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New Headquarters Attacked

We have a spy. A week after Officer La Rey showed us our new secret Navy headquarters, we were under attack. How could they have known since we...
By Tamais, Jun 21, 2019 | |
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  1. Going to the new Royal Navy meeting hall I found it empty. A note had been left on the desk. Important news meet at the hall!

    Hurrying to the hall, I found my fellow Navy volunteers. We didn't wait long until Officer La Rey called us to order.

    "Hello Friends, Citizens, and fellow Navy members. Thank you all for coming." she nodded at our greetings.

    "Mean looking blade," Vixen Sonoma whispered to me.
    I nodded.
    "We have a situation at hand," She informed us. "Our Royal spies report back that several pirates in Buc's den are less than happy with our presence there."

    Vixen Sonoma laughed. "Understandable, if I was a pirate I'd be unhappy as well."

    2.jpg 1.jpg

    "Oh?!" Vixen Sonoma said.

    I frowned, "Only one way to find out."

    "Turn over a few rocks?" Vixen asked.

    La Rey nodded, "Although the time is sketchy we believe it is tonight." She looked around at us. "I would like you all to consider a relocation place for our royal Navy meetings."

    Oh, boy! I thought. I know the perfect place. My favorite pub, the Cat's Lair. A perfect spot, close to the docks and the castles. Before I could suggest it, we were lead outside.

    "But we will not allow rogue pirates know they have run us off," Officer La Rey scowled.

    People shouted in disagreement. Wendy spoke for us all. "We should not back down!"

    La Rey held up her hand. "Instead it will be our decision to move in order to keep the peace between the factions in Buc's Den."

    The angry muttering continued. Driven off by a bunch of scurvy pirates. After all of our efforts to keep them under control. It didn't seem right.

    "Meanwhile we should go there tonight," La Rey ordered. We need to reinforce our presences as the dominated force for now. Perhaps keeping any other would-be attackers at bay whilst we find a new location for our base of operations."

    "I say let's go!" Vixen Sonoma shouted. "Kick a few rocks over and see what crawls out from under it.

    "I have hired one Navy healer for us this eve. He will be on the bridge. Trust not any other." she warned.

    "Hope it he is a good healer," Vixen Sonoma commented hopefully.
    While the headquarters had been empty earlier, we found hirelings now occupying it. Determined not to let them think they won. We engaged them.​

    4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg

    While fighting Vixen noticed Gunners coming from the back room. "You think there is a tunnel in the back room??" Vixen shouted to me.​

    "That would explain how they are getting in here," I agreed. "Maybe hidden under one of the chests."

    I moved quietly into the room to begin looking around.


    8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg

    Not finding the entrance, I started to return to the main hall, when I heard Vixen Sonoma shout rat! I just had time to hid. That was one large rat.


    12.jpg 13.jpg

    Back in the main room, Vixen Sonoma pulled me aside. "Ok, so where did that lovely Naval officer run off?"

    I explained that she had been called to the docks. Our ships were under attack. and that she would return as soon as possible.

    More and more of the ship's crews arrived. Such strange alliances, orcs, rats, titans, humans, and others.


    15.jpg 16.jpg 17.jpg


    19.jpg 20.jpg 21.jpg


    24.jpg 25.jpg 26.jpg


    28.jpg 29.jpg 30.jpg

    I heard cries for help coming from outside. Going to see if it was another group of pirates attacking from the docks. I saw the healer fighting with himself. Casting an ev, I hoped it would attack the right one. I saw it did when it began to fight a copy of me. CHANGElING!. I hate changelings. The healer shouted its name "Serado the Awakened, master of disguise.

    32.jpg 33.jpg 34.jpg
    35.jpg 36.jpg

    Officer La Rey arrived as Serado fell in defeat. Her sword bloodied and her clothes covered in soot. Too tired to speak she opened a gate and returned us to the hall.

    She put down a pirates Monoscope, a trophy from the pirate commander. Thanking us for our brave deeds, she bowed leaving to report to the king.

    May's Drop. 37.jpg 38.jpg

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