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By Drakelord, Apr 13, 2017 | |
  1. Siobhan​

    It was reported during the Governor’s Meeting of a break in at the Castle. The description was a woman with dark hair and black leather armor. She had been trying to steal books on alchemy and necromancy from the King’s Library. Her chance to retrieve those books were foiled by the castle’s guards. She barely escapes by making a daring leap from a balcony. It was believed she was looking for the recipe to create a philosopher's stone.

    Because of this attempt to steal these books, HRM had moved any books dealing with creating a philosopher's stone to the dungeon under Blackthorn’s Castle in Felucca. In addition, HRM also made arrangements for addition security. Security bots of the latest design from the Tinker’s guild were set in place. It was not going to be an easy score to retrieve any of those books.

    Word was sent thru the shadows. Thieves of Sonoma would be needed. A cryptic message was sent by way of the War Room on Serpent’s Hold to meet at the Councillor Hall in Skara Brae. Swiftly, silently like creatures of the night, they flowed to the Councillor Hall, slipping passed the City guards that stood around the Bank just across from the building they all enter.

    On the stage in the center of the room stood one lone female in black leather, her face covered by a mask.
    4-12-17 EM Event.jpg
    Siobhan: Thank you all for coming. I apologize for the cryptic message and making you jump through hoops to find me. I needed to make sure you would not be followed. Before I go any further, I need to know you will keep what I tell you to yourselves. I know your allegiance to your King is strong.

    Allegiance? To the crown? Surely you jest, for most there had no allegiance to the King, many spat on the floor when those words were spoken but said nothing as there were some there that did feel that allegiance.

    Siobhan: But if you want your commander back, you must not tell him of our meeting.

    Tell the RBG of a meeting of Thieves! Several were already trying to think of a way to tell about this meeting and still get the reward and not get grabbed when the nets fall. Again all were silent awaiting more information.

    Siobhan: Tonight, I need the help of all grandmaster, elder, and legendary thieves. If you know a thief that can help and is willing, please alert them.

    My name is Siobhan and I’m a member of the Order of the Prima Materia. We are a secular community of mages, philosophers, alchemists, and scribes. We primarily study the creation, destruction, and manipulation of all matter.

    ?? no thieves??

    Siobhan: *nods* That is why I need your help. With your help, I can bring your commander back.

    what in it for us? Besides bring some fool commander back for the royal guard?

    Siobhan: But we are non-combative and do not believe in taking another’s life for our own gain. Commander Chimaera was taken by the darkness but he is not gone forever. I know your King believes the risk of using a philosopher's stone to get him back is not worth the risk.

    And he specifically asked that you apprehend me. You have to believe me that he is wrong. Blackthorn doesn’t understand the fundamental principles and laws that confine the darkness.

    The Order of the Prima Materia does. And I know we can get your commander back with your help. If you wish to arrest me, I will not protest

    Many looked around at all the others, some were thinking of the risks following this woman into a very dangerous dungeon, some were thinking of the reward they could get, others of the Glory of being able to save the Commander.

    Siobhan: In order to create a philosopher's stone, I will need the recipe and list of ingredients needed to create it. Unfortunately, the only known source of this recipe is held by your King... It was seized long ago by Blackthorn, with many other books. I tried to retrieve it from his library, but I was caught by a guard. I had to flee. And now Blackthorn has sealed the books away in the dungeon below his castle. To make matters worse, he sealed them in his dungeon in Felucca. Tonight, I need you to search his dungeon for the books, so I can obtain the recipe. And we will meet here, next week, to resurrect your commander.

    Siobhan: I must warn you Blackthorn has filled the dungeon with deadly sentinels. From what we’ve learned, there are three types:

    1. A large ground-based machine that has the ability to cast spells as well as the best mages.

    2. A large drone that is able to drop lethal poison on anyone that comes near it

    3. And a smaller drone that is as fast as a galloping horse and attacks by spewing fire

    If you are alone and encounter one these, you will die. If you stick to a group, you may be able to take them down.

    4-12-17 EM Event1.jpg
    Famous last words, “If you stick to a group”, most knew that was not going to happen tonight. No way Jose. The drones that they encountered were very deadly and the death robes were passed out in groups of 4 to 5, several when they did recover their body dropped 4 or more robes from the packs. The auto reveal that all the drones did make it impossible to stealth within the dungeon, several were running in beast form, but those drones that moved with lighting speed sought them like paragons. Still many were able to retrieve the books that Siobhan sought, I am sure the HRM will be very unhappy with that news, maybe there will be a bigger reward for Siobhan, now we just need to make sure we all have alibis for last night.

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