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Rescue Failure

I studied the list of words. None had opened Atagoni the Zealot's locked door. We were no closer to finding Harriet than before. Our only...
By Tamais, Jul 21, 2017 | |
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  1. Heading to the west Britian Bank, I was surprised to find the King's Herald.

    "Here ye here ye! Residents of the realm!" She announced. "His highness King Blackthorn has ordered a decree. The Hag known as Harriet, friend to the crown, has been kidnapped"

    The news of Harriet's kidnapping was not new, but a King's decree was. I moved closer.

    "The King seeks information leading to the arrest of those responsible. The Herald continued reading from her parchment. "King Blackthorn requests your assistance in bringing the culprits to justice."

    "We can do that." I assured her. "Do we know where to begin?
    "Any clues?" Havoc asked.

    "That is all." The herald closed the parchment dismissing us.

    Having meet Sylvi before, we hurried off to speak with her.

    "Greeting Sylvi." I bowed.

    Giggling she turned, "Tee Hee, that's me."

    "Have you seen Harriet?" I asked.

    "Harriet is my friend." Sylvi beamed. "She is good to me."

    Song nodded, "She is a good friend."

    "How is she good to you?" I asked.

    "She brings me baubles and teaches me songs, I love Harriet. " Sylvi explained.

    "Baubles? Jahaix Jov repeated.

    "She is missing." Song reminded us.


    "Please help us find her." Sylvi pleaded. "We feel her here."

    "Here?" I asked.

    "In Ilshenar, silly goose," She giggled. "Yes, you should ask the spy who works in Juka city."

    "A Spy?" Song said surprised.

    "Oops! She will be mad! I promised not to tell!" Sylvi cried in dismay.

    "We won't tell her." I assured her. "But who is this spy?"

    Sylvi smiled "Ok, but our secret!"


    "Can you give us more information about this spy?" I asked.

    "Under cover is what she is" Sylvi replied. "Bring her a ruby so she knows you are safe to speak to."

    "A ruby" Havoc asked.

    "Yes," Sylvi giggled. "Hand her a red ruby. She is in Juka city somewhere. Find her, she will help you."

    Sylvi didn't know more so we broke into groups and headed to Mistas.

    Jahaix Jov was waiting for us. "I found Ruby. She is in a building...south central."

    Following his directions my group found her.


    I'd forgotten a ruby, Lord Maynard handed me one. "Give her this one."

    Taking it, Ruby studied us. "Ahh, so you are safe to speak to."

    "Do you know Harriet?" I asked.

    "Yes, keep your voice down so they don't hear. " Ruby whispered.

    I looked around. "Who won't hear?"

    "Yes, loose lips sink ships." Ruby ignored my question. "The Juka are working with Exodus."

    "Working with Exodus?" I exclaimed in surprise.

    "Yes," Ruby nodded. "They are planning a show of force trying to impress Minax as she stands in Eodon."

    Havoc shook her head. "Impress Minax? That's crazy."

    "Yes, yes, I know it's crazy." Harriet agreed.

    "Took her where?" I asked.

    "Where?" Ruby shrugged. "I don't know what the plan was but you all should check out exodus dungeon for sure."

    "Can you tell us more?" I asked.

    Ruby shook her head. "That's all I know so far."

    I sighed, my premonition was true. We were heading to Exodus dungeon.

    Searching signs of Harriet, we fought our way through building. I finally found a clue in front of a hallway.

    In a small room down the hall, Atagoni the Zealot was waiting with drones.
    He commanded them to attack. Caught by surprise, the ensuing battle was a mess. Bag balls appeared trapping some of the party. The drones quickly took advantage of it.




    His laughter maddening, Atagoni watched us die, "Run humans, run away. Minax will be so pleased with us. You are lucky I do not call my pets but one at a time."

    "Its dying either way." Song replied hitting another drone.

    "Perhaps a level two drone instead?" he laughed summoning them.

    "Atagoni, you have Harriet?" I accused.

