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More Cities Governed

Visiting the Abby vineyards was always a guilty pleasure. I was sipping newest wine when one of the monks rushed over to the Abbot. To my horror...
By Tamais, Mar 25, 2016 | |
  1. I was tasting Yew Abby wine when a monk hurried over to the Abbot and began whispering. Straining to overhear the conversation, I casually wandered to a closer table catching some of the conversation...vines dying...wine turning sour...no governor to help. No, governor? the city stone confirmed it. I found Britain, Moonglow, Skara Brae, Vesper also lacked a Governor.

    I hurried to the King. "Your Majesty, I have disturbing news."

    "Yes, Tamais" he looked up. "More bad news...what now?"

    "There are problems at the Yew Vineyard." Blushing at the King's look, I stopped."

    "Continue Tamais," King Blackthorn grinned,"Not enough wine?"

    "Yes, I mean no." flustered I paused. "The vines are dying and the wine is turning sour. Worse there is no Governor. I traveled to the other cities and found several others without leadership."

    The King frowned. "Cities without Governors! Why wasn't I informed?" he began to pace the room. "Tamias, inform the citizens there is to be a Council meeting. Those interested in becoming Governors are to attend."

    Bowing I left the room and went to the King's scribes. Parchments ready, I began giving them to the Town Criers.

    Arriving at the meeting, I saw that Elowen Redcrest had also come.

    "Not sure I trust that one being present for the goings on of our realm." Bree Bloodband whispered to me.

    I nodded. "I agree, I'm sure the King will have him removed."

    "Elowen you are not a citizen of one of my cities. I must ask that you leave." The King beckoned a guard to escort him out.

    Elowen gone, the King turned his attention to us. "It is good to see you Governor Garion." He shook his head. "Times are dire when so few citizens attend their king."

    Govenor Garion nodded in agreement. "Well it seems all governors but me are missing. I'm wondering if I should have security."

    I stepped forward. "Sire, three of us have come to petition for governorship...Lady Vyxen, Lady Bree Bloodbane and myself."

    King Blackthrone smiled at us. "Good news indeed. Which cities do you wish to serve."

    "I wish to resume Governorship of Moonglow," Lady Vyxen told him.

    "Even with the kidnapping, you still wish to serve?" asked the King.

    "Yes, Sire." she replied, "My citizens need me.

    The King turned "Lady Bree, which city are you petitioning for?"

    "Skara Brae, Sire." she replied shyly.

    "Tamias, was that not Governor Rowan's City?" the King asked.

    "Governor Rowan sent a message. She has other demands that prevent her from continuing." I looked her message. "She sends her recommendation for Lady Bree."

    "I am sorry to hear that Lady Rowan must leave but with her recommendation, I'm sure Skara Brae will be in good hands." The King nodded to Lady Bree.

    "Tamias what city do you wish to serve?"

    "I approve your petitions," The King smiled at us. "Before we leave is there other business?"

    Governor Garion approached the King. "A request sire."

    "Yes Governor Garion?" The King asked.

    "Sire, the lands have been lacking in morale lately. Long ago I mentioned that we still haven't named the Malas fairgrounds."

    "Hmm... you are right. Things have quieted down as well..." King Blackthorn replied thoughtfully. "We shall see about drawing up designs for a contest and about finding funding for decorations in the Treasury perhaps by the next month?"

    Governor Garion nodded. "That will help the citizens' moral."

    "To Moonglow then." King Blackthron lead us out of the Castle...casting a gate we arrived at Moonglow's city stone.



    When the cheering had stopped. We escorted the King to the city of Skara Brae.



    From Skara Brae we left for Yew. Before my appointment, we visited the vineyards to see the damage.

    "This is not good." King Blackthorn declared. "Yew has suffered without a governor."

    "I do your Majesty." I bowed then added "I will insure there is always good wine for your table."

    Governor Garion laughed. "After she has tasted every keg, I'm sure."

    King Blackthrone shook his head . "A drunken Governor? I hope not. Tamias, I name thee Governor. I shall be keeping an eye on the wine though."



    the King sighed. "Hopefully with more Governors the lands will quiet down."



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