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Meeting Of The Governors Of Siege 1-6-18

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  1. Meeting of the Governor of Siege​

    I Arrived just before the meeting was to start. Seems they were still cleaning up from a raid just before that, darn I missed all the fun, so no snaps of the fight. No clue as to whom either, sorry.

    Roll Call:
    King Blackthorn
    Blind Otto
    Morgan Ironfist

    Magichand UWSP

    Joline Maza
    Kimi Mori

    Walking in I overhear;
    King Blackthorn: Are we under attack?
    CharGar: we were yes
    King Blackthorn: Where are the Black Watch?
    CharGar: Obviously on vacation
    King Blackthorn: All at once? This will never do! *scribbles notes regally to have the watch flogged*
    Magichands: *laughs* they are like policeman in Rome during eve end year.
    Joline Maza: link this house to the hub... save entrance for all..
    CharGar: Demerits Floggings what else ..geez
    King Blackthorn: *raises eyebrow*
    Magichands: well to be honest
    King Blackthorn: well, if the ne'er-do-wells return, there is a damp moat waiting for them
    Magichands: we were killed in the house
    Tanager: entrance would not have saved us, heh, there are no guards here
    Magichands: not outside ihih
    King Blackthorn: Very well then - to business! We should have some new governors this year, I believe? Welcome, one and all and welcome to our returning governors, too.
    meeting 1-6-18a.jpg
    CharGar: Yes, but Saoirse is out learning about the lands So, i am here in her place.
    King Blackthorn: welcome to you, too then! And to our citizens! I trust you had a good festive time, and did well by the elf? Let us hear from our governors, then.
    Talia: *hic*
    Morgan Ironfist: Talia is still celebrating
    King Blackthorn: Is the representative for Jhelom present?
    King Blackthorn: Hmm
    Joline Maza: does not look like,
    King Blackthorn: Still enjoying the festivities, I presume
    King Blackthorn: *makes note in royal red* Well then, what of New Magincia's governor? Lord Ironfist!
    Morgan Ironfist: Thank you me king
    Talia: *hic*
    King Blackthorn: it is an honor - your fame has spread far. Most of it good, too! *puts aside report about THAT brothel incident*
    Morgan Ironfist: New Mag entered the new term well funded
    King Blackthorn: *smiles broadly*
    Morgan Ironfist: the trade deal with the assassins is secured throughout the whole term (21 more weeks) slightly above
    King Blackthorn: excellent work! You governors - you could learn a thing from this man!

    *Please note, that to have two million a week for the trade deal, one must be running trade mission carrying five items, and a total of 40 runs to be completed to pay the city 50k per run for a total of two million, killing off the raiders attempting to stop you earns a few more thousands per run. So help your city with as many trade mission you can, the lone gun man routee is not going to work here, it takes a group of Citizens running trade missions to every city.