    "We have her." he boasted. Then the world went grey

    Returning from a healer, I found Atagoni on top of a broken display case laughing. "CHAOS! its all chaos."


    "A display case?" I shook my head in disgust.

    "Yes, because I am valuable, not like you. "Atagoni bragged. "Human, elf, gargoyle, KILL THEM ALL MY PETS!"

    "What makes you more valuable?" I demanded

    "He summoned more drones before answering. "Notice, I am not gagging in pain. I am not spasming. Look at your human bodies shaking."

    That was hard to argue...my body began shaking from his poison. Soon he was laughing at my dead body.


    "Zealots should stay in Starcraft." Song informed him.

    "Silence human!" You know nothing of me and my power." he commanded, "We know of your little spy in Juka city."

    "You leave that spy alone!" I demanded.

    "She admits it!" He shouted. "Good! you can be pets in the new revolution!"

    I opened my spell book, "All we want is Harriet. Release her!"

    "Silly human, you can not have her. Maybe I will kill that pixie friend of yours too." Atagoni teased. "We have been watching you for a rather long time. We know every step you take."


    "I am keeping her in a little cage." Atagoni chuckled, "Sometimes I go in and poke her with a stick."

    "Where is this cage? If you do not fear us, then there is no harm in telling us where she is." Jahajx Jov coaxed.

    "Hmm...that wasn't suppose to happen." Atagoni muttered distracted by a nearby drone. "What is this mechanism? Those aren't communicating properly."


    Laughing manically, Atagoni the Zealot pointed to the floor. "Look at all the bones."


    "Ah, we die but come back to fight more." I responded.


    I shook my head. He was mad.

    "Heal up humans, go on with your little white bandages." He taunted, "Gargoyles, Elves, all dead with the humans. You picked the wrong side gargoyles. YOU COULD HAVE BEEN SOMETHING GREAT."


    Victor, a healer cried out. "'Tis a bloodbath!"

    "Boy, that healer has it right. It is a blood bath." I muttered trying to heal a pet.

    "OOoh my look at you go." Atagoni laughed. "I do enjoy a good blood bath now and then. Gives my skin this lovely grey hue."


    "We will get Harriet back." I replied casting another heal.

    "You can try." He smirked.

    "Just what makes you think you will win?" I demanded.

    Looking around he laughed., "I'm not dying over and over.
    So lets see...one dead pixie, one dead spy...one dead Hag if I get bored with her. Not sure why I am under orders to keep her alive. " he muttered.
    "Honestly she does me no good except as entertainment when I poke her with a stick and laugh. I like it because sometimes she cries."

    "Give us Harriet or shall we poke you with a big stick." I threatened.

    "You can try little lady." Atagoni pointed a drone. "How do you propose this is going to happen now."

    He giggled. "Then what? I am just going to give up and hand the Hag over?"

    "Yes, if you know what is good for you," I warned. "We don't like our friends being messed with." I shuddered seeing the mad crazies in his eyes.

    "Oooh, I'm shaking in my boots," he looked at his feet. "Oh, wait...I'm not wearing any. Oh man you guys are great."

    "Bah...I have no use for this one..."Jahanx Jov said in disgust.


    "Who is your master." I demanded.

    "Who is my master...King Blackthorn?" Atagoni suggested.

    I shook my head. "We know that isn't true. The fake Blackthorn was destroyed."

    Atagoni twisted his face into a scary grin.

    "Yea, I don't scare nearly that easily." Jahajx Jov told him.

    "May be I'll retreat into my little door here." Atagoni hurried to a door killing the healer in front of it.



    Atagoni the Zealot turned. "Go report your findings to YOUR master."

    "Together, we are smarter than you are." I informed him trying to block the door. I heard him whisper something unintelligable and watched him disappear thought the door...hearing his laughter.

    Trying to follow him, we found it needed a password. No matter what word we tried...none worked.At last admitting defeat, we left the dungeon.

    That night I listed the words tried and began to add more to the list.

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