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Robbery Of Crown Jewels

The Traversis Bunny rubbed his paws in excitement. Today those pesky humans wouldn't stop him from stealing the crown jewels. This plan can't fail.
By Tamais, Nov 9, 2015 | |
  1. Behind a statue in the hall, the Traversis Bunny watched Evidias and the Royal Spies. "This time I'll get the jewels", he giggled. Evidias had fallen into his trap.


    "Yes," replied Firestarter, "Strange creatures roaming the graveyard. Also I found a strange interdimensional Tapestry. It was on the road leading to the graveyard."


    "I recommend searching the graveyard." Evidias replied. "try to find the source of the tapestry."

    Unseen the Traversis Bunny hurried graveyard. "Now my first distraction." he nodded. "These should keep those pesky Spies busy." He hid in the bushes to watch his work.

    Arriving at the graveyard the Royal Spies were attacked by wild Thornblushes.



    The graveyard cleared, the spies decided to return to the hall. As they walked, they discussed how weak the Thornblushes were.

    The Traversis Bunny followed. "Stupid creatures," he grumbled. "Why aren't they stopping the humans."

    Soon the spies were attacked again. Hindered by the forest, the battle was harder. Yet again the Thornblushes were easily defeated.



    Watching the Thornblushes fail, the Traversis Bunny changed into a into Wagyren.
    Running up to the spies he made strange screeching sounds hoping to catch someone's attention. Noticed he ran down the road toward Britain.
    The Spies watched as he ate the tapestry.

    Finished, the Traversis Bunny ran to the entrance of Lord British's Castle. "I'll grab the jewels while the Thornblushes distract them."

    Seeing the Thornblushes, Royal Spies attacked. Once again the battle was short.

    "Drat, spies are hard to kill" the Traversis bunny muttered in frustration. Hiding, he changed into a Wagyren Expert. "I'll lure them away."

    Approaching the tapestry, he announced "What a special sight,I've seen this before."

    "You've seen these before?" Tamais asked. "Where?"

    Smiling, he turned towards her, "In Ilshenar. You can see I'm an expert."

    Tamais frowned, "An expert? What can you tell us about them. Where do they come from."

    "Outside the city...I think," The Bunny paused. "I know everything about them. You can tell by my apparent knowledge and my wonderful robes."


    "Yoink, Having a huge appetite, the Wagyrens will look for tapestries." He nodded. I know this...I'm an expert.""Have you seen more?" asked the Travesity Bunny .

    "This didn't distract then.... maybe an attack at the bank will keep them busy. He thought to himself.

    "The trail leads to the bank!" Kanalit shouted. The expert and Spies following him.

    Waiting for all the spies to gather, the expert stopped at the next one. Then walked to the next one. "Perfect. This time those Thornblushes will keep them busy," he thought. "I'll sneak back and grab the jewels."


    "Be ready, the tapestries are guarded...there they are!" the Wagyren Expert exclaimed in excitment. " See how quickly they defend their home. Aren't they magnificent." He looked at Tamais, "You are taking notes I hope."

    Tamais looked at him, "magnificent, well that is a matter of opinion."

    "Their home, I don't think so." Cowboy added. "You said they come from outside the city."

    "Hum...they make their home anywhere they are. That is one hundred and eleven percent fact."
    Watching, the expert shouted encouragment, "That's the way Sterling. Good blows Cowboy. Maribel, what a grand fighter you are." Soon bored, he looked around for more tapestries
    "Are there more tapestries?" Stinkypinky asked.

    "Yes, several le....Yoink, he paused. "Hum, I'm sure there are more."

    "I found another by the healers." Tamais told them,

    The Wagyren Expert motioned for her to lead the way. "It is so annoyin...bravely how they fight." He said looking back.

    Tamais looked at him sternly, "Being brave is annoying?"

    "Startled, the Expert replied, "I never said that, I'm just a Wagyren Expert." He quickly walked to the tapestry. Reaching out to touch it, surprised when he couldn't."
    "The Wagyren are very tricky." he informed them, not noticing he had changed back into a Wagyren. "Why are you starting at me. Look for Wagyren!"​

    "So you are the Wagyren and the expert." Cowboy scowled at the
    Traversis Bunny.

    "Wha...What!" the Wagyren looked at his body in shock. "I'm not a human, I'm Wagyen! he shouted, "See my long tail and powerful hind legs."

    "Yoinks, I just need to..." he tried to touch it again. "That's not the way it goes. My Thornblushs stop them." Not waiting he ran towards the bridge. To his dismay, some spies followed

    "And how was it suppose to go?" Tamais asked, blocking the way."

    Trapped the Wagyren nervously explained. "Well...I needed to fund my research... all of you were suppose to chase the Wagyren around the city...I steal the Crown Jewels." He stopped, realizing he had just told them. "Oh, I didn't mean to tell you that."

    "Crown Jewels?" Neireid laughed, " I don't think so."

    Stamping his foot, the expert shouted . "It's okay, my Thornblushes will defeat you."
    He looked around. "There they are. Distract these imbeciles!"


    "Stop them, Thornblushes, I'll give you a fortune." The Wagyren Expert ran down to the inn. He was soon joined by the Royal Spies.

    "Ah, now you are very distracted...or sleepy.." the Wagyren Expert said hopefully.

    "Not really. " Neireid replied.

    "Look at Neireid. "The Expert said slyly. "He has lots of gold, even a giant ruby."

    Seeing they weren't distracted, he stomped his feet in anger, revealing his true form.

    "What a cute bunny." Savannah Rose giggled, looking down at him.


    "Dragon! Fine, I was saving this for my childrens' birthday." Summoning a dragon, he ran and hid in a bush.

    Turning around, the Royal spies saw a huge dragon and the battle began. Unlike the Thornblushes, it was clear that this was a dreadful foe.




    The dragon defeated, the Traversis Bunny hopped out from the bush. "No! You were suppose to be distracted." His ears quivered. "You chased the Wagryren...I rob the castle...the king blames you...executes you and Britain is mine."

    "And how is that working for you?" Persephone laughed. "Silly Rabbit.

    Ignoring her the Traversis Bunny began talking to himself. "How did I fail...let me see...you were distracted...I went for the treasure."
    He stopped, nose wiggling. "Wait...Drats! I didn't go for the treasure. YOU TRICKED ME!" Fuming he dug a hole and scurried down it. Sticking his head up, he taunted the spies. "I'll be back, just you wait. Then you won't be so lucky." Then popped down the hole.

    "And I have to report this to the King?" Tamais shook her head. "Well he does need a good laugh."

    "I don't know about a good laugh." Evidias said having arrived. "He won't be happy about this mess." She looked around. "All of this was caused by a bunny?"

    Tamais nodded, "Indeed. He planned to steal the Crown Jewels."​

    "Did he get close to them?" Evidias frowned.

    Grinning, Tamais replied, "No, my lady, he forgot to get them."

    Evidias began laughing. "Why does he even try. He always fails. Except the one time in Moonglow."

    Shaking her head, Evidias looked again at the mess. "I'll report this to the king for you. Tamais, make sure this is cleaned up."

    "We will have this mess cleaned up in no time." the Royal Spied assured her as she turned to leave.

    Shaking her head, Evidias smiled, "I can't wait to see the King's face.


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