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No Love For Queen Sunev

Returning home, I was surprised to see a basket on my door step. Taking it inside I was surprised to see inside it, a slice of wedding cake and a...
By Tamais, Mar 3, 2017 | |
  1. We met with the Royal Guard hoping for news of Jack.

    My guards had not seen signs either Jack or Sunev. They did report that they had tried to chase off Rocko but he kept sneaking around the area.

    At last the Royal Guard joined us.


    "Any sign of Jack?" I asked.

    She shook her head. "Many guards as well as fighters and concerned friends to the crown have searched the area but haven't found anything."

    "Poor Jack." Sighed Toodles.

    "I want to ask the shield maiden if she has seen or heard from our friend Jack. " The Royal guard lead us outside. " I will gate us to Yew. Lets start there."

    Outside the guard looked around "Does anyone have a rune to the area?"

    Quickly someone opened a gate. "Come let us investigate the Shield maiden" the Royal guide stepped through.

    We found her inside the blacksmith shop. "What news of Jack?" I asked her. "Have you seen him?"

    "Not a soul that I've seen." The Shield maiden answered. "But Rocko out there, He's got an eye on everything."

    "Everything?" The Royal King's Guard replied thoughtfully. " Hmm, sounds like he may know something."


    We found Rocko leaning against a Yew tree.​

    "Have you seen Jack?" The Guard questioned.

    Rocko studied us. "Naw, I ain't seen him since the last time I told ya.

    The Guard looked at him suspecting he wasn't telling all. "Hmm, What about the demoness Sunev?"

    Sea Salt pushed up to the front. "How much for information, Sir?"

    Rocko rubbed his hands greedily.


    I frowned, he had seen the deamoness. Why hadn't my guards. If they had been drunk again... I shook my head sadly remembering the last time on of my guards had passed out from wine. Don't they ever learn.

    "An ingot?" The Guard scowled at him. "Seriously? Someone please get this man an ingot."

    I hurried into the blacksmith shop to buy and ingot. Returning handed it to Rocko. "Now tell us what you know!"

    "No need to get like that." Rocko stepped back from me. "Sunev uses the word 'sanctum' at that deep hole and she gets teleported somewhere."​


    "A password." The King's guard repeated the word. "Quick, go to the hole and is if it works. She took off running with us close behind her.​

    Arriving at the hole, she stood on the hole... "sanctum". Poof she was gone.
    One by one we repeated the word and followed her. We found ourselves in the cave Sunev had bragged about. We were greeted by her Succubus servants and followers.​

    Slowly we fought out way into the main cavern. Hearing Jack calling for help, I followed his voice . I found Jack locked behind a wall.


    Carefully people began searching for a way to free him...tapping on the wall...pushing protruding rocks. The result of our search was the summoning of Guardians and angry Guards , who took their job seriously.



    Watching the battle, I was taking notes for my next ballad. Hearing I jumped in surprise.​

    "I am so glad you have come to rescue me." Jack sighed in relief.

    "The king sent us." I explained. "are you alright?

    He nodded. "I have worked my way through this prison. He looked nervously around. "The Succubus will back soon. "

    "We'll protect you." I motioned to those who had gathered around him. "Stay close."

    Jack shivered. "Oh, these guards are dangerous!"

    I pointed to the back wall, well away from the fighting. "Stay up there."

    Watching him go to the wall, I returned to heal the brave fighters. After a bit I rejoined him.

    "What day is it?" Jack asked worried.

    "The day of your wedding." I smiled at him


    "What if Sunev returns" Jack stared at the entrance to the chamber.

    "We'll take care of her." I assured him.

    Rustina nodded. "We're stronger together."

    Val and others formed a protective wall in front of him.

    "I know of a spell." Reassured, Jack's voice was stronger. "I will need a few items.

    Rustina listened carefully taking note of each item.

    "Please hand me some mandrake root and one black pearl." Jack put out his hand. "I will gate us directly to Nujelm. My wedding must take place immediately!!"

    People looked at each other. Mandrake roots... black pearls. Who carried regents with them any more.

    "OOOPS" Val voiced what others were thinking.

    "Here Jack." People stared at me. "What? I asked. "I never leave home without them. Never know when they might come in handy.

    Lady Toodles laughed. "Tamais, you are so funny."

    "Thank god for that you do." Val agreed.

    Jack grabbed my regent bag. "Thank you for the regs now I can
    He began casting the spell with only a fizzle. "This is going to be hard," He explained. "I am not a good mage."

    I laughed as did other mages. How use we were to those spells fizzling.


    Rustina closed her eyes to concentrate. The room filled with the sound of Ommmm as JKELICH AThaloz, StinkyPinkyll, Toodles and TameAkon lead us in the chant.

    With our energy Jack was able to open a gate. Following him we stepped into the courtyard of the Nujelm Palace...the garden ready for the wedding.
    "I feel the love of my Anne!' Jack shouted to us and ran into the garden.

    I ran after him, thinking was a trap. I ran into the waiting arms of a wedding party raider. "Ooops, watch out for the Wedding raiders!" I shouted as the world went grey.


    Running to a healer, I noticed that Sunev was watching from a nearby roof.

    Seeing the raiders being beat back, Sunev flew to the center of the garden. "There will be no Wedding today!" she cried and summoned her servants.


    Undeterred, our forces rallied and attacked. The battle fierce and deadly.

    All the while Sunev shouted at us. "Die Evil doers. My followers will kill you!"

    Running to find my friend Gertrude, a local healer, I shook my head in disbelief. We are the evil doers...really.

    "My followers protect what is mine." Sunev demanded as one by one the followers fell.

    Her followers defeated, Sunev joined the battle. "Where is Jack my beloved!!!

    I looked around, where was Jack? I had not seen him since the fighting had begun. No matter, there were people and pets that needed healing. I hope he had found a safe place to hide.



    Back and forth the battle raged. First on the walk way then into the garden again.
    At times it looked as if the deaths would never end. Warriors and dragons, falling faster than the mages and tamers could heal.
    Just when I thought all was lost, Sunev fell to the ground.

    Silence filled the air except for one joyful voice. "You are my Heroes!" Jack shouted. "While you were distracting the succubus.


    Cheers of congratulations filled the air.​

    Jack beamed at us, "Thank you so much! We are so happy!"

    "Yes, hopefully you know what you got yourself into." Cowboy grinned.

    Seeing Jack's puzzled look, I began laughing.

    Jack pointed to a teleport that had appeared. "I'm off on my honeymoon but here is a teleport back to your base. With a wave he was gone.

    Returning to the hall, we found that Anne had left her hope chest with a note. "I don't need this now. Perhaps one of you can."


    To my surprise no one moved to take it. I quietly slipped out of the hall. Marriage is not for the King's Bard...to dangerous.

    I returned to garden. Looking at the beauty I sighed. I had so looked forward to the wedding cake and wine.


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