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Murder In The Library

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  1. Murder in the Library​

    Who likes a good old fashion murder mystery? You know, the Butler did it with the candlestick holder? Well, that was just what we got into the other evening, a summon to the Hall, and a meeting with Saengkt Ver Beh.
    Murder in the Library.jpg
    Saengkt Ver Beh: May the virtues bless you all this day! Welcome friends, welcome! Thank you for coming! What a fine collection of Britannia's finest minds! I shall have need of those tonight!
    Friends. I bring news most dire. In the very heart of Britain, just beyond the walls of Castle British, a foul deed has been committed. The floor of the great library runs with blood!

    The identity of the victim remains unknown. Likewise, the identity of his killer evades us. I will be asking questions of Britannia's less savory characters. But, for you, I ask this night not for the strength of your blades or spells, but rather for the strength of your wits.

    The more of us that investigate this crime, the swifter justice will prevail! So, I ask of you, begin at the library. Ask bystanders what they saw. Ask them about murder, about the library, about the victim. Carefully listen to their answers. Ask others questions based on their answers.

    And, should you uncover three things - the name of the victim, the identity of his murderer, and the murder method - return to me, and let me know. As an added incentive, I have been authorized to offer you this fine golden toolkit, *points* provided for this very purpose by the great house of Lord York.

    The first person to solve this mystery, to untie this knot, will receive this prize. That person will also be recognized in the great hall of heroes, with their name emblazoned on a fitting trophy.
    So go - make use of your wits, your brains, and your luck!

    *waves open a moongate*

    All present went thru that gate arriving in Britain just outside the Library. Inside we found the body, first looking at it for any possible clues we begin to question all those present during the murder. As we sought more clues we found ourself traveling across the city speaking to several of the well know crafters and merchants of the city.
    Murder in the Library1.jpg Murder in the Library2.jpg Murder in the Library3.jpg Murder in the Library4.jpg Murder in the Library5.jpg

    The Juggernaut solved the case!​

    The Juggernaut was the first to solve this mystery and won the special gold toolkit and his name marked for all times at the Reward Hall.
    Murder in the Library6.jpg Murder in the Library7.jpg

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  1. Tamais
    PROS - What a fun idea