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Sonoma – King Of The Hill Fight Dec 7th!

By Drakelord, Nov 30, 2018 | |
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  1. Sonoma – King Of The Hill Fight

    December 7 @ 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM CST
    King of the Hill fight, December 7th, 8pm-9pm CDT, in Felucca. Location is just outside Delucia in the Lost Lands. PEC Raine will be providing all of the necessary support for this event. Any and all individuals and or guilds are invited to attend this free for all fight. There are no rules, we only ask that you keep a civil tongue and avoid those nasty comments in general chat. Below are comments from the leader of PAS.

    People's Army of Sonoma • View topic - One week until the next King of the Hill event

    “Just a week ahead reminder, next Friday, December 7, 2018, we have a King of the Hill event in fel. This is where we go to the hill east of Delucia fel and try to hold the hill for an hour against anyone willing to come fight for it.

    It's a free for all pvp event where we ask folks not to give murder counts, and no other rules (just please play nice and be respectful of others there).

    For you pvpers, this is a unique opportunity. For PAS pvpers, this is a nice chance to show off your skills against others on the shard. For non-PAS, this is a perfect opportunity to kill KD and other PAS in fel. You know where we will be and when, so no excuses for not taking advantage of this.

    EMs are providing a perma gate to the town and red healers as well. Pass the word to your friends (and/or enemies).

    Drakelord .. can you please post your information about the event (screen shots etc)?
    Tram gate.jpg Fel gate.jpg Healers.jpg
    There will be gates placed so that those that wish to attend can, without worry of being ambushed on the way to the event. The Trammel side will be at the Britain Counselor Hall south of Castle Blackthorn. The Felucca side gate will be south of the Delucia Bank, gates will be open from 7:30pm – 9:30pm CDT. Healers (Blue and Red) will be placed at the east exit.

    We of Sonoma also invite any other shard to join us this evening, bring it!

    Hey guys no res killing, unless her name is Vixen (j/k).

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