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Something Afoul (8-17-2016)

A one time event that occurred on August 17, 2016 as a break from The Crimson Dagger story arc.
By WildStar, Apr 9, 2017 | |
  1. We assembled at the Counselor’s Hall in Britain to meet Richardson the Guard.


    Richardson the Guard: “Ah! Greetings! How is everyone doing? Thank you all for attending this evening. Britain’s governor reported a problem with the sewers recently… A bit of a “back up” and err… “noxious fumes”. He asked for the Guard’s assistance, and we complied… but… My men have not returned from their investigation into the sewers. I went down myself, but was driven back by foes… A clan of ratmen whom I had never seen before… One can only assume they must be responsible for the missing guards, and the problems… with the sewer blockages. I headed to the North-West of the sewer… an older area of the system. That is where I met the resistance. Will you help me and venture down into the depths of the sewers to root out these rats? Perhaps a bath in Buccaneer’s Den afterwards will be in order… To the North-West of the sewers!”

    Sludge Elemental.jpg

    We entered the sewer system and made our way to the area of the sewer where Richardson had seen the ratmen. Along with way we encountered sludge elementals before reaching the part of the sewers that had a passage to an older section.


    Lost Sewers.jpg

    In Lost Sewers.jpg

    Once we were in the Lost Sewers, we came upon members of this new ratmen tribe – Clan Plague Enforcers and Savages. Eventually the queen of this group appeared – Tiki’Cha, Clan Plague Queen – and was eventually killed.


    We were, however, too late for the guards that Richardson had dispatched before.

    Chained corpses.jpg

    Richardson the Guard: “May they always be remembered for their bravery. I thank thee for your help with this expedition. I will send word for some workers to come and clear out all of the debris. The sewer should be flowing normally again very soon thereafter. I must be off for the evening…I am in dire need of a bath. Take care and safe travels.”

    Baja Shard Reporter

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