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Notes From The Governors Meeting 10-10-15

By Drakelord, Oct 11, 2015 | |
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  1. A concern Citizen of Trinsic view of the meeting as told by her.

    Far from home and one not of warrior, mage, she has traveled far from her home of Trinsic to the great city of Britain, the capital of Britannia to voice a concern of the city's stone and the absent of its Governor upon it and the lack of any trade agreements upon that city charter.

    She wonder lost, asking directions several times from those around her till finally she had arrived at Blackthorn Castle. Gripping her staff tightly she walked to where the meeting was to take place. Seeing someone, she assume to be as she was, sitting in a group of chairs set to the rear of the huge stone table she joined her. Greetings were exchanged, small talk, more and more were arriving, she watched in awe as warriors and mages took seats at the stone table. These were the Governors of the cities. Then another surprise, the women she had sat next to moved to a seat at the table, by all that was holy, she had been speaking to the Governor of Britain!
    Suddenly all were rising to their feet, an tall striking individual was among them, all were bowing, or curtsying in his direction, she realized this was the King! Quickly she rose to feet and curtsy. The King moved through the small group to the huge table, quick nods here and there, a small wave as he acknowledged all that were presented. His eyes were quick to see all that were here and a small frown appeared for a brief moment then was gone. He moved to the table standing to the rear of his seat he motion all there to be seating as he also sat down.

    Not one for small talk the King quickly called the meeting to order. All Governors presented were asked for the current status of their city. Most gave glowing reports, however one concern Governor brought to the King's attention the recent fishing contest and the concerns of one of his Citizen turning his record keeping "Fairy Salmon" in at the wrong location. Notes were taken, words spoken.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Finally the King turn to the Governor of Trinsic, April Showers, and spoke.
    * Her grip upon her staff tighten as she listened.*

    (King Blackthorn)

    It has been brought to my attention you never accepted the position of Governor from the stone.

    (April Showers)
    Pretty sure I did.

    (King Blackthorn)
    When did you accept from the stone?

    *Well to make a long story shorter,it seems there was a glitch with the Trinsic City stone. All was explained to all there, and the matter was closed.*

    (But not before our concern Citizen of Trinsic officially announced her attentions to run for the Office of Governor of Trinsic in November.)

    Next our King ask of the recent events with Hawkwind and of the new lands Endor. He also sought any news of the sighting of Minax and her current location there. Something was said regarding a "Tower of Shadowguard". And of the people there, all contact with them had been met with attacks from them, "none have tried to communicate", she heard another speak that they were "just plain mean".
    (King Blackthorn)
    They sound primitive, like the savages that live in the swamps.

    *More talk regarding investigating these new lands*

    Please issue a call to arms. In about 30 days time we shall send a party in to investigate further. Gather your citizens, arm them.

    (Governor Galahad)
    As you wish.

    (King Blackthorn)
    I will make note with Cameron and you will hear the times announced by the town criers.

    In the mean time there is a bit of trouble closer to home.

    (all looked at him to continue)

    The hag known as Grizelda has sent complaints. Sometime this coming week the guard will be sent to investigate.

    It appears she has gone simple insane, but we cannot be sure. She's never complained about things before now. Town criers should have details soon of when and where.

    Now is there anyone that wishes to speak from the gallery?

    I would speak if I may?
    (King Blackthorn)
    Lavendar please
    I thank thee, your Majesty. I have realized there is no Governor for the fair city of Vesper. I would like to offer to serve this community and the City of Vesper.
    (King Blackthorn)
    Is the stone of Vesper unclaimed?
    In the position of Governor for the Interim. I see no governor on the stone and no name.
    (Queen Mum)
    *Aye Sire*. *Pending your appointment*.
    It would seem no one ran for that election. I will plan to run next election but I would like to offer to step in during this interim time.
    (King Blackthorn)
    Is there any objection to this assignment?
    so that someone may be overseeing her needs.
    Sounds like a good idea to me.
    (King Blackthorn)
    I feel Vesper will be happy to have someone step up if there is no one who has.
    (Queen Mum)
    *I highly support Lady Lavendar for this position of Vesper Governor*.
    (April Showers)
    No objection from Trinsic.
    (King Blackthorn) Very good.

    Does anyone else wish to speak?

    (Green Arrow)
    Aye sire, I do.

    *the question brought forth was about the absent Governors and why they were unable to attend these meetings. The king stated that it is difficult to fine a time that works for everyone. But some sort of participation is necessary. Queen Mum pointed out that one Governor's absent could not be help, matters of life prevented him to being presented. Had this table been round the words spoken during this heated conversation would have rolled like a wheel as all sought to speak during this.*

    (King Blackthorn)
    Is there anyone else who wishes to speak? The we shall go to Vesper.

    *Congratulation Lavendar*

    Thus end this report;

    Sergeant Drakelord.

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