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Mythic Dragons Attack

Searching the Lycaeum's shelves , I found the book I was looking for. An old book from Lord British's home world, Earth. Carefully blowing off...
By Tamais, Aug 16, 2017 | |
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  1. Harriet scanned the crowd, "Hello I am glad you are all here."

    Vixen Sonoma waved.

    "Hiya." Ronan replied

    "Greetings Harriet," I was happy to see that she had recovered from her ordeal.

    "Hello Harriet, I am so glad they found you!" Amethyst exclaimed.

    "I am glad to be found!" Harriet smiled at her. "our investigations must continue."

    I nodded, "Any word about that crazy zealot who took you?"

    Harriet shook her head, "I have sent a scout ahead tonight. It is dangerous."


    "Not good," I thought.

    "We still do not know who they are working with or why." Harriet explained.

    "Small war party or larger?" Vixen Sonoma questioned.

    "Why do they fell the need to suddenly impress Minax...or perhaps " feel the need" is wrong." Harriet frowned. "But it was someone's idea. I'd like to find out who."

    "Well she is a very demanding woman/daemon." Vixen Sonoma observed.

    "I will return us to the place I was help captive. Guard yourselves. "Harriet warned, "The Juka are kill on sight."

    "Will do." I checked my supplies.

    "KOS, got you." Vixen Somoma replied.

    "Be prepared for battle before going through to the other side." Harriet directed us to the door. "Come lets see what we can find."

    Arriving at the dungeon. Harriet lead the way in. "This way friends. I hope you are armed!"

    Looking around I saw everyone prepared...weapons drawn, pets eager to go. "We are." I smiled at Amethyst, a young bard, as she pulled out her trusty tambourine."

    "Not me but the bodyguard is." Vixen Sonoma stroked her dragon's neck.

    We passed through the first room with little problems. The Juka had chosen to wait in the halls. There in the confiding halls, we were attacked by Juka Lords, warrior, mages and Chaos Dragoon troops.

    "Lady Winter!" you will play for that!" I heard a Juka Lord shout as she struck him down. I decided she would be a good person to follow.

    3.jpg 4.jpg

    5.jpg 6.jpg
    While the battle was fierce, it seemed we were winning too easily.

    Then Harriet shouted, "Quickly! Near where we entered the dungeon!" we returned to the first room.

    "Lady Matisyahu!! Prepare to meet your doom!" A juka lord shouted as he attacked her.

    "Fight well my Lord!" encouraged a near by juka mage.

    I stopped to help. When out of the corner of my eye I saw a huge dragon appear.

    "Apophis! It is an ancient myth, or I thought it was a myth?" Harriet yelled. "By the Gods he is REAL."

    I could only stare...frozen by the majestic sight. "So it seems" I started to say when the world went grey.

    8.jpg 9.jpg


    I found a healer and returned to the battle. This one was not as easy. Just as we defeated, another dragon appeared.

    "Apalala? Another Ancient Myth!" Harriet cried out in amazement. "How can this be?"

    Though a smaller it was no less deadly.

    12.jpg 13.jpg

    "This is not good. " I muttered studying the two dragon corpses.

    Harriet called us over to the center of the room. "Can you hear me?
    Someone is summoning to life the ancient mythological DRAGONS!"

    "Yes!" Storm, Ronan, and Vixen Sonoma shouted.

    "Ok what's the game plan?" Neireid asked.

    "Search for whomever may be summoning these mythic dragons." Harriet directed.

    Following her we returned to the halls. I heard her mutter. "Such narrow hallways!!"

    "No idea where to go?" asked Faustus as we search.

    Vixen Sonoma shook her head. "No clue, I am just following."

    "The blind leading the blind." Neireid laughed.

    Turning, Harriet frowned at them. "We are searching for whomever may be summoning those mythical dragon kin, Whoever they are they are a powerful mage and must be stopped!"

    "Lets check around here." she went into a small room, stopping when she saw a strange idol on the table. "Wait what is this? Has anyone seen this before?"

