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Pillars Of Akran Pt. 1

Returning from a long day of fighting, Hemp Knight returned to Moonglow. Going to the inn he stopped when he hear a crunch under his foot....
By Tamais, Sep 25, 2015 | |
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  1. Tired after a long day of hunting, Hemp Knight headed toward Moonglow's Scholar's Inn. The silence broken by a crunching sound. Looking down, he saw had stepped on blue crystals crushing some into a fine dust. He carefully picked up a fragment and studied it. Where had it come from? Putting it in his pack, continued to the Inn. To his surprise, he saw a large blue dream stone. Wondering where it came from he called to the inn keeper. "When did you put out the dream stone?"

    "What dream stone? " answered Grog, the innkeeper, drying his hands he joined Hemp Knight . "I've not seen the likes of that before. Is it magic?" he whispered looking around.

    "It could be, I need to tell Captain Corain about these. Hemp Knight pulled his gauntlets back on. "There has been strange creatures and wild magic around lately. Tiredness gone, he hurried to Britain to find Captain Corain and report his finds.

    Arriving at the hall, he found Agaris and the rest of the Royal Spies discussing Evidias's and Time Without Dreams disappearance. "There has been no word yet of Evidias," Agaris looked down at a note. "The Fiery Lady has been seen. She seemed confused and distraught. I feel that it would be wise to find her."


    Slipping up front, he waited for Agaris to notice him. "Agaris, I'm sorry to interrupt, but there are strange magical items in Moonglow." he whispered. "Their magic reminds me of Evidiai's."

    Agaris thought about what Hemp Knight told him and turned back to the Spies. "Hemp Knight just told me of strange things appearing in Moonglow. Governor Vyxen do you know anything about this?"

    Governor Vyxen shook her head, "No, I did speak to the King about repairing the city fences. But that was all."


    Troubled Agaris thought for a minuet. "We need to go to Moonglow and investigate. Would someone open a gate for us?"


    Arriving in Moonglow the Royal Spies spread out to search the city. Soon people were calling to each other. "Over here, I found a strange thorn tree. "Look here in the maze, flowers by the teleports. "


    Agaris hurried from each find to another. Stopping to talk with one group. "This magic is all over the city." Frowning he reached out and touched a flower. "A flower known as Elliam's hope. Strange, its magic is similar to Evidias'."

    Hemp Knight had wondered about the flowers and crystals in the maze. On a hunch he used the one to the southern point of the island. A short ways from the teleport he found a tall pillar...dirty from recently being buried. Brushing off some of the dirt, he could see something written on it. Agaris needs to see this, he thought as he stepped on the teleport back to the maze. Agaris was already standing by the flower. "Agairis, I've found a pillar. It wasn't there yesterday. "

    Agaris followed him to the pillar. Reaching out he tried to touch it. "This seems familiar, but something is stopping me." Turning around, did you find more flowers or pillars?


    "I saw a pillar at the Lycaeum." replied Kanalit.

    "Another pillar at the docks and flowers in front of the inn." Elise added.

    Agaris frowned, "Wait here, while I find more guards to help us search.

    As he walked off, a voice was heard saying, "I thought he would never leave."

    Hemp Knight and the others turn to find the Fiery Lady had arrived. "Greetings my Lady." Hemp Knight bowed greeting her.

    "Humph, out of my way now." she said pushing through the group. "And don't tell him what we find out."

    "My Lady did you find Evidias?" Hemp asked hopefully.

    "No, I followed her trail in the tunnels but she was always ahead of me. "Let me see this pillar." Studying it carefully, she reached into a pouch and pulled out a handful of sand. "This should do the trick. Good thing I gathered this from that beach in Felucca." Handing some of the sand to Chicken Fox, they began to carefully rub the sand into the pillar's cracks. As we watched, words slowly appeared.


    "Don't let her read the words," Sabeth recommended in a worried voice. "Who know what she will summon.

    The Fiery Lady frowned at her, then began to read,

    "It led me...to darkness. Tunnels filled with emptiness...beneath the roots of a tree. Nine Shards broken from the stone tablet of Arkan... buried when Mondain shattered the world, gone was the Ancient Empire they had build beneath the earth. Their tunnels buried and sealed, their cities split into shards. Broken and lost in the between the worlds."

    Finishing reading, the Fiery Lady touched the pillar once more. "Strange that magic doesn't feel like the Blue Lady's. There are more pillars we must find. Turning for another look at the pillar, she shouted! "Wait, be on your guard." As we watched the pillar began to glow and shudder.

    Flooding out was an army of Dream Shades....the battle was on.




    The Fiery Lady stood tapping her foot. "Hurry up, there are other pillars I need to examine."

    Ignoring her, the Royal Spies finished clearing the area of Dream Shades. "Well the battle would have been over faster if you had helped." Irritated, Hemp Knight replied.

    Without looking back, the Fiery Lady took the teleport back to Moonglow. "Where were the another pillars?"

    Leading the way, Hemp Knight informed her. "We found one at the Lycaeum and another at the docks."

    "First to the Lycaeum," The Fiery Lady said as she stepped on another teleport. Arriving, she lead them down stairs to the pillar. "Hum, I am unable to see any words on this one.


    "Lets check the dock pillar. "

    Remembering what had happened at the first pillar, people stood back.

    The Fiery Lady walked around it before, noticing that the words seem to have been sealed with fire, she rubbed on the sand...then melting it. "These pillars seem to be telling a story," She informed the gathering, "the beetles seemed to be saving their history.


    People began whispering. "Should we let her read the story?'' No, kidding remember what happened last time." "But this might lead us to Evidias."

    The Fiery Lady waited until the whispering stopped. "Are you finished...be quiet so I can read it."

    "They saw her, the one who followed he who cracked the gem. That she would disturb the magic that kept them bound and hidden. But it was not enough...they had lived below the tree...deep below the root f it and the magic that had sealed them had not just been the gem. But "those" had caused them to be trapped, as they had come up from the earth, frightened as their cities crumbled. "Those"" had tricked them into leaving the tree."

    But who is "Those?" the Fiery Lady said puzzled. "I found the tree."


    "Could "those" be the Weld?" Hemp Knight suggested?

    The Fiery Lady thought for a second. "Hum, that is very possible. Perhaps that is why the little Blue Lady was taken. Did you find any other pillars?

    "No," replied Elise, "But there is one of the flowers by the Student Hostel."

    Before the Fiery Lady and the Royal Spies could leave the docks, The Pillar began to shake...rocking the dock.

    "To Arms! Dream Shades attack!" Shouted Hemp Knight leading the charge. The battle made harder as the docks moved up and down on the water. Desperately people tried to move the battle to solid ground.





    The Healers' building was soon over flowing with dead. Then to their horror, a Dream Shade entered the building.


    Hemp Knight hurried to the healers, calling for others to join him. Soon the Dream Shade was defeated.

    In discuses the Fiery Lady brushed off her robe. "Did you find more Pillars?"

    "No," Elise replied, "But I did find another flower by the Student's Hostel. Inside there was a strange parchment."

    "A parchment? We need to go to the Hostel then." The Fiery Lady left without seeing if the Royal Spies followed.


    More to come-pt 2.​

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