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Party Crashers

I looked once more in the mirror. I had to look my best for Lady Harriet's special event. Little did I know that soon my grand outfit would join...
By Tamais, Sep 21, 2018 | |
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  1. We eagerly waited for Harriet's arrival. Today she was to become a Lady by the King's order. Joining us,she looked radiant in her new white gown and golden slippers.
    1.jpg 2.jpg
    The hall erupted with cheering and clapping.

    Cathy Earnshaw stood and bowed low.

    "Yeah!" shouted TameAkon.

    "Congrats." Vixen Sonoma added.

    Lady Harriet smiled. "We were going to have a small get together in King Blackthorn's Castle. The fine Sherry the mouse has gotten permission from the King and made us a feast!"

    "WILL there be CAKE?!" Stinky Pinky III shouted.

    Laughter filled the room."Sherry will be joining us in Castle British." Lady Harriet explained.

    I smiled at seeing dear Sherry again. "So not Castle Blackthorn."

    Harriet nodded. "Yes, Tamais we will be heading to the old castle for the festivities. Sherry has asked for permission to host us. You are all invited to attend! There will be music, food, and dancing!"

    Radia and Kaci lead the cheering.

    "Shall we go and see what Sherry has for us?" Lady Harriet looked at us with excitement.

    "Better be cake!" Stinky Pinky III grumbled.

    "Aye M'Lady" Aradia stood ready to go. Cathy Earnshaw nodded at her.

    "Sure," Sphinkter said.

    Lady Harriet motioned to the door, " Come please let us go enjoy the evening!"

    Arriving at the castle, we followed Lady Harriet to the dining hall. There a feast awaited us.

    "Wow, the king's chefs outdid themselves." I sat down not know what to start with.

    "Food!!" Meili shouted entering the room.

    People found places at the table and began eating and drinking. Laughter filling the air.

    "This food is delicious. Lady Harriet commented tasting the lamb"

    Concerned she looked around. "Has anyone seen her? She promised she would greet us."

    "Not I," Cathy Earnshaw shook her head.

    "Nay, "Aradia said.

    "Running from a cat?" suggested Stilgar.

    "Hum, she does have mouse holes all over the place," I commented. "I hope she is okay."

    "Does anyone have the ability to get into form and seek Sherry?" Lady Harriet looked at us hopefully.

    "A cat should be able to find a mouse." mused Lesser Deamon.

    "Unless you are related to Jerry." Vixen Sonoma laughed.

    I had gone to the door check on of the mouse holes. When I noted a dead bullfrog. "Hmm, how did a bullfrog get in the castle?"

    "Beautiful' Aradia smiled.
    Cathy Earnshaw nodded. "Very nice."

    "Like the hair better," TameAkon stated.

    Epona added." Lady Harriet has golden slippers."

    Lady Harriet blushed. "Thank you!"

    "Wait... what...bullfrog, a dead bullfrog?" Lady Harriet looked at me puzzled. "Where?"

    "In the hall," Vixen Sonoma pointed. "dead now."

    "The cat killed it," Princess explained.

    Vixen Sonoma pointed. " There's another."

    Lesser Deamon walked around a dead frog, "Sherry isn't in her room."

    "Hmm." Harriet looked out at the frogs. "Cats are useful to have around, but Sherry doesn't care for them much. Perhaps that is why she is hiding."

    "Ooo Froggies everyplace!" exclaimed Aradia

    "Frog infestation here." Cathy Earnshaw agreed.

    Grinning Demoss picked one up, " Who's up for frog legs?"


    I shook my head, "How are they getting in?"

    "Would have to be a large sewer opening for frogs, hmm." Lesser Deamon began checking the walls.

    Sphinkter shouting ran towards us. "Guards! Help Me!!!"

    Vixen Sonoma shouted a warning, "IMP!"

    Not pausing Lady Harriet shouted " Guards!" The guards ran to kill the imp.

    "Now I think we need to investigate further if there are imps." Harriet kicked it.


    "I'd assume so," Skeptamystic said.

    "it could be, but they look too large to fit in Sherry's hole.
    Cathy Earnshaw nodded.

    Akazu, looking out the window, pointed. "Unstable rift outside.

    Lady Harriet hurried over. "What on earth is that? Let's go investigate. I wouldn't want anyone to get hurt. Does anyone know how to get down there?"

