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Our October Shard Hunt Compliment Of Em Topaz

Our first shard hunt with EM Topaz provided us the chance to do several champs. Two of them I have never had the chance to die at. We started...
By Tamais, Oct 20, 2016 | |
  1. Excitedly, we meet EM Topaz at the Britain Hall. Tonight we were going on a shard hunt. I couldn't wait to see what we were hunting. While we waited, vorpal bunnies suddenly appeared.


    EM Topaz arrived early and was as excited as we were.
    KYD: hello
    Malakhi: Hello and Evening
    Thalia: Hail
    EM Topaz: Hello everyone!
    Tamais : greetings
    Calley: hi
    DarkFire: hi
    Gold Rush: hail
    Giles: Evening
    angel: hio
    EM Topaz: I am a full minute early!
    KYD: i c
    Tamais : *laughs*
    DarkFire: wow

    Giles: kill things?
    EM Topaz: We could
    EM Topaz: Do any peerless we feel like doing
    EM Topaz: Or we could do the guantelet I bet you havent been there in a while
    EM Topaz: Or
    EM Topaz: We could do the turtle spawn
    EM Topaz: or some spawn in fel if you want to get scrolls
    EM Topaz: Or we could kill crimson dragons all night
    EM Topaz: And this isn'
    EM Topaz: Isn't part of our story line
    EM Topaz: this is just a shard hunt for fun
    Giles: :)
    EM Topaz: *tilts head to the side*
    EM Topaz: We are looking for something we could all do together
    Tamais : since we can't always get large groups
    KYD: turtle works for me
    EM Topaz: Umm we could do slashers
    EM Topaz: we could do any combination of any of them
    Sphinkter: ew something that drops garg armor please
    EM Topaz: Let me hear some suggestions what do you all think
    Giles: *claps*
    EM Topaz: We could go flatten Shame or another dungeon
    KYD: turtle good, kotl would be fun
    Demoss: slasher time
    Giles: slasher always good, shimmering
    Thalia: you could toss random hard monsters as a way to caliberate future event monsters
    Giles: the champ spawn in beldam or labrynth
    EM Topaz: oooo you guys want to try to get the champ up in the labreyth?
    Sphinkter: yes
    DarkFire: sure
    Tamais : wow that is one i've not done
    Giles: :)
    Demoss: ah tormented minitaurs
    Thalia: Meraktus
    EM Topaz: Right on then Lets go kill some stuff!
    EM Topaz: I am gonna rummage for the coordinates so I can gate us
    And away we went. I decided the safest way for me was to travel in stealth.
    EM Topaz: Ok we all set?
    Sphinkter: aye
    Duke: lol
    Giles: yep
    Duke: u go first
    EM Topaz: Fire em up I think we are gonna rip this dungen apart!
    Crypto: rofl


    <10414493>EM Topaz: Double click the door to get inside
    <10414493>EM Topaz: Kill everything that isn't us!!!
    Luckly for several of us, healers began to appear
    <10414493>EM Topaz: Gary here is a res as well
    <10414493>EM Topaz: Forbes here will res you​


    As large as our group was, we moved pretty fast to the spawn area.

    <10414493>EM Topaz: Several over here
    <27329495>Demoss: where does it take you?
    <10414493>EM Topaz: hmm? Level One!
    <10414493>EM Topaz: you guys are doing good see the message on the side of the screen will tell you.


    <9591804>Giles: had no idea the spawn was so slow
    10414493>EM Topaz: it should pick up, although we have a lot of people here
    <9591804>Giles: aye, not complaining, just never relly done it
    <26337376>Mylene: hi everyone - where's the chaos?
    10414493>EM Topaz: we are presently in the labrynth theres a gate to here at the em hall
    <10414493>EM Topaz: level up!<
    A minotaur captain barks an order to his fellow scouts, "Aid the others! Kill the invaders!"
    <9591804>Giles: they must have slow messengers
    <29304172>KYD: uh nooo
    Because the spawn was so slow. It was decided to do a turtle spawn.
    EM Topaz: Everyone gather round
    <10414493>EM Topaz: Everyone I am inside near the spawn if you see me please gather round​

    ChocolateThunder: something else
    Crypto: something else.
    EM Topaz: Ok lets go meet back at the EM hall ok
    <10414493>EM Topaz: Everyone lets go meet back at the EM Hall there is a gate right outside
    EM Topaz: I got a couple of requests to do the Turtle spawn
    EM Topaz: Want to do that or Slasher?
    After some discussion EM Topaz came up with a great comprise.
    EM Topaz: How about we do the turtle and then go do slasher.
    EM Topaz: I think with this many people the turtle will go fast


    <10414493>EM Topaz: when you are finished looting come to the alter everyone
    Though I died a couple of times, our group quickly finished off the Dragon Turtle. Then we were off to Slasher.


    <10414493>EM Topaz: wow you guys are killing him fast! Let's do a couple of these ss
    <10414493>EM Topaz: lets do a few of these then maybe go back and kill the turtle again
    127<Skadi: aaaaaaaa
    79495>Tamais : sounds lilke a plan
    <10414493>EM Topaz: body is EAST
    EM Topaz: Moved it east so you wouldnt die loooting
    Tamais : so thats the bad guy
    EM Topaz: Want to kill another or go do turtle?
    Tamais : trick or treating is so much safer
    Tamais : what ever people want
    Sphinkter: thanks for the corpse move
    <12779495>Tamais : do we want to do another slasher
    <12779495>Tamais : or a turtle?
    <10414493>EM Topaz: So what does the shard want more slashers or a turtle
    <7290785>Fink u Freeky: more slasher
    <7951853>Wat Pomp: slasher slasher slasher
    <12779495>Tamais : well he is here.



    <10414493>EM Topaz: haha ok I have about 45 minutes so lets murder some more slashers and get some good loot
    After several Slashers, we returned to the Dragon Turtle spawn.
    EM Topaz: ok guys lets do one more turtle
    EM Topaz: then call it a night
    EM Topaz: Let me gate us to a moongate
    <10414493>EM Topaz: lets meet at Eodon Moongate



    <10260135>Panama: where is everyone now?
    <10414493>EM Topaz: Brigid do you need help getting your body?
    <10414493>EM Topaz: We are at the turtle spawn
    EM Topaz: Tamais dont die!
    <12779495>Tamais : *laughs* but dying at events is in my job description
    <12779495>Tamais : do we have healers?
    <10414493>EM Topaz: there is one yellow healer to the south east of the altar
    <10414493>EM Topaz: start working your way towards the alter everyone
    <10414493>EM Topaz: one more white skull
    <10414493>EM Topaz: ooohh we lost em!
    EM Topaz: Someone drug it north!
    <10414493>EM Topaz: Turtle is up at the alter


    Tamais : i agree
    EM Topaz: I had fun too
    Beto Carreiro: ty for the fun!
    EM Topaz: Well, I try to do my best to have something for everyone
    Tamais : this was really sweet of you
    Sphinkter: was a blast
    EM Topaz: Hey I want to do it more often
    EM Topaz: At least once a month anyway
    After the event broke up, I went to Luna to clean out my backpack and to see the cool Halloween deco EM Topaz had started. Imagine my surprise to find a turtle egg. Now I have a prize for the next event I do.


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