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Sonoma Council Meeting Of The Governors 8-19-18

By Drakelord, Aug 20, 2018 | |
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  1. Sonoma Council Meeting of the Governors

    Absent members and absent seats made this a very short meeting. There was some small chat then HRM started the meeting.
    King Blackthorn: We seem to be a little light tonight. Lets start the meeting as we usually do and see how the cities are fairing. Sonya, how is New Magincia doing? And welcome back from your trip.

    ((As always HRM steers the conversation along with his little questions, really no need to post as they only increase the amount I have to type here ;) ))

    Sonya Kristoff: Sire New Magincia fares well, thank you sire. Although our treasury runs low at the moment we have generous citizens that have been assisting the city through these difficult times.

    King Blackthorn: That is good. It's always important for the citizens to band together.
    Sonya Kristoff: yes sire
    King Blackthorn: and help each other
    Sonya Kristoff: That is all that I have, Sire
    King Blackthorn: Very well, thank you for your input! Cinderella, how fairs Minoc?

    Cinderella: Well the womenfolk are enjoying cooler weather while the menfolk are busy at the mines but there is a little bit of nervousness
    King Blackthorn: Oh?
    Cinderella: for the men have heard some strange noises we are keeping watch on the area
    King Blackthorn: Well, perhaps they should tread carefully. Be watchful and mindful
    Cinderella: aye

    King Blackthorn: If anything dangerous do not hesitate to ask for assistance

    King Blackthorn: The royal guard is at your disposal
    Cinderella: perhaps the royal guard could help if there is a disturbance
    ((Both answer here with concerns and Royal Guard help.))

    King Blackthorn: indeed
    Cinderella: *nods* We should be very grateful your majesty, thus ends my report for Minoc
    King Blackthorn: thank you for your report. Dezerai, how fairs Moonglow?

    Dezerai: Overall Moonglow is doing ok. Trades are being done. Our Void Dragon still sleeps. The City Treasure sits at just over the 2mil mark. The Hall behind the Bank still awaits the deco that was drop off but knows that the Garden of Souls takes priority.

    Dezerai: That all I have Sire

    King Blackthorn: I've been meaning to ask. How fairs the zoo these days?
    Dezerai: Sadly poor as no one wishes to trade animals in at the Zoo, but will drop off animals with the trade minister

    ((A Strong suggestion here, tie in the animal drop off of the Trade Minister to the Zoo!! We did discuss the Zoo with EM Xanthus after and pointed out the rapid decay of points with trying to fill the zoo and also the Trade Ministers taking animals that it would be very difficult to get any progress with filling the zoo. ))

    King Blackthorn: Perhaps you could host 1 hour power hour for zoo turn ins? I have it under good authority that in other far-out realms, that sort of thing works well.
    Dezerai: it would be something to look at Sire
    King Blackthorn: aye Xanthus can speak to you more about it afterward. Is that all for your report tonight? *looks over at Dezerai*
    Dezerai: yes sire
    King Blackthorn: Very well. Thank you. Lavendar what have you to report?

    Lavendar: Hail Sire. Vesper is enjoying the end of summer trips to the country and Windemere woods
    Lavendar: We have had no problems but I am concerned
    King Blackthorn: concerned for?
    Lavendar: to hear Minoc has reported disturbing noises as we are very close and share a moongate. I shall keep an eye out in case Governor Cinderella reports more problems.

    King Blackthorn: I will speak with the guard captain and make sure the guards are at the ready if the call comes
    Lavendar: Thank you. That is all I have for tonight, Your Highness.
    King Blackthorn: you are welcome. Very well. I will now open the floor for anything the governors want to talk about do any of you have anything for me outside of the reports?

    Sonya Kristoff: Sire I do have something
    Dezerai: I have nothing else for you sir
    King Blackthorn: Sonya, you have the floor.

    Sonya Kristoff: It would be beneficial to look at making the trade deals more lucrative to draw people to do them. Especially for towns like Moonglow and New Magincia which are islands

    King Blackthorn: Perhaps, in the next meet and greet, you could mention this to Lady Mesanna

    Sonya Kristoff: this poses a problem for us to get good cash flow into the city
    King Blackthorn: I think it is a great idea

    Sonya Kristoff: I have looked into some of the other lands and they seem to have similar issues with the islands as well

    King Blackthorn: indeed
    King Blackthorn: I will see what can be done as well
    Sonya Kristoff: thank you sire
    King Blackthorn: Most welcome! Cinderella and Lavendar, do either of you have anything else for me?
    Lavendar: No, your highness
    King Blackthorn: Alright then, I will open the floor to the audience
    Cinderella: well I am excited about one addition to the banks
    King Blackthorn: ahh the vaults?
    Cinderella: vaults have added aye
    King Blackthorn: yes that is a very nice addition indeed about time the banks got a nice upgrade
    Cinderella: makes the banks look so pretty

    King Blackthorn: Indeed! Kinsen, do you have anything for us tonight? We always appreciate to hear from all who attend the meetings. I take it, his mind has wondered as well *laughs* Seems to be going around like a bad flu! Well then I will conclude tonights meeting. It was a bit short but we are missing some governors.

    Thus ends the August 2018 meeting of the Governors. EM Xanthus spoke to those presented about upcoming events, holidays, etc.. For more on that please check the links at UO.com and Stratics for Sonoma Events.

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