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Memories Of War

Standing in midst of the Weld Council, I listened in shock as Evidias told us of the Weld war. Weld attacking Weld...how could that be possible.
By Tamais, Jan 6, 2016 | |
  1. I watched Evidias enter the hall. She seemed distracted...even sad. She looked around...nodding in greeting.

    "My lady, were the eggs we found Weld?" I asked.

    She gave me a small smile, "Yes, Though I'm not sure if their appearance is good or bad. At least we know some have survived." Pausing, sadness returned to her eyes, " I fear for the Otherlings...once we were whole."

    Puzzled, I could hear others whispering. "The Weld aren't whole?" "Are the Otherlings Weld?" "How could that be?"
    Evidias waited until the room was quiet once more. "

    ""Do you remember that we fled our homes to escape the mad one?" she asked

    Most of the gathering nodded. But I wasn't sure who he was, "I don't remember him."

    "You might know him better as the illusionist. We fled from him, yet without him we couldn't have left." she explained. "It was his red stones that allowed us to use the moon gates."

    "Ah, I remember him now." I assured her.
    "I remember how happy we were...flying throught the skies." Evidias smiled. "Ah flying...playing...laughing." She paused. "We watched the little ones below...otherlings, caravas, the great beetles and others."

    I tried to picture Evidias as a Weld. I had only known her in her human form and the world she spoke of.

    "But I didn't come to tell you of the happy times." She looked around sadly. "I came to tell you of a sadder time...one that stays in my mind."

    "Does it have something to do with the troubles we have been having? some one asked.

    She nodded. "Once there was a great Council. I was lucky to be a part of it. When gathered we decided all things for the Weld


    "Come and I will show you my memories of the council." she opened a gate. "Some you will you know."

    Following her, we came to a glade filled with Weld. I looked around in amazment. There were some I remembered. Yet studing them I saw that some had died.

    "How did some of the weld die?" I asked. "Why are there two groups?"

    "Patience Tamais," Turning, she pointed at the Weld. "These are the council members. She walked up to one.

    I nodded. I had meet him many times. "I remember these Weld also." I walked up to three of the Weld."
    Evidias continued with her story. "We came with just cause...but we didn't see your world as a place of peace." she looked at the Weld. "We saw your lands filled with violence, so we came with violence."

    She walked over to Veil of Gold, "He sided with those who stayed to protect the Otherlings." Then she moved to a many colored Weld.

    "War?" I asked in shock. "The Weld went to war with each other?"

    Evidias sighed. "Yes." she pointed to the group on the left. "These left with us...or died." Then she pointed to the group on the right, "these stayed behind...to watch over the little ones of the world."

    I studied the group on the left. Some were Weld I knew the best...Time Without Dreams, Painted Nightmares, Painted Dreams, Marouk."
    "Why didn't Marouk return to his Weld form?" I asked remembering seeing him only in human form.

    I looked up at him. " What caused such sadness?"

    Evidias shook her head. "I don't know, he refuses to speak of it...though I have an idea." She continued to walk down the row of Weld. Stopping at last in front of a Blue Weld. "This is my Weld form...between Sings of the World, she saw beauty in all things and Haram, always angry."


    Evidias moved to a white Weld. "Hedriak...my friend...my curse." She turned away. "I was closest to him than any other."​

    "But what of the war?" I questioned.

    Evidias pondered the question for a minute. "We had argued for weeks about leaving. Hedriak and I were adamant about leaving." she stopped remembering the events. "The council was tied"

    "Positive we should leave, I was blind to his plans." She frowned. "Instead my words fueled him. He decided that we must leave no matter what the cost."

    Hedriak began to move. "Come, the fools they knew the tree was dying."


    "We are far above the little ones. What will the council do when most agree with me...argue...bicker." Hadriak laughed. "They will falter and fail."
    Hedriak walked away, not looking to see if we followed. "I know a way. The council has been closed for too long."

    Arriving at the council, Hedriak stopped. "These pillars...magic wards to keep me out." He studied them and began to scratch symbols into the pillars. "I"m clever...Haram guards the wards...he won't try to stop us."

    Pass the wards, Hedriak summoned Vehedrem Welds, memories of the past. Caught by surprise, we found ourselves part of the battle.


    17.jpg  ​

    As sudden as the attack began it was over...the Vehedrem Weld and Hedriak vanished. Evidias was again with us. "We defeated the Vehedrem one by one. The united council turned to Hedriak.​

    "No weld had ever turned against each other. Hedriak thought he was so clever." Evidias explained, "Even if they found out his plans they wouldn't turn on him. No weld had...he was wrong."

    Hedriak again summoned the Vehedrem guard. "Burn them to ashes!" he shouted and attacked the weld."

    Thought the battle was a memory, Evidias begged us to go help. Once more we found that memories can be deadly.




    "Hedriak was defeated. "Esedrem and Embrem died changing the balance of the council. Those opposed to leaving were outnumbered those of who wanted to remain." Evidias spoke quietly. "Hedriak divided the council more than he knew.

    "Hedriak was defeated but his cause wasn't. Those who followed him fled to your world." Evidias paused," I was one."​

    I could see that Evidias had been drained by the use of magic and memories. "Come, my lady." I urged her to the gate I had opened. "You need to rest.

    Back at the hall, she looked at the memorial to those lost. "A moment that should have united us instead divided us. There is so much more I need to tell you." she rubbed her head. "That is where it began."

    "My lady Evidias, you should go rest." I implored her.

    "I will, but I have to make you understand why we must help the otherlings." she sighed. "I can't turn my back on them now that I know they still live."

    "Of course you will have our help." I assured her. The rest nodding in agreement.

    "Thank you," Evidias replied, "I will tell you more later. The answer to help them is in the past. I know you will help me find it." She started towards the door. "I must leave you now and thank you again."

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