    "Where does this tear lead?" Lady Harriet studied the strange rift. Before we could stop her she stepped through.
    Popping back Lady Harriet motioned for us to follower her. " They seem to be moving between the rifts friends."
    The rift took us to the forest behind the castle and strange gelatinous mounds. Those seemed intent to devour us.



    11.jpg 12.jpg

    Keeping an eye on Lady Harriet, I saw that she had found another strange rift. "Where does this other rift lead?" she asked pointed.

    Before we could explore a Sewer Zombie stepped out of it. "Sewer Zombies?" Lady Harriet and I moved back.

    Rushing to our aid, Stilgar shouted, "They smell worse than rego zombies!"

    Lady Harriet smiled her thanks. " So we must investigate the sewers to see what is happening. But let's stay here and secure the castle first."

    Stinky Pinky III nodded, " Ya sounds like a plan and a trap."

    "Ugg... sewers... sorry all u dragon using tamers." Restless added thinking of the narrow passages.

    "We will send an investigation team later friends." Lady Harriet assured us. Harriet turned to the battle. " Do not worry about it now we must secure this area."


    14.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg

    Hearing a sound behind me I turned to see the royal guard coming through the rift to help protect the healers. They arrived just in time. The air was filling with a poisonous noxious gas.

    18.jpg 19.jpg 20.jpg

    More and more horrifying creatures appeared from the rift.
    22.jpg 23.jpg

    24.jpg 25.jpg

    27.jpg 28.jpg 29.jpg

    Hearing a strange music, my blood began to race and before I knew it had removed my clothes. "Eeek!" blushing I ran to a tree to dress.
    "Damn, bugs removing armor." Cathy Earnshaw commented while guarding me.

    Clothes back on I stepped out to see more people having the same problem. "Now this is getting embarrassing. All of us running around naked and fighting."

    31.jpg 32.jpg

    Glancing at the castle wall, I saw a creature watching the battle as if directing it. Seeing that it's fellow creatures were losing it joined the battle.


    34.jpg 35.jpg
    36.jpg 37.jpg
    38.jpg 39.jpg

    "Well, that was a mess." Snarl Bloodbraid commented looking at the dead.
    Kamikaze laughed. "A lot of dead."

    "Boy, no kidding," I said. Hearing a familiar squeak I looked down to find Sherry the Mouse beside us. "Oh dear, I am afraid our party has been interrupted."

    "It does seem that way" Epona agreed. "Are you okay Sherry?

    Nervously Sherry began grooming her whiskers then ran off.

    Worried about Sherry and Harriet we returned to the hall. Sherry was already there and very upset.


    "What is the matter Sherry," I asked.

    "Someone has stolen the sacred sword!" She squeaked. " It was on this display entrusted in my possession to be protected!"

    "Don't worry Sherry, we will find it." I tried to calm her. "We will have it back before the King knows.

    "Best tell the King so an alert can be sent across the lands." Vixen Sonoma advised.

    "Lady Harriet has been shuffled off to safety. "Sherry said. "I bet she doesn't even know."


    "But now I think it was a distraction!" Sherry the Mouse sighed. "We don't even know who could have done this."

    Aradia petted Sherry to comfort her.

    I looked at my shoes and shuddered. "We might have to investigate the sewers."

    Aradia nodded, " Yay."

    "Certainly" Sherry squeaked. " The thief must be a mage to cause the tear to distract us."

    "Good point, a very powerful mage." I mused.

    "How will we find the sword?" Sherry grabbed her tail nervously. "What will we do?!"

    "A good cleaning of the sewers to start," I suggested.

    Sherry nodded. "It certainly was swamp creatures but not the usual kind."


    "Perhaps someone on the other side of the sewer is creating them?" I suggested.

    "Wait!" Sherry stood up excited.

    "Between the sewers and the swamps..." She paused thinking, "What if..."

    Several of us nodded remembering using that passage before, "A good place to begin our search." someone suggested.

    "Please, my friends rest now. The investigation will commence soon." Sherry told us. "We must look for clues."

    "Don't worry Sherry," Aradia told her. "We will find the sword."

    Sherry the mouse nodded at her. "Please inform me of any clues. I will go tell Lady Harriet what happened."

    "Poor Lady Harriet. "I sighed. "We will have to throw her another party."

    "see you here very soon. "Sherry the mouse squeaked. " I will send a message to the town criers. See you soon friends. Please await my call."

    "Night, Night," Skadi told her.

    "Thank you," Stilgar said bowing to Sherry.

    Sherry bowed to us then with a twitch of her tail disappeared into a mouse hole.

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