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Mystery Of The Goop

I couldn't believe Dahlia's news. Adventurers had been found tied up on Fire Island... bones sucked out of their bodies. We arrived at Fire...
By Tamais, Mar 18, 2016 | |
  1. We were discussing the possible return of the Travesity when a messenger gave Dahlia a parchment. Watching I saw a look of confusion cross her face. "My Lady, more bad news?"

    Dahlia looked up from the report, "It seems so. I had earlier reports that adventures to Fire Island had gone missing."


    Gasps of horror filled the hall...bones sucked through skin...what type of creature could do that. "Is there more information?" I asked.

    Dahlia looked at the report again. "Hum, the adventures were left in some sort of goop."

    I thought about what type of creature could do that...spiders? I glanced at Bree Bloodbane, her sisters had been know to tame black widow spiders. No, as dangerous as they were, I couldn't believe that they were involved. Maybe a new sort of slime...elemental...I turned my attention back to Dahlia when she explained that the spies were unable to find tracks only a trail of the strange goop.

    With the news, people began brainstorming possibilities.

    "Bones being sucked out is no Bueno." Odessey commented.

    "No tracks, something that flies?" Governor Jov suggested.

    "Hmmm," Ghetto Panda muttered. "Some creature from the other side?"

    "Or underground, " Demoss added. "We need to check this out."

    Shuddering Dahlia looked again at the report. "I agree Demoss. My other spies are busy watching the Emporium so I need your help."


    People quickly stood up, ready to solve the mystery.

    Jackie Coaster smiled, "Hopefully I can keep a safe distance. "

    "Indeed, you don't what to lose your bones," Dahia smiled at her.

    "We would become blobs. " Funky Chicken added.

    "Off to Fire Island then, I have a rune to the last sighting." Dahlia opened a gate. "Be ready who knows what waits one the other side."

    "What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger..." Governor Jov said stepping through the gate.

    The gate took us to the blob. "Govenor Jov poked it with his finger.

    "Um, that might not be wise. That stuff might dissolve your finger. Dahlia cautioned as she picked up a stick. I hid a grin as the Governor quickly wiped his finger off.


    "No bones," Dahlia pulled the stick back, "I wonder what happened to them."

    Looking over at Governor Jov, "Perhaps you are right my lady...dissolved by the goop." I suggested. "I just hope the bones didn't turn into another monster."

    "I hope so also." Dahlia began walking. "Lets see if we can find the other blobs."



    "I should take this to the Royal mages and Evidias. Hold on I'll be right back." Dahlia recalled away...returning quickly with a small vial.

    "I hope this doesn't destroy the vial." she put it in her pocket.

    Looking around I soon found more. "The goop trail seems to lead this way. " We followed the trail...Dahlia checking each pile for bones...finding none.

    The trail ended by a lava cliff with strange creatures swarmed down...attacking us.





    As the battle wound down, Dahlia studied the body of a fiend. "Such strange creatures...not of our world."


    "Where do you think they came from?" I asked her.

    "Perhaps they came through the rift with the others." She replied. "But are these the creatures who attacked the adventures?"


    She asked when we gathered around her. "Anyone see them try to attach themselves to a body?"

    "I didn't." Odyssey looked around. "But it was hard to see." Everyone nodded in agreement.

    "Huh... are these really what we're looking for..." Dahlia mused walking toward the cliff.

    Walking with her, Governor Jov shook his head. "However...I see something on the mountain...there to the west."

    Squinting I saw what he was talking about. I began looking for a way up. "I don't see any way to climb up."

    Dahlia nodded, "Hold on... I have an idea." She picked up a chunk of fallen log. "


    "Let's see if we can't follow the trail over the Mountains." She tossed the rope catching a boulder at the top."

    I looked at the rope then the boulder. Reluctantly I began to slowly climb."

    "What's the matter?" Jackie Coaster asked me. "Afraid of heights?"

    Looking down I shivered. "not of heights...falling."

