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Not My Wine!

Disturbed I reread the Abbot's report. The winery under attack. Cask and vines destroyed. I hurried to meet with the other Royal Spies and...
By Tamais, May 26, 2016 | |
  1. As instructed, the Royal Spies and I met with Lady Dahila. She was glad to report that our adventure in Umbra seemed to be successful. The citizens had not had any more problems.

    Lady Thalia reported that UMP and others had finished cleaning up the last remaining spiders.

    She looked at her notes. "More good news, the King has made headway with the Ambassadors. Though no cities are willing to house the Emporium."

    "Can't blame them after Trinsic's run in with the Traversis Emporium." I observed. People nodded in agreement.

    "One disturbing note," Dahlia frowned. "I've been told that Evidias is having odd nightmares.

    "About?" I asked wondering if they were related to the attack on the vineyard.

    "She won't talk about them." she replied. " When I asked the other Weld, they said that she hadn't been sleeping well." Lady Dahlia rolled up her notes.


    I quickly stood up. "My Lady, the abbot at the Yew vineyards sent me a distressing note that something has been attacking the winery. He requests that we send help."

    "Lead the way Governor Tamais. We will shall investigate." she followed me outside.
    As I stepped into the gate to Yew, I heard some one laughing, "Can't let Tamias run out of wine."

    Arriving at the Winery, we found the abbot's report was indeed a serious matter. The vineyard, winery, and the monks were being attacked by strange ferret type creatures and giant bugs.
    While I didn't have time to study them, those bugs looked familiar. No matter, I thought joining the battle.







    It seemed as if the battle would never end. Wave after wave of Shadow walkers and Mind Walkers attacked.

    Our forces spread out in the attempt to keep them from spreading down to the sheep pens.

    On the way, I found myself face to face with a Denizen of the Mired. Not daring to breath, I closed my eyes hoping the fearful sight would go away. After all everyone knows if you can't see the monster, it can't see you. Feeling the cold fade away, I opened my eyes in surprise. It worked!


    While small groups mopped up the rest of the creatures, some of us joined Dahlia in front of the winery.
    With a puzzled look, she took her sword and poked at a Mind Walker. "I think I've seen a drawing of these before."

    "A drawing?" I asked "Where?"

    "Evidia's Desk?" I repeated in shock. I remembered Dahlia telling us that Evidias was having nightmares. Surely these creatures weren't from her dreams.

    Dahlia nodded, "It was definitely on her desk, I know I shouldn't have looked, but I was concerned.

    Lady Thalia seemed to have the same idea. "Could these be from her nightmares? Sometimes her dreams come to life."

    "I'm not sure, she has refused to speak about what she saw." Dahlia replied her voice full of worry.

    Worried I looked at her. "Should she be watched? To have her nightmares come to life...."

    "The Weld are watching her. Surely if her nightmares were coming alive, Marouk would have noticed." Dahlia answered hesitantly. Then raising and eyebrow she looked up at the sky.

    "We need to be prepared for it. He wouldn't say what it was exactly, just that he would need your help and would be there to deal with it personally along side you." Dahlia informed us.

    "Wow!" Lady Thalia declared, "If Time Without Dreams is concerned, that has to be one big problem."

    I shaking my head, I muttered to myself...when it rains it pours. Then asked "Did he say what?"

    No, only that it was a Weld matter." Dahlia replied. "If you wish not to be in the middle of it, you don't have to be there."

    "Hum," I said thoughtfully. "The other Weld and the Emporium?

    "Possible, he has been keeping an eye on them." Dahlia smiled, "I'm surprised he is giving Diplomacy a try instead of leading the attack since they threatened Evidias and our weld." She paused, "Still he has been alive longer than any of us, perhaps caution is better.

    We nodded in agreement. No one could doubt Time Without Dreams' wisdom.


    After the rest had left, I took one more look at the damage done. With a sigh I returned to write my report for the King.

    Your Royal Majesty, King Blackthorn,

    I fear the news from the Yew Abby and winery is dire. The monks' last report, informed me the cellar had been broken into and most of the wine kegs destroyed. Large mounds of dirt were found in the vineyards with the plants roots eaten. They fear that this year's wine supply will be affected.

    Your Bard and servant

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