the Dev Meet and Greet
    Dezerai: going to throw you under the bus X, but only briefly as this is/was before your time as well.

    You see: Kyronix
    You see: Bleak
    You see: Mesanna
    You see: Misk

    You see: EM Xanthus
    Mesanna says: greetings everyone, well this won't take long tonight shall we begin.

    Kyronix says: Hello!

    Mesanna: hi
    Dezerai: Greetings Fair Lady. Has thy minions/worker bees behaved?
    Mesanna: but of course =)

    Dezerai: My request deals with the Hall on the isle of Moonglow. Long before EM Xanthus we had an arrangement with the former EM and it was during our Governor's meeting that we were
    able to request area upgrades on our fair city. As Governor of Moonglow I asked for assistance with the Hall behind the Bank and have even provided all the material for it.

    I wanted to have it done during the Summer and had in the works an fest event but alas it never happen, I would like to see if possible to have it completed by Dec of this year. So that I can plan a winter fest if all possible.

    That is all.

    Mesanna: have you submitted the design to your EM?

    ((Please note that this had gone through two EMs where it was first submitted to the first and then forward to the new 2nd one))
    Dezerai: yes he has been very busy and I do understand as the Stones garden takes time and is a VERY important area for the shard

    EM Xanthus: Its next in my list (thank you sir)

    Mesanna says: I will review it with him and make a decision
    Dezerai: thank you

    Mesanna says: good evening

    Kali says: Me and my guild did the fel Khaldune spawn earlier and it states on the uo page that with a knight and we were to get 8 120's and we only received 5 on chessy the notes say we were to get on protector and between everyone else.

    Mesanna says: one moment, the page is incorrect and will be fixed there are not 8 guaranteed 12

    Kali says: ok another thing is why are these scrolls not able to be placed in the books and are giving us the message as of which they were duped
    Mesanna says: the scrolls are shard bound
    Kali says: yes
    Mesanna says: that is why you can not put them in a book
    Kali says: but we can not put them in our scroll books
    Mesanna says: thats correct
    Kali says: so we are to waste space in our homes for things that are not worth it
    Mesanna says: it would remove the shard bound status and we are not removing that from this encounter
    Kali says: okay thank you
    Mesanna says: thank you and we will fix the text
    Kali says: i guess you lost a group doing that spawn on chessy
    Mesanna says: thank you for pointing out the error

    Lord Parnoc says: Good Evening
    Mesanna says: good evening
    Lord Parnoc says: First of all let me apologize for the low attendance on our fair shard
    the timing is a bit hard, lotta folks at the spawn right now
    Mesanna says: understand
    Lord Parnoc says: and i was lucky and Lord Clym managed to get enough for his first aid belt
    but it doesn't work
    Mesanna says: ? Mesanna says: explain please
    Lord Parnoc says: can't use macros to heal friends i play in EC
    Mesanna says: I thought we fixed it are you using Pinco's UI?
    Lord Parnoc says: yes and my macros do not work if i put my bandages in the belt and wear it
    Mesanna says: thats why
    Lord Parnoc says: good ole Pinco
    Mesanna says: we have no control over Pinco's UI
    Lord Parnoc says: well Miri is right over there and she says the CC doesn't work either
    Mesanna says: we will look into that, I know we fixed an issue in the EC in that regard
    Lord Parnoc says: i was not going to complain because i knew we were second rate since we play Pinco but she said it didn't work for her either and one more thing

    Mesanna says: we want you guys to tell us of these issues
    Lord Parnoc says: our guild leader had a disaster yesterday with a backpack containing all his weps
    Mesanna says: we just can't do anything with Pinco's what happened
    Lord Parnoc says: and he got killed and got the pack back and clicked it and it disappeared with all his weapons we have no idea what could have caused that that was in CC but it was horrible because it contained all his special weps

    Mesanna says: umm if he would like to send us a step by step we can see if we can reproduce it

    Lord Parnoc says: okies, you bet I will tell him he works a lot so he's there but i will tell him
    thank you
    Mesanna says: thank you
    Lord Parnoc says: And thanks for coming to see us, we appreciate your visit
    Mesanna says: seems to be very short tonight

    Lord Parnoc says: oh and make some more things stackable, hehe like tasty treats
    and the stuff from the sea market, the mento that's miserable for a cook and cocoa liquor

    Mesanna says: we want to do a sea revamp in the near future. Might be easier to just send us a list of things you would like to see stackable

    Parnoc says: gosh, that'd be great i have an avid fisherman he has done, lets see, 2864 fishing orders so far
    Mesanna says: wow
    Lord Parnoc says: and it'd sure be nice to see some new rewards every one of them recorded, not a exaggeration hehe
    Mesanna says: the gift season is upon us
    Lord Parnoc says: he loves fishing and pirate ship hunting
    Mesanna says: Can we answer any other question

    Miri says the CC is slower than normal in bandage application
    Lord Parnoc says: she says she uses a macro, uo macro has anyone complained of that
    Mesanna says: ok we are looking into the cc belt. nope
    Lord Parnoc says: wonderful, thank you
    Mesanna says: thank you
    Lord Parnoc says: she says she doesn't have a belt
    so not concerning the belt
    Mesanna says: ok have a good evening and send us a list of stackable too
    Lord Parnoc says: thank you and good night, will do

    Mesanna says: greetings
    Kupoking says: Greetings
    Thank you for your time I keep it short
    Mesanna says: ok
    Kupoking says: as Im sure you hear alot of "complaints" But I am not here to complain about anything I am very happy Thank you for all your hard work
    Mesanna says: wonderful we appreciate it
    Kupoking says: I have seen Sosaria grow and become more interesting. Over the years It looks like Broadsword Works hard for us That is why everyone is so eager to "complain"
    But rather as constructive critisim Parnoc all ready addressed my concerns
    Mesanna says: the team works very hard to keep new content coming
    Kupoking says: Parnoc already addressed my concerns I am all for more Stackable ! :)
    Mesanna says: If we were not doing anything there would be nothing to complain about *grins*
    Kupoking says: I really like what has already been done and look forward to more exciting additions ! I just wanted to introduce myself
    Mesanna says: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas is right around the corner
    Kupoking says: and thank you
    Mesanna says: Nice to meet you

    Kupoking says: Not to sound like too much of a kiss up :p
    Mesanna says: and we are all happy you are enjoying UO
    Kupoking says: but sincerely - TY
    Kyronix: Thanks Sonoma!
    Kyronix says: Thanks Sonoma!
    Kupoking says: For hearing us and taking into consideration our opinions
    Kyronix: And thank you! :D

    Kupoking says: Sonoma here has some Brilliant folks !
    Misk says: thanks!
    Kupoking says: That was all I have. I can certainly EM our EM. He has been very responsive and active in helping us here on Sonoma
    Mesanna says: Have a good evening

    EM Xanthus says: *smile*
    Kupoking says: TY too Xan
    EM Xanthus says: Thank you Sonoma for being great!
    Mesanna says: Thanks for having us tonight Sonoma
    Kyronix: Enjoy the evening! Good night!
    Kyronix says: Enjoy the evening! Good night!
    Dezerai: good night
    Misk says: Have fun storming the castle!
    Mesanna says: Good night and we will look into those issues

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