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Pressing Matters Addressed At The King's Council

King Blackthorn called his council together. Umbra and Luna had been attacked....people of Umbra were having hallucinations and merchants...
By Tamais, Apr 15, 2016 | |
  1. Excited, I sat down in the chair reserved for the Govnernor of Yew. It was my first time as Yew's governor to meet with the King." We all rose, bowed, and greeted him as he entered the council chamber.

    "Hail Sire," I said.

    "Hail, M'lord" Bree Bloodbane, the Governor of Skara Brae and Garion, the governor of Jhelom said bowing.

    "Greetings M'Lord," Governor Vyxen of Moonglow, bowed.


    King Blackthorn opened a parchment, "I have been informed Luna and Umbra were attaced.occured. It seems that strange magical objects were found outside the west Umbra gate."

    "Yes, My Liege, " I had the same report. "While the attackers were driven back, there were some that were not defeated." I nodded.

    "Hhmm indeed," Governor Vyxen said frowning.

    Governor Garion shook his head. "Can't say we have heard or seen that in UMP Town."

    The King looked at the report. "There is also something about citizens having strange hallucinations....


    "That is what," my reply interrupted by a sneeze, "Excuse me, That is what Lord Demoss's letter said also."

    "Bless you," Vxyen looked at me with concern.

    "Thank you, still getting over my cold." I smiled at her. "I did find strange objects when I went to Umbra, they seemed to chiming a strange melody"

    Frowning the King drafted a note for the Spy mistress Dahlia. "I've not been able to investigate myself. "I am disturbed that we haven't learned more. " He sealed the letter."
    "Is there any thing else that needs my attention? King Blackthorn looked around.

    Having lost my voice, I handed him a parchment. "Yew's vineyards are dying and the wine soured. I fear someone or something is causing this."

    "That is distressing news Governor Tamais, please keep us informed of the problem." The King returned the parchment to me."

    "I will help investigate, "Lord Demoss told me, "We need our wine."

    The King smiled at him, "Indeed. Lord Garion was there something you needed?

    Lord Garion opened a book, "Yes Sire, my two concerns are not related to Jhelom. First our fairgrounds have not yet been named and the obstacle course has been damaged. "


    "I will have the Royal builders repair the course." The King paused to make a note, "You have another concern"

    Governor Garion nodded. "I am given to understand the Fiery Lady seems to be angling to meet Evidias...probably not a good idea."

    "I agree," Governor Vyxen added. "She is evil."

    "After our last encounter, I object as well. "Governor Bree Bloodband agreed."

    "Hm..." King Blackthorn said thoughtfully. "It is tricky dealing with her. I will discuss this with Evidias tomorrow. Thank you for bringing these matters to my attention. Looking around, "Is there anything else?"

    "Yes Sire," Governor Vyxen replied. "I am concerned about the cities that are without Governors. and those whose Governors who are absent. It leaves them open for problems. "

    "I share that concern, Governor Vyxen. "I will have Captain Corian send extra guards to those cities. " Standing, King Blackthorn sighed.


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