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Retrieving The Final Gem - Despair Diamond Of Ilshenar~ Origin 8/25/2015

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  1. The citizens of Origin were once again called upon by Hawkwind, the Time Lord...

    *Greetings! Thank you all for coming!
    My friends, I know you have faced terrible hardships and I promise our quest is almost at an end. When we first met, about three months ago, I explained to you the importance of our mission.

    The Evil Minax is attempting to manipulate time. Should she succeed, then the future will be lost! I tried to stop her myself, but Minax is hiding in her Fortress called Shadowguard.

    The Shadowguard Fortress is in a place beyond space and time. I must unravel the strands of time in order to find a safe path for us to travel to Shadowguard.

    To do this, I require four magical gems. Three of them we have already recovered:
    We wrested the Sapphire Eye of Dungeon Doom from the claws of the Black Dragon.
    The Lesser Wolfgang Ruby we found inside the haunted crypt of the Last King of Akalabeth.
    And we recovered the Emerald of the Rondorin Empire from the depths of Tokuno's Oceans.
    Tonight, I want you to try and find the forth magical gem, the Despair Diamond of Ilshenar.

    Shamino Salle' Dacil will assist you along your travels and I shall meet you here when you return.*

    At these words, Hawkwind disappeared in a ball of smoke and Shamino appeared before them.

    Shamino *sighs heavily* I told Hawkwind I don't want to do this. I don't want to revisit that painful history. But he played the loyalty card. I have always been loyal to Sosaria, so how can I refuse?

    Hawkwind is seeking the Despair Diamond of Ilshenar, and indeed, I know where to find it.

    *Sighs again* Pull up a chair, and I will tell you a story of Despair.

    Some five hundred years ago, before the Shattering, I lived in the lands of Danger and Despair.
    *Grins and flexes his muscles* Indeed, not bad for a guy who's over five hundred years old eh?
    You know these lands as Ilshenar, the name it was given after The Shattering. The lands of Danger and Despair were ruled by the Lords of two castles.
    The King of the castle of the White Dragon oversaw and protected the west of the realm, While I myself was protector of the East of the realm as lord of Castle Salle' Decil.
    The Lands of Danger and Despair were treacherous, but it's people were not. They were a docile realm.
    Citizens from The Castle of the White Dragon lived harmoniously with those of Castle Salle' Decil and the bonds between kingdoms were to be strengthened further by marriage!
    The lovely Beatrix, daughter of the King of The Castle of the White Dragon was betrothed to me. *closes his eyes and sighs* But before we could be wed, disaster struck..disaster by the name of Mondain!
    The Evil Wizard Mondain started his campaign of Terror against all of Sosaria. Lord British and I joined forces, and while Mondain was defeated in the end, we could not prevent the cataclysmic event you know as The Shattering from happening.
    The chasm in Ilshenar cause by the Cataclysm left me stranded in Britannia. It was many years later when I managed to reeturn to Castle Salle' Decil; only to find the place ransacked by goblins!
    All citizens of the Castle of the White Dragon and Castle Selle' Decil had been murdered, including my fiance, Beatrix, *wipes a tear from his eye*
    I had the entrance to our castle sealed off and left it as a tomb for my beloved.
    *sighs* Mondain drove me away from Castle Salle' Decil..now Minax is forcing me to return...for the Despair Diamond of Ilshenar that Hawkwind now seeks is within it's walls.
    The memories weigh on me heavily, but I know I am the only one who can take you there.
    Let us go, back to the halls of my castle and bring back the diamond.
    The brave citizens of Origin gathered outside to await the gate that would take them to Castle Salle' Decil.

    Once they stepped through, they were ambushed by some of the goblins Shamino had mentioned, and these were no ordinary goblins!
    GoblinsOutside-Diamond.png Paragon-Diamond.png

    Fighting bravely through, the citizens were directed, by Shamino, to climb the rope ladder into the castle proper...where they were met by even more vile creatures.
    During the fight, the citizens noticed the Ghost of Shamino's fiance Beatrix appear...
    *My father, the King of the Castle of the White Dragon will have his revenge on you!*
    It seemed Beatrix had no idea what had transpired, or what Shamino had been through and how much he stilled loved her.
    Slowly making their way through the now-abandoned castle, they came across hordes of goblins, undead and Castle protectors. Finding the Despair Diamond was not going to be easy.
    CastleCorridor-Diamond.png CastleCorridor2-Diamond.png

    Finally, they made their way to the throne room. Shamino silently sat in one of the two thrones and looked longingly at the other, empty throne where Beatrix should have been...when the ghost of the White Dragon King appeared before them.
    *Shamino Salle' Dacil, you are back, after all these years...*
    *Everything you touch turns to dust, Shamino. what is it you are going to destroy this time?*
    *There is nothing more you can take from me! You have destroyed my Kingdom, and my daughter!*
    Shamino rose slowly from his throne and approached the ghost of The White Dragon King
    *Listen old friend, it isn't like you think...*
    *That is quite enough out of you, traitor!* The King interrupted with a loud voice, and with that a ghostly apparition of the Swords of Demise appeared and begain stabbing at Shamino.
    *You will die by my claws traitor! I've waited for this moment for so long!*
    And the Ghost of the White Dragon King transformed into an enormous White Dragon.
    Suddenly, the ghost of Shamino's beloved Beatrix appeared, begging her father to stop.
    *If you kill Shamino, you will break my heart all over again...*
    *You dare to defy me daughter!?!* Said the king, and with that attacked Shamino and the citizens with all his might.
    Fighting for Shamino, for love and for the Diamond, the citizens quickly dispatched the King..but not before the damage had been done.
    Shamino collapsed weakly into his throne, and the ghost of Beatrix rushed to his side.
    *Shamino, my love, you are hurt!
    She waved her arms and out of love came healing.
    *You saved my life! I thank you!*
    *It is I who must thank you Shamino* Beatrix said, *In life, you gave me love; in death you showed me mercy. I must go now my beloved, at last I am free to enjoy the eternal rest*
    And with a soft wave of her hand, she blew a ghostly kiss to Shamino and vanished...forever.
    Sighing heavily, Shamino stood and faced the citizens.
    *We have gotten what we came for...let us return to Hawkwind to bring him the Diamond*
    Tattered and worn, Shamino and the citizens of Origin presented the last of the four gems to The Timelord...and await their next adventure.​

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    Serving Stratics for over 10 years, Reporter for the Origin Shard and keeper of secrets.

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  1. Tamais
    "Retrieving the final gem-despair diamond if ilshen"
    PROS - Wonderful write up and great pictures
    You did a fantastic job. Its great having all the whole history. Now I even know what will be eating me.
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