    King Blackthorn: well done sir
    Morgan Ironfist: The outlaw Max Blackoak has proposed that a payment for each activation should be paid by a citizen. It would be a good idea I think
    King Blackthorn: Hmm. A further tax? I will consider it.
    Talia: Sometimes outlaws have solid business plans
    King Blackthorn: *makes note
    Morgan Ironfist: New Magincia will continue to do hunts to supply funds for the trade deal. That would be all.
    King Blackthorn: *nods happily*
    Morgan Ironfist: *bows*
    King Blackthorn: An excellent report!
    King Blackthorn: Now, what of Minoc?
    Blind Otto: Sire!
    Morgan Ironfist: Most experience in the job sire
    Blind Otto: Minoc is not as well funded as other towns - yet. I emphasize the yet. We have recently opened up a new mine shaft which we hope will provide good ore it certainly seems to offer much granite
    King Blackthorn: *nods*
    Blind Otto: In addition to this, several of our miners braved the dungeon that appeared at the new year it was a terrible place -filled with liches and dragons and dolphins!
    King Blackthorn: dolphins?!?
    Magichands: dolphins?
    Tanager: *gasps in horror*
    Blind Otto: but, we endured, and found it had good ore!!!!
    Kimi Mori: Sea mine?
    Blind Otto: Every inch of that dungeon can be mined! So, you miners! Grab your pickaxes! Grab your shovels! There is gold in that dungeon! And much of it!
    Magichands: didn't thought about that!
    CharGar: And answer if someone says hello
    King Blackthorn: *smiles*
    CharGar: *snickers*
    Talia: Perhaps the mages of Moonglow could find a way to keep that gate open
    Blind Otto: Hopefully some of it will find its way into the coffers. I have to note, however, that some of our town folks are down with ore flu it comes from falling asleep on freshly dug ore so, coin will be a bit low this month. I also have a note here from governor Kleman.
    King Blackthorn: ah - Jhelom? Why did you not speak earlier?
    Blind Otto: I could not see him, sire. Or you, sire
    King Blackthorn: *raises eyebrow* Very well -- what does this message say?
    Blind Otto: Governor Kleman refuses to set foot on Serpents Hold. He thinks that this pirate island is too dangerous
    King Blackthorn: *purses lips*
    Blind Otto: Kleman will not attend any meeting as long as the council chambers are not linked to a hub by means of teleporters. *hopes nobody shoots the messenger*
    You could feel it in the air.
    King Blackthorn: does he now? Well, you may inform governor Klemen that a gate was provided to the very door of this building and if he is not here next time, he will face the consequences!
    Blind Otto: Oh aye sire. I believe an example should be made. Perhaps mucking out the royal stables?
    King Blackthorn: My stables are muck free, good sir. Is that all?
    Blind Otto: Well, I did have a request sire
    King Blackthorn: yes?
    Blind Otto: Would it be possible for every governor's office to be linked to one of these hubs? It would make it much easier to lug all the paperwork to these meetings and would provide direct passage - safe passage - for townsfolk especially if this building too were linked.
    King Blackthorn: Hmm. I will put the idea to the royal tele-smiths, and see what they think it may be achievable.
    Blind Otto: very good sire that is all from me. But I do hear footsteps that I believe belong to one Bo, not light of foot.
    meeting 1-6-18b.jpg
    King Blackthorn: thank you, sir. *nods to guards to be on the lookout*
    King Blackthorn: and now, what of Britain? How fares your city, good governor Starcon?
    Talia: I believe that's his ego you hear dragging along behind him
    Bo: you don’t watch your mouth it will be your dead body
    Blind Otto: *tries to track footsteps, fails miserably*
    Starcon: Alls fairly quiet in Britain, except that parade that seems to never end
    King Blackthorn: *nods* they are rather jovial
    Starcon: the treasury is up to 15 million and climbing
    King Blackthorn: *smiles*
    Starcon: we continue with the Bardic Collegium trade deal
    King Blackthorn: *nods*
    Starcon: it will continue as long as I’m in office
    King Blackthorn: good, good!
    Starcon: I would like to make one request of the crown
    King Blackthorn: aye, sir! ask away
    Starcon: I would like to request the royal road crew build a road from the Britain Hub to the Britain moongate
    King Blackthorn: *smiles*
    Starcon: that is all thank you
    King Blackthorn: As a matter of fact, I have commissioned a royal work-crew to look into that, they will begin performing surveys soon
    Starcon: excellent!!
    King Blackthorn: Hm. I note the chair for Trinsic is without an occupant unless anyone has a message from them, too? *looks at Otto expectantly*
    Blind Otto: *is oblivious*
    King Blackthorn: No? Well then, on to Moonglow! What can the good lady Talia tell us?
    Talia: Greetings
    King Blackthorn: *smiles*
    Talia: It is good to be back as Governor of Moonglow, during my hiatus I moved into a more spacious abode with a better view of the western coastline of the island
    King Blackthorn: *makes note to have Moonglow's books audited*
    Talia: I found the coffers to be only little better off than when I left office before
    KingBlackthorn: *makes large asterisk next to note*
    Talia: but I understand that it is difficult to keep water in a bucket with a hole in it, therefore, during this term of office
    Blind Otto: Ye just need a good tinker. They can fix buckets!
    Talia: I intend to mend said bucket
    Blind Otto: exactly!
    King Blackthorn: *smiles*
    Talia: *throws tinker tools at otto*
    Blind Otto: ow!
    Kimi Mori: *notes the good aim she has*
    Blind Otto: *passes out from blood loss*
    Talia: I hope to be able to save up enough in this term to fund a constant trade deal in the next term
    King Blackthorn: *coughs graciously*
    Talia: we started off with a gracious donation from Lady Babydoll
    King Blackthorn: how kind!
    Talia: during my nightly vigils at the tree during Moonglow's Artisan festival. I was visited by many peoples of the land during those 3 nights
    King Blackthorn: *nods*
    Talia: and even some non-peoples
    Blind Otto: *regains consciousness, takes statement completely the wrong way*
    Talia: re-animated frozen turkeys
    King Blackthorn: *almost loses composure*
    King Blackthorn: what?
    Talia: and giant gaudy tree topping angels
    Kimi Mori: *smiles*
    Talia: but there's more about that in the archives of stratics