    "Some head...whoa...boar" Neireid studied it. "dragon?"

    I moved over to look. "Hmmm, yes when we came to rescue you."

    Demoss agreed. "Last time I was here."

    She wiped away some dust. "It says...Guardian."

    Unable to stop myself, I tapped it. "Well good news it didn't do anything.

    Vixen Sonoma as curious as I was tried a spell. "Casting did nothing either."

    "Stand back. "Harriet glared at both of us. "It seems to be a relic of some sort." Harriet picked it up and the eyes began to glow. " Look out everyone Oh dear...back up something is happening."

    Yep it had summoned yet another of mythical dragon. Ayida-Weddo.
    18.jpg 19.jpg

    After the battle...seemed a shame to kill such a dragon. Harriet took a pin out of her hair...shaking out her hair she used the pin on the idol.


    "Hmm. It isn't made of any kind of stone." She observed. "We will have to have the king look at this.

    "Bones?" suggested Vixen Sonoma.

    "Scale?" added Amethyst.

    Harriet shrugged. " While we are here let's put a stop to those spinning energy cores." She started down the hall. "Be careful there may be more Juka coming. She stopped in front of the glowing spheres.

    She quickly pulled her hand back after getting shocked touching one.

    "Careful Harriet." I looked at her hand. "Can we destroy them?"

    "It's a trap." Neireid looked around for Juka. "Careful."

    "Hmmm." Harriet used the hair pin on the core.


    "Boy, I hope that pin isn't made of gold, copper or iron." I whispered.

    "I can't seem to get it to turn off!!" Harriet exclaimed.

    "Pull the plug?" Melodie suggested.

    "More Juka!" Harriet shouted picking the idol back up. "OH NO!!"


    As they did we heard a dragon roar. "Crimson Dragons!" I shouted. "It summoned Crimsons dragons."
    26.jpg 27.jpg

    I saw the idol crumble to dust as the last Crimson dragon died.

    "Everyone! The Idol has turned to dust in my hands?' Harriet brushed off her hands. "What could this have been...how.."

    " A pet ball for the gods." Vixen Sonoma mused.

    "Let's get out of here." Hearing the energy cores begin to whine, Harriet ran back to the entrance of the dungeon. "Everyone through the gate quickly! I cannot turn off the energy cores. They may blow up at any time. Save yourselves!"

    We didn't need any encouragement to follow. "Well I won't miss that dungeon." I sighed on the other side. Then went inside to sit down and catch my breath.

    "This mystery will remain unsolved... for now." Harriet sighed. "By the Gods! what an awful turn of events!"

    "All in a day's work. "Ronan laughed.

    "That was very disturbing." I commented. "Who has that much power."

    "I would have liked to have looked at it further." Harriet sprinkled dust from her backpack. "But it is just dust now."

    "Someone didn't want the King's mages to study it." I commented.

    "A self Destruct perhaps?" Harriet replied. "And what of the mage...what was his name?"

    "The Atagoni Zealot?" I asked.

    "We have not seen him. I think that is strange." Harriet mused. "The reports I got said he took great pleasure in causing havoc."

    "That he did." I agreed.

    "That was so destructive tonight. I was afraid the energy coils were about to overheat. If they blow there won't be anything left for the healers to resurrect." Harriet stated. "As of this moment no one is to return to the area alone."

    "Perhaps those healers should also leave." I suggested. "I'd hate to see them die after all they did for us."

    "Good thinking Tamais. The healers will be sent for." Harriet wiped her dusty hands on her robe again. "It appears we have more work to do."

    Vixen Sonoma frowned "I would be careful with the dust."

    "We will find out who took me. And why!" Harriet looked down at her robe. "I must go change and report to the king. I will call upon you again soon." She walked out the door trying to carefully brush off the dust.

    Instead of returning home, I went to the Lycaeum. I needed to look at an old book I had seen there a long time ago.​

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