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Sea Spawns Attack The New Royal Navy

Embarrassed I hung my head. I failed the tests to join the Royal Navy. The best I could hope is the King to grant me permission to follow them...
By Tamais, Jun 14, 2019 | |
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  1. Nervously I answered Royal Naval Officer La Rey's call. I had not done well at the Navy tryouts. When I saw her, I had to hide my smile. She did have a thing for being barefoot.

    La Rey noticed my smile. "Again I have no boots on," She sighed.


    "Yes, I see some of you. "She said searching the crowd. "Good, Good. Tonight was supposed to be further training. But I was in the middle of installing ship bells on Naval vessels when I was set upon by sea creatures."​

    She paused till the muttering and whispers stopped.

    "I need your help. I have been fighting them but there are just too many," she explained frowning. "Those ready and able please follow me quickly."

    There was a gate waiting. "Meet directly on the other side of this gate please."

    Arriving at the southern Jeholm island, she warned us. "Be aware."


    "Please, we need to go quickly," not waiting she began to run. " Everyone follow me. This way to the pier!"

    La Rey pointed to the sea. "There see them!"

    On the pier, Mortemer, one of the fisherman, was being attacked by strange sea horses. "Help, they're killing people here!" he shouted to us.

    We rushed to his aid. During the battle, I was amazed at how many different types of sea creatures there were...and all of them wanting to kill us.

    4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg

    7.jpg 8.jpg

    10.jpg 11.jpg


    14.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg

    18.jpg 19.jpg

    20.jpg 21.jpg


    23.jpg 24.jpg 25.jpg


    27.jpg 28.jpg 29.jpg
    Trying to keep people healed, I saw a dreadful sight rise from the sea...a mighty Sea Dragon. This could only mean deaths, lots and lots of deaths.​

    31.jpg 32.jpg


    34.jpg 35.jpg
    "Wow, it changed colors," I exclaimed after the sea dragon fell.

    Sheathing her sword, La Rey nodded. "it dove deep into the water and came up covered in the sea water!"

    We returned with her to the hall. There she showed us the new bells she was installing on the official ships. "Thank you for the fight. The Sea kept sending those monsters upon us."


    "Whew the Sea Dragon made me stay awake," Demoss laughed.

    I shuddered. "I was afraid that Scalias would join in.

    La Rey frowned. "I do wonder how she knew I would be there." I am afraid the word of the Royal Navy has reached all the seven seas.

    One word caught my attention...she. Was the Sea Dragon a she or did La Rey mean someone else? Before I could ask she stood to leave.

    "I will report to the King about this. Some investigation needs to be done on who would try to stop us. I also will inform him of your valiant fight and how loyal and brave each of you were."

    People looked at each other and smiled with pride.

    "I must go now and clean up," La Rey sighed. "And put on some boots if I am to report to his Royal Highness"

    "Good idea." I laughed.
    Smiling La Rey bowed, "Fare thee well Royal Navy! May the wind be at your backs!"

    Too excited to go home, we meet at our favorite pub. There we shared tales of our deeds and deaths.

    April's Drop: 43.jpg

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