    King Blackthorn: Ahem. Yes. Might I suggest imposing an additional tax on the eggnog vendors?
    King Blackthorn: that might help your town over the festive period
    Talia: Sir, nog is what keeps the wheels of Moonglow turning
    King Blackthorn: *shakes head in bewilderment*
    Talia: speaking of which I've been hearing some strange stirrings from beneath the earth
    Blind Otto: tis ore. That is often found beneath the earth
    Talia: now, I've been led to believe that mongbats were once a subterranean creature
    King Blackthorn: *makes note to ban egg nog from Moonglow*
    Talia: and I wonder if all of the lands mongbats might originate from beneath the island
    Blind Otto: they do live in caves
    Talia: it is something we will be researching in the coming months
    King Blackthorn: Ahem. yes. Very well. You go ahead. Might I ask what value this research might have?
    Blind Otto: guano. Fertilizer is a very lucrative business!
    Magichands: well also
    Talia: Perhaps an attempt to understand the hive mind mentality of the creatures
    Magichands: mongbat pet!
    Talia: and steer their behavior in a more useful, friendly manner also, like otto said, the poo excellent fertilizer
    King Blackthorn: Well, if it brings in coin to the coffers, tis worth investigating
    Talia: So lastly, I too have a request
    King Blackthorn: *nods*
    Talia: Moonglow's, er, interim governor added some very lovely decorations to the hall that houses the counsellours guild
    Kimi Mori: *nods*
    King Blackthorn: Aye
    Talia: However, the wall hangings, I feel that they should better er convey the virtue of the city i.e. Honesty
    King Blackthorn: Hmm. I will look into it.
    Talia: I think it would really bring the room together to go all Honesty wall hangings
    Kimi Mori: A banner?
    Talia: for the isle of Verity
    King Blackthorn: I will certainly see what can be done.
    Talia: any honesty banner
    Kimi Mori: *nods*
    King Blackthorn: *makes notes*
    Talia: it's important for us to remember what our cities are about at their core be it mongbat hives, or virtuous ideas that is all!
    King Blackthorn: Another fine report. Thank you. Now, who speaks for Skara Brae?
    CharGar: *raises hand* Hail Sir
    King Blackthorn: *smiles graciously*
    CharGar: I speak for Saoirse this fine evening
    King Blackthorn: Good eve to you, milady. What can you tell us?
    CharGar: Being a new and inexperienced Governor. She is out speaking to the people, surveying the lands.
    Blind Otto: *knows the feeling*
    CharGar: And she will have a full report next time. The Coffers were left in deplorable condition bone dry
    King Blackthorn: Shocking!
    CharGar: Trade deals and donations have brought it up some
    King Blackthorn: *gestures to guards to find the previous governor*
    CharGar: But we will raising that amount now that the holidays are over.
    King Blackthorn: good, good
    CharGar: Saoirse will have a more full report when she returns. Thank you!
    King Blackthorn: many thanks We will allow some time for new governors to adjust to their roles but not too much time!
    CharGar: Many thanks.
    King Blackthorn: Does anyone speak for Vesper? It would seem not. Their queen, it seems, has been checkmated. So, what of Yew? *checks coin pouch, then realizes this is not Spyderbite*
    Reuggan: Greetings
    King Blackthorn: Ah, a new governor! Welcome!
    Magichands: lol
    Kimi Mori: *giggles*
    Reuggan: It has been nice to have a fully decorated tree outside of my office this whole month My citizens and I have done around 200 trade deals this month boosting the coffers over 40 million so we are also well funded for this term and hopefully beyond that is all for today's
    King Blackthorn: short, but effective many thanks. Now, to our outlying towns. Do we have any representatives here tonight? What of Safehaven? no? Gilfane, then? very well. What of UWSP town? does anyone wish to speak for them?
    meeting 1-6-18c.jpg
    Magichands: I'm here your majesty governors
    King Blackthorn: news of the work they put in over this festive time is legend already
    Magichands: thank you, well we tried to make our best and we promise to make better next year
    King Blackthorn: Bards will sing of your efforts, and scribes will write of them! It is good to see such commitment
    Magichands: too kind your majesty! well I think this artisan festival show to all people that working together we can reach every goal
    King Blackthorn: Nonsense! I like to recognize hard work when I see it!
    Magichands: anyway thank you very much for your compliments
    King Blackthorn: well, keep up the good work! Was there anything else?
    Magichands: life in UWSP Town is going well as usually :) ... We are resting a bit after
    Magichands: all hard work that many citizens did for our Christmas Trees in all cities
    King Blackthorn: *smiles*
    King Blackthorn: well deserved, too.
    Magichands: and we had also a fun time with a little Christmas Party in our Tavern where also Lord Dupre joined and some friends come to give all their best wishes for a Happy Christmas :)
    King Blackthorn: *smiles*
    Magichands: Now also our vendors are again well restocked and so we are ready to receive all our customers :). As last thing I want make an announce
    King Blackthorn: *nods appreciation*
    Blind Otto: Free fish on Friday?
    Magichands: January 20th at 3PM EST (8PM UK)there will be in our town a big party to celebrate the first birthday of our Town ! All people are invited to join us in this party
    Tanager: *clap*
    Blind Otto: *cheers*
    Magichands: where there will be food, drinks and fun :)..
    King Blackthorn: Excellent! The citizens will be pleased!
    Magichands: Thank you! well this is all and thank you again all
    King Blackthorn: *makes notes*
    Magichands: for the wonderful month we spent all together working on trees
    *salutes your majesty and governors*
    King Blackthorn: thank you, indeed. It is good to meet someone so committed to their work!
    The meeting was more or less over after this, small chat if members of the other towns were present, recent passing of a well know citizen of Motherlore, the disappearance of Freja, Victum and Spyderbite *Checks purse *
    King Blackthorn: Well, if there are no other matters for discussion....? *looks around the room*
    then I shall call this meeting to a close. *bangs table with royal mallet* meeting adjourned!
    meeting 1-6-18d.jpg

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