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Murders In Jhelom And Skara Brae

I sat reviewing the day's events. Was the Fellowship involved in the murders? Mack had found a Fellowship book yet Lady Harriet had told us that...
By Tamais, Aug 30, 2019 | |
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  1. Governor Elessa and I were talking by the bank where a message pigeon found us. Tied to his leg was a note from Lady Harriet. She needed us at the hall.

    "Greeting Lady Harriet. It has been too long." I smiled at her.

    "Friends, I am so sorry for our lack of communication. she sighed. " My new title affords me little of my past lifestyle. I have multiple responsibilities for the King himself.

    "Not your fault." Governor Elessa assured her.

    Lady Harriet continued, "I am afraid I've some disturbing news."

    "What is that my Lady?" I asked.

    Worried Elessa looked at her, "Oh no."

    " I shan't beat around the bush this is very disturbing." Lady Harriet paused and scanned the crowd. "Tell me, are any of you familiar with the news on or around town."

    Governor Elessa spoke up. "Beggars disappearing."

    "Saw the paper." Mystic commented.


    "Do you think the Fellowship is involved or pirates?' I asked.

    Elessa nodded. " That Fellowship, they are worrisome."

    Lady Harriet raised an eyebrow. " What makes you think the Fellowship may be involved Tamais?"

    "I don't really have a reason. They just don't seem trustworthy." I explained. "I never trust people who seem to be too nice."

    "I am suspicious of them. " Lady Elessa agreed.

    "They are all talk and no accountable action," Chocolatier noted.

    Lady Harriet scratched a note onto parchment, "One of the victims was a member of the Fellowship. Which is why your thought surprised me." her expression grew sad. "He was due to be wed so I was told."

    "Oh no, that is terrible, " I gasped.

    " Frankly I have not had the time to learn much about the group," Lady Harriet admitted. " It's jurisdiction doesn't fall under my umbrella so to speak."

    "Innocent until proven guilty," Drayanna reminded us.

    "So as of this moment, I am officially expanding the Royal Naval duties. Until further notice, it shall be known as the Royal military."


    Lady Harriet informed us. "As quite a bit of what I need doesn't seem to have anything to do with the seas. Or so I am meant to believe. I hope you will inform me if it does happen to all be connected."

    "We will." I agreed. "The pirates are pretty well under control.

    Elessa smiled. "Aye, we beat them to a pulp...Boom."

    People began laughing. Everyone knew Governor Elessa enjoyed blowing them up.

    Lady Harriet laughed slightly. "Good good so long as the pirates know who is boss around these parts."


    This is on behalf of a few of our governed cities. Lady Harriet scanned the crowd again. "Do we have governors in attendance.

    Governor Elessa raised her hand.

    Noticing I didn't raise my hand. Lady Harriet frowned. "Oh, Elessa I am pleased you are here I have an important request." Lady Harriet explained. I have not heard tale of anything unusual in Moonglow. But please keep me appraised should that change"

    "No it is quiet here," Governor Elessa assured her writing it down.

    "I promised anyone coming forward could remain anonymous." Lady Harriet informed us. "There is a frightened young lady in MInoc. You'll know her when you see her. She said she'd meet with you all."


    "We will go see her," I told her.

    "Question her but do so delicately. Lady Harriet said firmly. "She is a sweet girl and her parents were killed rather gruesomely sometime ago...rabid hell hound. It was terrible."

    Elessa sighed, "Awww poor baby."

    But I digress, she has heard some things. She said she'd be hiding
    behind a building." Lady Harriet informed us. "I suspect near the bank. I think it will be safe...but...I don't know what or who we are against."

    I shivered thinking of what we might meet.

    "Shall I gate us?" Lady Harriet rummaged for a rune.

    "Aye, lead the way," Elessa said.

    "Ah, there she is." Lady Harriet lead us to her.


    "I must go to attend some things for the King. Let me know what you all find out!" Lady Harriet recalled away.

    "Hello," Dellmagic said. "You saw something?

