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Siobhan Part Ii

By Drakelord, Apr 20, 2017 | |
  1. Meeting with Siobhan.jpg

    Siobhan: Thank you all for coming. And thank you to your companions that stole the books I needed from Blackthorn's dungeon.

    Theresa: A question since we stole the books last week why are we need tonight?

    Siobhan: Tonight we resurrect your commander.

    Theresa: ahhh so you did not wish to alert the RBG?

    Siobhan: I alerted the RBG to help with the ritual.
    Meeting with Siobhan1.jpg
    Theresa: ahh you did, me thinks it time for me to vanish.

    With those words Theresa slipped into the shadows, vanishing from all eyes as she stealthed away.

    Siobhan: I need to make sure you are not spies. If Blackthorn hears of this, he will put a stop to it. And I believe this room has been compromised. Please... I left a trail for you to follow to the ritual site, find me there, good luck.

    And with those words still echoing in the hall she was gone. A scroll with a message and a bottle had been left on the bar top, our first of many clues, to many I thought, especially for those huge crowd of people and battle pets. Often the clues were hidden due to the flapping of wings or people standing over and around the clues. So, for most, it took a while to run the course of clues and hints to where we had to be to witness this event tonight.
    Meeting with Siobhan2.jpg
    Once all were finally present for the start of the ritual Siobhan begin to do that voodoo that only she would have been able to, even the most skilled scribe/mage of Moonglow would have given up long before this. Five times the ritual was done, five times an essence, spirit, darkness appeared, five times all there had a battle to defeat it, till finally there was the lost Commander. Clad in battle tested Dark Armor riding a Black steed from hell itself. Sorry to say I did not get his remarks this evening.
    Meeting with Siobhan3.jpg
    I later sent Theresa to follow the route taken during the quest to seek the location of the ritual. Below are her snaps of our trail of breadcrumbs.

    follow the clues.jpg follow the clues1.jpg follow the clues2.jpg follow the clues3.jpg follow the clues4.jpg follow the clues5.jpg follow the clues5b.jpg follow the clues6.jpg follow the clues6b.jpg follow the clues7.jpg follow the clues8.jpg follow the clues9.jpg follow the clues10.jpg follow the clues11.jpg

    Thus ends this report

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