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Now Please, Save Custard! Save Britannia From Death By Hampster!

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  1. An urged call for help. Arriving at the EM Hall.​

    You see: Calaman Baare [Nerd]
    You see: Dalton the Barkeep
    You see: Magichands [UWSP]
    You see: Cherokee [ECH] [VvV]
    You see: Nicolette the Waiter
    You see: an anti-virtue cult leader
    You see: HO HO HOmicide
    You see: Tanager the Brewer
    Kenzie Mori: small crowd.
    Hawkwinds Horrible Hampster.jpg
    Hawkwind: Alas! Alack! Poor Custard! My poor little hampster!
    *looks around*
    Hawkwinds Horrible Hampster1.jpg
    Ah, forgive me materializing like this! How rude of me!
    I am Hawkwind.
    *shows name badge on robe*
    Would anyone like a jelly baby?
    *you feel a strange sweet appearing in your mouth*
    I am a Time Lord
    but don't let that worry you
    Hmm. You all look fairly capable. Perhaps you are feeling helpful?
    You see, I was distracted a brief moment while traveling in time.
    I was inspecting this new year, little Custard - that's my pet hampster - well, he bit me.
    *nurses bandaged finger*
    It's my fault, I hadn't fed him at the usual time.
    Well, that distracted me, and we crashed, sending my pod's time energy everywhere.
    Hawkwinds Horrible Hampster2.jpg
    Poor Custard was badly affected. It may have driven him crazy.
    He may have grown a little bit bigger than the average hampster.
    His time energies may be affecting the local wildlife as well.
    Kenzie Mori: *raise hand*
    Tanager: oh my
    Hawkwind: Yes?
    Kenzie Mori: How big is this pet?
    Hawkwind: Oh, not very big
    Calaman Baare: YES
    Hawkwind: larger than a horse
    We were quick to point out how big a horse is.
    Hawkwind: He is currently running amok in the legendary mages' city of Wind. You know the place? As he goes, he absorbs more and more of the city's magic.
    Kenzie Mori: hummm
    Hawkwind: Eventually he will explode, the poor dear little thing! That explosion will leave a crater from Ice Island to Jhelom!
    Hawkwind: So, here is where you come in. Near my pod is a tree.
    Tanager: no way to save him?
    Hawkwind: Custard likes the apples from the pies that grow on it
    Hawkwind: *licks lips*
    Hawkwind: What? You never heard of an apple pie tree? You must try to get out more!
    Magichands: i want one !
    Hawkwind: Regardless, you will need to throw the pies to him.
    Tanager: *giggle*
    Hawkwind: But there's a problem, you see. He likes the apples, but hates the pastry. It drives him mad. So he might be a tiny bit vicious. Do watch yourselves, won't you? When he has eaten enough, he will go into a death-like sleep. Then I can take him away, and restore him to normal!Now, you might have heard that only mages can enter Wind. Normally that would be true, but I can breach their veil for you! I can help you to enter Wind, whether you have magery, or not!
    With those words a gate was prepared;
    Hawkwind: Now please, save Custard! Save Britannia from death by Hampster!
    Hawkwinds Horrible Hampster3.jpg
    When we exit the gate we found ourself in the middle of a forest valley near what appeared to be a BIG BLUE box. Debris laid about outside the Box, energy seem to “SNAP, CRACKLE, POP” all over that box. However we did not have a lot of time to take a closer look as we came under attack from the beast that haunted these woods. Some were normal, Nightmares, Wind Ele’s but others had been affected by the Box exposed energy. For a bit we were more concern with them then the Box and a missing pet.
    Hawkwinds Horrible Hampster4.jpg
    I never saw the tree Lord Hawkwind spoke of, I was far to busy with fighting, healing, resing etc.. Others however did.
    Hawkwind: Hello! You made it! You need to get pies from the tree! The pies will slow him down, trust me!
    Hawkwinds Horrible Hampster5.jpg
    Finally, after what seems to be forever the horse size Hampster fell at the feet of his master.
    Hawkwinds Horrible Hampster6.jpg
    Hawkwind: My poor Custard! Speak to me lad! squeek or something! He is not dead, just full of pie I will be able to transport him to safety once my pod is fixed and then I can heal him and get him back to normal he will shed this massive skin, and be back to normal size any moment
    *waves hands in a timely manner*
    there! see?

    We watched in amazement that huge hampster just kept getting smaller and smaller till he was just a little bittle guy once more. He will recover now thank you so much my friends! I am amazed that you brought him to heel so quickly now, you have plenty of pie to eat for the next day *casually tosses a pie over shoulder*
    Hawkwinds Horrible Hampstertree.jpg
    and you should have a small replica of the tree to remember Custard by

    He went on to speak of maybe calling forth something more for us to fight or a gate out, most ask for the gate.

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Tamais
    PROS - Fun write up
    That sounds like it was a fun event. Got to love the doctor who reference. One of my favorite shows. Glad you saved that sweet hamster.
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