    "Hello," the girl replied. Yes, I am the witness. I just thought it best I tell someone and Lady Harriet was kind to me once."
    "I more overheard it then saw it. " She said thoughtfully.​


    "You can tell us what you heard." Epona encouraged.

    "T'was a man, or male speaking to a few local miners." She explained.

    "Miners?" Epona repeated.

    "Yes, asking them to stock all the pieces of Blackrock they could find."
    She frowned. "I know that stuff has been used in the past for nefarious reasons."

    "Nefarious! Bad consequences! Governor Elessa exclaimed in shock
    remembering the damage to Moonglow and Haven.

    " Please tell no one of me, I have heard of the murders." The girl looked around."

    "Murders?" I asked.

    The witness nodded. "Yes, in our city and others. I know of a murder in Jhelom."

    "Jhelom? Are you sure." I questioned.

    "Yes, and they have not caught the murderers yet! Please keep my identity secret. she begged.


    Arriving in Jhelom, Old Man Lenshire found Dixon in front of the healers.
    "Hello." I greeted him

    "Hail. I hope you are here to help investigate." Dixon looked at us.

    "Yes. I replied, "Lady Harriet asked us to help you investigate. There was murder?"

    "Yes, the murder here and in Skara Brae," he told us. "I believe it was done by the same hand."

    "The same hand?" Elessa asked.

    Dixon nodded. "Well, because I believe both murders were done with the same weapon."

    "What kind of weapon?" I asked.


    "Hum, what makes you think it was a gargoyle?" I inquired.

    "Well, I have heard of some humans trying to use the weapon but none successfully." He told us. No one can weld the weapon like a true gargoyle can."

    "True," I agreed. "Who should we talk to in Skara Brae?

    "Talk to Mack," Dixon replied. "He says he saw something there."

    "Then we will go there." I opened my rune book.

    "Yes, Skara... no off with ye." Dixon urged us.

    We found Mack in the Shattered Skull drinking ale. "Hello Mack," I said.

    He looked up. "Greetings, I suppose Dixon sent ye?"


    "Yes, Dixon said you saw something?" I replied
    Mack nodded taking another drink. "Yes, I witnessed a red winged gargoyle type near the scene of the incident here."

    "Here?" I looked around.

    "Well, no-no here in the pub," Dixon explained. " But here in Skara Brae."

    "Where in Skara Brae," I encourage.

    "Right right Dixon asked me if I saw anything unusual. I already told him aside from that gargoyle lurking nothing unusual." Dixon said.

    "A gargoyle is unusual?" I was surprised.

    Mack studied me. "Yea, Like we don't really get a lot of gargoyle ranger here. You know what I mean."

    "Can you describe the gargoyle?" I asked.

    Mack thought. "Well, he had red wings but otherwise was just your usual gargoyle type."

    I sighed. "Not much help...a gargoyle type. Is he still around?"

    "Right, right," Mack shook his head. "He hasn't been back since."

    "Since when?" I was getting frustrated.

    "Well the murder was this week past so he's long gone now," Mack looked at his empty mug. "Now how about you buy a man an ale."

    Talking to him made ale sound good, I bought two.

    Taking a deep drink. He looked around. "Look you didn't hear this from me, but I found a book."

    "What kind of book?" I asked sipping my ale.

    "It was one of those Fellowship books." Mack looked around again.

    I nodded. "Ah, the Fellowship."


    'I dunno what's about to happen but I am staying out of Britain for now," Mack looked at his empty tankard, "You know they got thugs lingering in the graveyard of all places? It's like thug for hire out there! Buy a man another drink?"

    I bought him one more while we decided what to do next. Elessa suggested we go to Britain's Graveyard to see about the thugs. She was right. We found the thugs for hire quickly.

    14.jpg 15.jpg
    16.jpg 17.jpg 21.jpg

    A hard fought battle as our numbers were so few. Going to my favorite pub to I wrote a message for Lady Harriet. telling her the names of the brave warriors who had stayed.
    TameAko, Kamer, Old Man Lenshire,Mimi, Casquette, Elessa, Zora, Chocolatier,Gold Rush

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