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Siege Perilous – The Black Watch

  1. Siege Perilous – The Black Watch
    April 7 @ 5pm ET 10:00 pm - 11:00 pm UK

    The Black Watch / Mondain’s Militia | Events on Siege Perilous

    Pigeons shoo shoo, wait whats that you have? It’s a message for me! Let me see that, humm, Black Watch? Hummmm Friday,10pm ET? OK Pigeon you can shoo away now, and don’t you dare drop any of your, “ HEY LOOK OUT”. Dang birds, I am going to get that black bird pie recipe and change it to Pigeons.

    Alright let see what this is all about?

    The Black Watch / Mondain’s Militia

    Group 1: The Black Watch
    Role of the Black Watch
    Black Watch Points
    Black Watch Ranks
    Group 2 : Mondain’s Militia
    Militia points
    Militia Ranks
    Changing Group
    Reward Ceremonies
    Governors’ Council Meetings (if you don’t read anything else, read this!)

    The Black Watch / Mondain’s Militia | Events on Siege Perilous

    Role of the Black Watch
    The official purpose of the Black Watch is to serve as a Royal Guard for ceremonial occasions, while also serving as a combat force fighting for good during EM Events, Governor Events and other player events. No member of the Black Watch should expect a peaceful life.

    Very interesting!!!

    A dip in the moat is considered to be a warning. I know of a few a bath in the moat would help with the smell downwind from them. Be sure to click the link for all of the information concerning this event and future events. Now where is that cook book and that black bird pie recipe.

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