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Pixies At War

I shook my head in disbelief. Pixies at war? I knew from experience that pixies could be deadly, but pixies killing other pixies and magical...
By Tamais, May 26, 2017 | |
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  1. After hearing Harriet the Hag's news about the pixes, I spoke to the King.

    Soon I was on my way to investigate. To my surprise, I found it hard to find the pixies. The few I did find were reluctant to come out of hiding to speak to me. All they kept saying was evil pixie queens were corrupting the lands and killing pixies.

    Disturbed by what I told him, the King agreed that the Royal Spies should meet with Harriet and solve this new problem.

    The next day Harriet summonded us to the hall. "As you know I have been hired by His Highness to be the debrief between you and the Crown."

    Murmurs of agreement filled the hall as others of us nodded.

    "Tonight's mission is a little different." Harriet explained. "you will be headed to meet a pixie queen, one of three sisters."

    "Sylvi is calling us tonight because she is having a problem with her other sisters." Frowning Harriet paused. "We are not ones to take sides in family disputes. But this arguement has gone too far."

    No wonder the pixies were frightened. I thought to myself. War among pixies what was the world coming to.


    Harriet continued. "Please listen carefully to my directions so you do not get lost. Her tree is located in Ilshenar."​

    Directionally challenged, I took careful notes determined not to get lost in Ilshenar again.

    Noticing, Harriet grinned. "Take the Sacrifice gate and run North past the Meer city. You will see her there. Please be kind."

    "K," Ronan replied.

    "But of course." I added knowing my fellows were always kind except to those who threatened our lands.


    Harriet motioned for us to follow her "Come, please. I will gate you all to a moongate. Outside she placed a hand made teleported.

    Seeing it Cathy Earnshaw smiled. Together we set off to save the pixies.

    Others arriving first had begun the search. The air filled with voices shouting that they hadn't found anything yet.

    Joining the search, I was quickly distracted by strange mushrooms in the area. Looking carefully at them, I found they had been corrupted.


    Soon someone hollered that they had found Sylvi.​
    She was on top of a large rock waiting for us. "Hello friends."


    "Greetings." Zippy Bubblelips nodded to her.

    "How can we help you?" I asked.

    "My evil step sister have caused us great harm.

    "Oh no." Cahty Earnshaw gasped.

    "There is a mushroom pixies eat. They make us big and strong." Syliv paused.

    "They help us live long enough to gain sentience"

    "Hmmm," Cathy looked around at the strange colored mushrooms.

    "They are a special hue." Sylvi sighed. "You may find some of them here."


    Like Cathy, I was wondering just what color were these special mushrooms.

    "My sisters have cursed powers that bring evil upon us!" Sylvi fluttered off the rock. "Follow me, I will show you.

    Cathy Earnshaw hurried to Sylvi's side. "Awesome."

    Others quickly joined her.

    "Sylvi began to lead us deeper into the forest...stopping when she noticed some of the party being attacked. "Be warned, my brothers and sisters fight evil...even human evil. I hope your King has warned you to keep your karma high!"

    Seeing people running from angry pixies, I hid a smile. Aye Harriet had warned us at the party. Some just didn't believe her.

    We hadn't gone far when I saw Sylvi hid in a tree. Looking around to see why, I saw a horde of strange creatures coming toward us. Creatures of Evil Magic.

    Coming in waves, they were soon joined by cursed unicorns. The battle made harder by the trees.
    "Help us humans!" Sylvi cried from her hiding spot, This evil is destroying out Magic!!! They destroy our beautiful magic."

    Killing another evil magic, I silently agreed. Finally the last of the evil magic and cursed unicorns were beaten back.

    We had hardly healed our wounded when Cursed Fallen flew out of the forest. Once more we joined the battle.


    Seeing they were losing, The Fallen summoned cursed Ki-rin. Even with the help, it didn't take us long to clear the battle field.

    I joined the other mages healing the brave warriors, tamers, and their animal friends.
    Sylvi not joining us, gave me a bad feeling. What did she know?
    Others feeling the same kept wary eyes on the trees. Their shouts alerted us to the arrival of turncoat pixies.

    As the fight slowed down, I hear Sylvi calling us. Looking around I found her on top of the rock. She was visibly ill.

    "If I do not get a healthy mushroom soon, I fear I am not long for this life." Sylvi looked at us hopefully, "please humans and gargoyle kin."

    "Where can we find one?" I asked worried. With the attacks, I hadn't been able to look for them.

    Sylvi didn't answer. She tilted her head listening. "There is more evil coming." She turned toward the village. "Beware...they come."

    Boy, she wasn't kidding. Cursed Serpentine Dragons rushed us. These guys meant business. I sadly looked at Sylvi. How would we be able to find the mushroom now.


    I heard Sylvi calling. Her voice faint in the sounds battle. "Help, Friends."
    Motioning to those close to me, we joined her. I could see her life energy was fading away

    "There is but one solution." she told us.

    "And that is?" Vixen Sonoma asked her?

    Vixen Sonoma nodded. "Ok, Where?"

    "They are blackened with evil" Sylvi warned us. "But it is not too late for my kin. The future of all pixie-kind rests upon your shoulders."

    "We will do our best to save them." I tried to assure her.

    "Tell us where the lair is." Moogle said fiercely.

    "Please divide yourselves between them as to not give them warning of your arrivals." Sylvi sank to the rock. "My magic will not last long. The gate will fall quickly." With her last bit of strength she summoned two gates.

    Quickly our forces divided and entered the gates. The last to go, I watched as Sylvi's life fade away.

    Arriving on the other side of the gate, I found we were in a dense forest. The area filled with death vortexes. Some how the evil pixie queen had known we were coming. Staying close to the healers, I never saw her, just ghosts running to be resurrected.




    Evil queen vanquished, we returned to the hall. Harriet the Hag was waiting with good news...the other queen had been killed also.


    Saddened when I told her of Sylvi's death, Harriet left to inform the king. Some of us went to our favorite tavern to share a drink and toast a brave pixie queen.
    The special mushroom was found, but not in time to save Sylvi, the brave pixie queen.


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  1. Lord Nabin
    Thanks for taking the time to put this together. I enjoyed it!
      Tamais likes this.