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My Second Test Subject

  1. So I have arrived on the rock known as Baja see. I must say this is a very Hostile land, very hostile you know. I first was attacked by a small flying monkey creature at the Moongate near Haven. Some Haven if it can’t keep you safe from a simple creature, see.

    So next I made my way to Luna you know and there I tried to converse with a winged bi-ped.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Greetings.

    I must have offended it. I don't know, you see.

    [Stinkerbell]: Haelyn


    He spoke only one word and FIRE erupted all about! I had to run for my life! Singed my whiskers it did! I hid behind one of the non-winged bi-peds, and sure enough left a puddle! I hope no one saw that, you know. Very hostile, hostile indeed you see!

    I was most scared but I tried another one of the winged Bi-Peds. I approached this one more cautiously though.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Greetings winged one.

    I said trying to be more respectful and less intimidating, see.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Might I have a moment of your time?


    It looked puzzled at me and cocked its mighty horned head.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: I wish only to ask a few questions.

    Just then a four legged very large dog approached, you know! I managed not to make a puddle this time though. I hid behind the large winged Bi-Ped and prayed it would not attack! Oh what I wouldn’t give for the safety of a tree!

    [Squeaks McFluff]: EEek!

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Dog!

    I cried in hopes the Winged one would drive it away! But it only shook its head curiously. Then another winged one approached. I was so nervous, you see, but I had to keep going for the team! I must learn more about these creatures you know.

    [Magnus]: I

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Might you be willing to answer some questions for me?

    [Magnus]: Hi

    I focused on my goal summoning all my strength and resolve, you see.

    [Uncle Fester]: Dunno.

    [Uncle Fester]: What questions?

    [Uncle Fester]: You part of the squirrel brigade?

    Oh! He has guessed at my secret identity! They know of us! I must try to remain calm see, must try. Must pretend to be innocent. Yes, innocent you know.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Me?

    [Uncle Fester]: Ya you.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: I'm a simple squirrel from near Vesper.

    I think I have him convinced I am not a threat. I continue with the interrogation of the winged creature.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Well such as what you do in these lands?

    [Uncle Fester]: what do I do?

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Yes, what you do?

    [Uncle Fester]: lol

    [Squeaks McFluff]: What do you enjoy doing in the land?

    [Uncle Fester]: fly around and kill stuff

    [Squeaks McFluff]: You do look like a warrior.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: My what sharp talons you have.

    I was just noticing how very eagle like its feet were and just then that Dog came back by I was barely able to dodge behind the winged creature again.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: EE!

    [Uncle Fester]: lmao

    Lmao it said I do not know what this means but it was laughing quite hard at me, you know! Laughed at me it did!

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Dog!

    Oh thank the trees, it didn’t see me. I relaxed and came out of hiding once again.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: How long have you resided here?

    [Uncle Fester]: 1 month

    [Squeaks McFluff]: You are most young!

    [Uncle Fester]: or most old

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Did you live elsewhere before?

    [Uncle Fester]: depending upon…

    [Uncle Fester]: perchance

    [Uncle Fester]: yes

    Ah so they know how to navigate the rocks!

    [Magnus]: would u like to join our guild

    The strange other winged one has invited me to join their company, but I must press on with my inquiry. But they trust me enough to allow me to join them. This is good you know, good.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Oh so how long have you been in Sosaria?

    [Uncle Fester]: 15 yrs give or take several I was absent from.

    [Magnus]: 17 yrs

    [Squeaks McFluff]: That does make you quite old then.

    The winged creatures must have a far longer lifespan perhaps than the non-winged bi-peds.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: And since you came to the lands could you tell me what has been the thing that was added to them you found most pleasing?

    [Uncle Fester]: Everything is pleasing.

    This is good to hear the creature is easily pleased. I grin.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Do you have a nest?

    I don’t know do the Winged one’s roost like the birds, or do they live in structures like the other bi-peds?

    [Uncle Fester]: Not here

    [Squeaks McFluff]: You are without a roost?

    [Uncle Fester]: yep

    [Uncle Fester]: I sleep upstairs.

    Ah so the winged ones live in structures like the others, you see. Good to know we are learning, you know, learning much.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: I was looking for a new tree myself.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Do you have a favorite City?

    [Uncle Fester]: well, I wish you lucky my furry little friend

    [Uncle Fester]: but I must be off for the night

    [Uncle Fester]: RL calls for me.

    I am not sure who RL is or how RL contacted the creature but he appeared to require a hasty retreat.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Such is a pity.

    I was just starting to learn stuff!

    [Uncle Fester]: I favor Skara Brae.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: I thank you for your time winged one.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: You have been most helpful.

    [Uncle Fester]: be careful of the dogs! I hear they like furry lil things like you.

    [Uncle Fester]: safe travels

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Fear the dogs!

    [Uncle Fester]: hehe

    It then left up the stairs. I can only say that it seemed far more friendly than the other hostiles in the area. I wish to beat my own hasty retreat from this land, you know, so I am off to prepare to travel to another one soon! I shall keep you informed Brothers and Sisters.


    Squeaks McFluff

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