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Raptor Rampage In Moonglow!

An Article about the Raptor Rampage PEC event in Moonglow on the Great Lakes shard.
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    On 8/15/2015 a Great Lakes Player Event was made for all the citizens of Britannia to enjoy. It was entitled "Raptor Rampage" and certainly had it's fair share of difficult beasts to round up and slay. It was carefully run by the PEC Wraith and Governor Lady Kittie of Moonglow with the help of the Zoo keeper, Mr. Robert Muldoon.​

    We started out at the Moonglow Zoo, where we were told some NEW creatures would be soon placed within the zoo for everyone's enjoyment. Much to our surprise, Mr. Muldoon had mentioned prior to their unveiling, that the Raptors had escaped their pen and were loose on Verity Isle!
    Quickly, Governor Kittie and Mr. Muldoon began speaking on what their game plan would be. Governor Kittie swiftly returned to Moonglow, while Mr. Muldoon gathered a group of brave individuals to help him in rounding up these dangerous creatures.

    Carefully they walked along, following the trail of footprints and broken branches that were left behind, until they came upon a small nest. Before there was any time to think, we were ambushed! The brave citizens fought valiantly, keeping the Raptors from getting too close to the city gates!

    The fight seemed to go on for a good length of time before it was finally over. But there was no sign of an alpha male. Mr. Muldoon carefully examined the nest, only to find more tracks and a hint at even more Raptors loose on Verity Isle.

    Mr. Norman Bates seemed rather upset by this, as were a few others. Commentaries ranged from "lead on" by John to Mr. Bates calling poor Mr. Muldoon a fool for thinking he could even have such creatures.

    Still, the brave individuals went forward, carefully tracking the prints until the next nest was found. This time, they had found a farm to feed off of and some houses to hide within! Poor Mr. Muldoon, was attacked by a Raptor only to be rezzed and healed by Lady Dot Warner and Lord Edam.

    Unfortunately, the Farmers had already lost livestock and various other creatures in the heat of battle. It was clear now, that this was not going to be an easy battle. DJ Doctor took refuge in a home while others continued to fight valiantly. Again, few lives were lost, but all was well when the small battle was won.

    Once more, Mr. Muldoon took a look at the nest and gave some disturbing news.. that there seemed to be more. One could only hope that the next nest would have the dreaded Alpha Male.

    Off they went, this time in more of a hurry than the last. People scattered all over to widen their search only to come upon the 3rd nest and it's inhabitants. Flanking from all directions, as everyone tried to get them together to fend them off from yet another close farm. Mr. Muldoon narrowly escaped yet another fate, had it not been for a few brave individuals. Mr. Muldoon concluded that because the nest only had 1 egg, it was likely the male was moving on. And by the look of the tracks.. it was heading straight for Moonglow!

    Quickly everyone headed back to the Moonglow bank. Mr. Muldoon explained the situation to Governor Kittie and asked if she had seen or heard anything. Governor Kittie confessed she had in fact heard some roars and noises in the distance. Quickly, Mr. Muldoon commanded his new troops to head out as quickly as possible to find the Alpha Male!

    The group made haste as they ventured to the north of town, towards the waters edge, only to find what would appeared to be the FINAL nest! Low and behold, we did indeed encounter the Alpha Male! Mr. Muldoon exclaimed "Clever Girl" as he looked to the female defending the male.

    Everyone's efforts were not in vein as the Alpha male was soon disposed of after a rather rough battle. It was then Mr. Muldoon bowed his head and took note of the fact his idea of keeping such dangerous creatures was likely not the best of ideas.

    Once again, everyone returned to Moonglow to report to the Governor everything that transpired. Mr. Muldoon took full responsibility for their terrorizing Verity Isle. Governor Kittie, concerned for her people and her city, told Mr. Muldoon they would indeed speak later. Mr. Muldoon interpreted this to pack his belongings and quickly ventured off with a deep and sincere apology.

    Governor Kittie then gave high thanks to everyone who fought so bravely for Verity Isle. And in return, she gave one lucky adventurer 5 million gold for their troubles.

    Thankfully everyone seemed rather entertained by the event and were quite thankful for the efforts of Governor Kittie and PEC Wraith.
    With that being said, all said their goodbyes and returned to their respected homes and tasks.

    I want to personally thank everyone in attendance and continue to urge everyone to keep watch for the next event in the Moonglow series in September!

    Thank you all sincerely again!
    ~Governor Lady Kittie

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