    At the top of the mountain we found another trail of goop leading to a narrow canyon. Hesitant to enter, I looked around. "The trail leads into there."

    "Careful everyone," Dahlia walked into it. "We don't know if something is waiting.

    We soon found out that indeed something was waiting...a giant spider like creatures...Walaling Seaslakes.






    No sooner did we kill one when more arrived. It seemed the battle lasted forever. Finally thinking we had won, the Walaling Seaslakes began summoning maggots.

    I was standing beside Dahlia when one of the creatures attacked her.
    Calling for help, we were able to kill it but not before she was bitten.

    "Ugh..tried to suck my whole arm off" Dahlia rubbed her arm. "Definitely what we were looking for." She limped over to the wall and leaned on it.

    I rushed over to check the bite. To my horror I saw it was rather large. "My lady, this is bad. We need to get you to a healer."

    "I agree." Governor Jov nodded worriedly, "You need proper medical attention.


    Picking up her rune book, I opened a gate to Britain. Governor Jov and Odyssey helped Dahlia through and into the Hall.

    "Oooh...look at the pretty colors." Dahlia stumbled and fell on a marble seat. "I know you." she said with a silly smile.

    Leaving Odyssey to watch over her, we moved a little ways away. "She has been poisoned." I looked back at her, "we need Evidias."

    "I'll go find her." Diggy started for the door. "Keep her still if you can."

    Dahlia pulled out her rune book. "Wait, I know where Evidias is." Before I could stop her, she recalled to who knew where."


    "Great, just great. " I muttered, "Now what I am I going to tell Evidias and Captain Corian."

    "That I don't know, Lady Evidias." I sighed, "Before I could stop her she recalled and we have no idea where."

    "She told us she knew where to find you." Governor Jov added.

    Evidias frowned, "If she is as bad as I was told, I must find her quickly. You have no idea where she went?"

    "No," Demoss frowned, "She said she knew where you were and recalled away."

    Evidas smacked her forehead, "Great just great. This is going to be fun... I'm sure we know someone who can find her...Fiery red hair... likes to burn down cities..."

    Puzzled I tried to think who Evidias might be speaking of...no it couldn't be. "You don't meant the Fiery Lady do you?"

    'Yes, she does seem to have a knack of finding people." Evidias shook her head. "I'd rather not ask for her help...but this is Dahlia."

    "Should we help search for her?" I asked hopefully.

    "I'll take care of it... if I can find her. But this will be faster alone, I wonder how Time Without Dreams would feel about carrying me on his back while I look for the Fiery Lady?" Evidias grinned walking toward the door. "Tell Corian it'll be fine if you see him."

    I tried to picture Time Without Dreams giving her a ride. It was hard not to laugh. I walked with her out the door. "I will my lady. I promise."

    To my surprise outside, I found Elowen Redcrest. "Image finding you here."
    He gave a slight bow. "I heard you're having problems of a bone eating creature."

    Demoss glared at him, "What makes you think that?"


    Glancing at Demoss, I could see he had the same thought...that bird needs to die.

    "You heard correct," Governor Jov glared at Elowen Redcrest. "What do you know about it.

    Elowen tapped his foot. "Let's just say I might have a certain... cure... if I were to dig around in my coffers."

    "What is this cure going to cost us?" I questioned."

    Elowen smiled, Nothing, quite nothing. Perhaps a little whisper to your
    King about how helpful we've been. A little thing, surely."

    A little thing...such little things had caused a lot of problems in the past. Still if he did have a cure. "If you do have the cure, I might mention it to the King."

    "I do, send one of your spies to fetch in later in the evening." Elowen answered.


    "If you'll excuse me, business to attend to. I have to find that cure." Elowen bowed, "So I can keep my word. Do remember to put in a good word for me... good deeds and all."

    "I say we slit his throat." Leif Ankanson growled after Elowen left. "Don't trust him."

    "Yea, that guy is trouble." Demoss nodded in agreement. "Those little birds are just too convenient."

    I looked around carefully...who were those little birds.

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