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By Drakelord, Mar 26, 2018 | |
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  1. RATS!!!!! ​

    Ours summon to Blackthorn's Castle was not from HRM but from the Commander of the Royal Guard General Franz Fremont.

    General Franz Fremont
    3-25-18 The General.jpg

    Well.... well... What do we have here? I am so glad that my royal Guards could make it tonight. I also see that there are a few others here as well. I trust you are all ready and willing to help me tonight? We have quite the task tonight!
    3-25-18 The Crowd.jpg
    you see.... All this celebration in Brit well... has caused some unforeseen issues due to all the littering in the streets I hope that this partying will be done soon. Well, the littering has cause vermin to run thru out streets which if left unchecked can cause diseases and other things and last we need is another plague like that one that happened in Skara a while ago.

    Do you not agree? So from what I gather the rats have been attacking the parade and I think... If we go to the parade where it ends and follow it back to the beginning we may be able to find the source of where the rats are coming from and then we can maybe figure out how to get rid of the problem.

    What say you? Will you follow me and help investigate? Great! follow me!
    3-25-18 The search.jpg
    We are here to help against the infestation I knew they would be out and about! Let's investigate further. That if we continue to follow the path of the parade we will continue to find more of these rats
    3-25-18 The Sewers.jpg
    Hopefully, this will lead us to where they live. I have a feeling. This may be where they are coming from. Let us go into the sewers!
    3-25-18 The final Battle.jpg
    You have slain the king of the sewers! Please return back to the king's courtyard for a debriefing. Please return back to the king’s courtyard for a debriefing

    ((Tonight's Drop))
    3-25-18 The toy.jpg

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