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More Mail From My Siege Daughter!

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  1. Father, life is rough here on the frontier of Siege, yet we still fine the time to seek adventures when we can. Today's adventure was first reported by the Town Cryer in Luna.


    'Warning, random undead attacks have been sighted around the Kingdom. Unknown cause of it..'

    * '"The Reflection" Sunday 3:30 Eastern, Oct 18th. Meet at the EM Hall.*

    Now Father, I am still not used to seeking locations in the land, so was unsure of where the EM hall was. I sought directions, yet was still confused. So I was running late and missed the start of today's adventure.

    A member of the guild open a gate for me and I found myself thick in a battle with the undead.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    My skill as a mage here is good and I was able to cast attack spells on these undead creatures, I also was healing those around me, as well as sought to rez the fallen.

    Here I was not quick enough as others would cast and target the dead far more swifter then I. Soon the last of these undead fell and others along with our leader, Lord Dupre, sought clues to where they were coming from and how they were able to enter our world.


    Within the circle was a scroll, here we found that we could enter the world of the undead. Using it we found ourself at the entrance of Deceit. Quickly I followed the others deep inside this dungeon.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Lord Dupre was leading the way, holding a torch in one hand and a mace in the other he marched bravely forward only looking back to be sure we had not lost our way, (Or our courage). Tamers, Mages, Archers all moving as one further and further into this dark and dangerous place.


    Again as before I sought to use attacks but mostly settled on healing the injured. The Tamer's pets were doing far better then most.

    Finally we reached the last level of this deep dark dungeon, at first nothing to greet us, on the wall a mirror, as we looked at it, it spoke. "You looking at me". Then from the darkness sprang a huge Skeletal Lich, again the tamers order pets to attack, archers fell back, shooting arrow after arrow at it, mages launches attacks as well has cast heals on all around us.

    The Gods smiles at us this day as it was all alone down here, had there been more or had it had more minions at its becken call we might have lost this battle this day.


    At the end of the battle Lord Dupre step up to the mirror and wrestled it down from the wall. He sought to break it with his mace but found he could not.

    (Lord Dupre)
    My mace just bounced off of it. Rumors of it, said it can't be broken. We shall lock this up, where it can't be used anymore to do more harm.

    And with that Lord Dupre open a gate for all to use, returning us to open skies and bright sunlight, away from the darkness of Deceit.

    That is all for now Father, till the next time.
    Your loving daughter! XO

    Thus ends this report.

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