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New Theme - Blue Steel!

As discussed in my previous article, we implemented a new theme in order to bring our Site up to date, ensure it continues working as we update...
  1. As discussed in my previous article, we implemented a new theme in order to bring our Site up to date, ensure it continues working as we update the software, reorganize things for easier navigation, and move toward a better user interface. Now that theme is here and it is called, Blue Steel (compliments to Zoolander).

    Blue Steel is the default theme for all forum guests and registered users. Registered users have the option to continue using UO Classic, but I will warn you that UO Classic is depricated and will not likely survive future forum upgrades and will not have all the same features available as Blue Steel.

    The new theme has a couple new useful tools and many simple aesthetic improvements. For example, the forum categories can be collapsed so that you can get to the forum you are looking for faster. When scrolling through threads, you will also notice that the index number displays at the top right to let you know what post you are viewing in case you need to refer back or are wondering how many are left. There are a few other neat things that you'll discover as you play around with the website.


    Premium Stratics members have several new options. They can now use the Ad Styler and Color tools to customize their font style, font color, and background texture. This week we will also be rolling out some special Ultima Online themed backgrounds for Premium members that we hope you will enjoy. We will continue to add themes for Premium members as we are able. Lastly, Premium members will be able to collapse their sidebar now, if desired.

    You will also notice that we added a ton of useful tools to our footer. These feature include quick links to our user agreements and rules, Facebook page, Twitter Page, Donations, and Subscriptions.

    Speaking of Donations, they have returned. We really appreciate your participation in the forums and would also appreciate your donations to help maintain the server, license, and other operating costs. We can also use the donation feature to help us fund new projects as desired.

    We have also taken some time to restructure a bit. You have now noticed that the forums are located at http://stratics.com/ instead of http://stratics.com/community/. Our forums are the most popular part of the website, so we decided that they should be the landing page to get people to where they want to go more efficiently. Don't worry, we used redirects so that all previous bookmarks should still work and our SEO is preserved. The former http://stratics.com new Guide website has been removed from view for an indeterminate amount of time, but the well know older Guides are still available using a new main menu link from the forums or directly at http://uo2.stratics.com.

    So you can see that we've been busy. We are trying to work to improve your experience and I hope that you enjoy the new features!

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